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The Horrors of Nursing: Halloween Tales


Hallow’s eve is near and it’s during this time when it seems appropriate to share some ghastly tales with you. If you’re like me, it’s during this time that I like the thrill of a good scary movie or scary tale, as it’s a good adrenaline rush! I’m sure as a nurse, there’s no comparison to the rush you get for doing your jobs under so much pressure and under some frightful circumstances. Now couple that with where you’re working and the aura many of these places may have, especially at night.Now that’s spooky!

Scary Nurse Halloween Stories

You may think you're alone.

Many a film or television show has used the late night hospital ward as a setting for something evil or scary and no doubt, this is a good set-up, especially facilities that have quite a bit of history surrounding it. Can’t you see it now, it’s raining with lightning and thunder and the headlights of the car pull up to the entryway of the hospital grounds? The flash of the lightning lights up the sky and the sign for the hospital is seen, ‘Waverly Hills Sanitarium,’ you look up and see a figure in one of the many rooms. I’m shaking in my boots as I write this!

I’m sure you’ve seen many things that would scare a normal person silly, but what about those stories that a strong nurse couldn’t even stomach. Here are a few links to get your heart pumping and keep you looking over your shoulder the next time you work… The night shift.

Let’s first start off with a sweet story revolving nurses on a NICU floor during one Halloween.

Here are 9 hilarious and horrifying Nursing tales.

Now for the scary stuff. Over at there is a forum post with 183 pages full of different scary and paranormal tales from nurses all over the world. Check them out here if you can h and le it. I wouldn’t read these in the dark.

Old decrepit hospitals are just the place for terror. Read about two in particular, Haunted Hospitals Part I and Haunted Hospitals Part II.

To wrap it up, here’s a scene that will make you think twice the next time you’re doing the rounds late at night.

If you have any you’d like to share, either those of which you’ve experienced or heard about, please leave them in our comment section below.

Look out behind you!!!

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