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By March 25, 2009 9 Comments

How to beat nursing burnout, part 1


Last week I wrote about recognizing the signs of burnout. Now I’d like to give you some tools and tips for beating burnout. I’m going to address this in two parts: Prevention and Recovery. Today we’ll deal with ways to prevent burnout.

Prevention of burnout by and large comes down recognizing the warning signs of burnout  and bringing your life back into a healthy balance. Here are some tips that will help you get balance in your life and prevent burnout:

  • Begin your day with a morning ritual – Get your day off to a good start by making time for breakfast, fifteen minutes of meditation, writing in your journal, gentle stretching, or reading something that inspires you. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in many ways that’s true. Don’t overlook the importance of breakfast to help you get off on the right foot every day.
  • Pay attention to your eating habits, excercise, and sleeping habits – Start or rededicate yourself to a healthy diet and  an excercise regimen. Get plenty of rest. Develop a bedtime routine that helps you relax and prepare to sleep. The combination of excercise, nutritious food, and rest will help recharge your daily battery and deal with most anything life can throw at you.
  • Say “no” – This is very important. Beating burnout and managing stress involves using this two-letter word we all learned as a toddler. Learn to say “no” and set boundaries on requests for your time. This can be tough to do, but attempt to recognize situations where you can exert some control. By regaining control over situations in your life, you can start to say “no” easier.
  • Start a new hobby – Take up a new activity or hobby that’s completely unrelated to your job. Think of the things you’ve always wanted to try but never did. Start tomorrow. A new hobby will kickstart your brain and nourish your creativity. Plus it will give you something to look forward to throughout the day or when you’re dealing with a stressful situation.

As you can see all of these tips involve taking control of your life in different ways. By regaining control over your life and its direction, you will feel better about yourself and better equipped to manage stress and beat burnout.

Here are a few good sites to read about beating burnout:

Next time I’ll take a look at how to recover from burnout.

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9 Comments on "How to beat nursing burnout, part 1"

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  1. Shennan T. says:

    Great tips. They could work great for just about anything.

  2. Jacob says:

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  3. Mike says:

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  4. Hi, Mike. I’ve been working as a nurse for the past 8 years in the same hospital in Chicago. So, my friends advised me to move to another state and look for a travel nurse employment in Baltimore to avoid burnout.

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