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All the ingredients to a great interview


As a travel nurse, there needs to be an interview done over the phone most of the time. This is what happens when you are in a field that requires you to travel to different destinations across the country. Always remember that they aren’t just interviewing you, but you are interviewing them.

Before any interview go to the website and learn about the hospital. Take notes to help remember important details about the hospital. Prepare yourself with the obvious questions they will ask you. Maybe practice with a friend the day before so you can sort through your answers. St and up during your interview. It will help you think and focus better. Write down any questions you want answered by the hospital, so you won’t forget to ask them during the interview.

The interviewer will be asking you questions about your skills from your resume to make sure they fit with what they are looking for in a nurse. Have yours skills checklist with you during the interview, so you can refer back if your forget something important. The interviewer wants to get as much information out of you as they can by asking open-ended questions. They need to figure out if you will get along with their patients and other staff members. When answering a question, always answer them in depth and do not stray away from the question or give too little information. Communication is key in every interview you do. It is important to give a good sense of communication since the interview is short and that’s all they will know before hiring you.

Some other things to remember when preparing is to be in area that you won’t be disturbed. This way there won’t be any distractions around.

It is always nerve-racking doing any type interview. If you prepare yourself, the interview will go a lot smoother then if you didn’t, and you will display confidence in your voice over the phone to the interviewer.

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