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Get your assignment early! Search jobs now!
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New Infographic on Jobs and the Nursing Shortage

Waiting for the nursing shortage to peak? Go where the need is now: Travel Nursing.

Waiting for the nursing shortage to peak? Go where the need is now: Travel Nursing.

We hear a lot about the nursing shortage. It’s a real phenomenon that has gone in waves, changing along the way as outside factors make an impact on the industry.

But why then, many nurses ask, is it still sometimes difficult to find a job? A new infographic from pet friendly Travel Nurse staffing company Medical Solutions addresses this and other questions surrounding the nursing shortage.

According to an article from, “In the early part of this century, many registered nurses were leaving the profession saying they were overworked, underpaid and unable to provide good patient care, according to a 2002 report in the New Engl and Journal of Medicine. Hospitals responded by encouraging people to become nurses by offering more benefits, signing bonuses, scholarships and tuition reimbursement.”

The next major level in the nursing shortage will be  the mass-retirement of the baby boomers, which was slightly delayed by a recession that saw many of their 401ks take a hit.

In the meantime, Travel Nursing is an excellent way to find steady work while also going where the need is. Click here to check this informative new infographic on jobs and the nursing shortage from Medical Solutions and click here to search Travel Nursing jobs available right now.


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