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Holiday Decorating for Travel Nurses on a Budget


With the holidays approaching and the changing of seasons its time to think of ways to decorate your new home and make it full with holiday spirit. While on your travel nursing assignment we know your time can be scarce, so during the holidays we have some ideas to help make your life easier.

Make your traveling nursing job a time to make this a unique opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a new way and create a stress free memorable holiday with these tips. It doesn’t matter if you are located in 50 degree weather or below zero temps, these ideas are fit for everyone everywhere and are easy, fun and affordable. Whether you are alone for the holidays or traveling with your family, people of all ages can participate in these fun and creative ways to get the family involved and be a part of an exceptional holiday.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and have fun with the holidays approaching. Most of us realize after buying gifts we have little money left for decorating, but if you use a little imagination and creativity you can create a house full of holiday spirit without breaking your bank account.


Holiday decorating for Travel Nurses

Make this holiday season your own with creative and fun ways to change your home in an inexpensive way.

Add some sparkle
Adding white or colored Christmas lights behind your curtains on your windows adds a calmness and serenity to your home. On top of your fireplace bunch up Christmas lights (any color you choose) on top of the mantle, try adding tall c and les throughout which adds extra sparkle and glowing to your home or apartment. Re-using lights from the previous year is a cheap way to make a huge improvement to your home and add some more brightness to your life.

Make a card collage
If you collect Christmas cards over the years gather them up and make a collage of your favorite cards in different patterns and angles with different color construction paper behind them. This is not only free, but is also a memorable way to reminisce the holidays on your wall.

If you do not have Christmas cards with you or do not collect cards throughout the years go to a nearby dollar store and purchase your favorite Christmas cards and use those to make a collage. You can also make this a family activity by having everyone do their own section on the wall or pick out their favorite pictures. Place these collages on your walls, cabinets or doors.

Create a comforting smell
Putting a few cinnamon sticks in a small pot with a little water over the stove on low is an easy and inexpensive way to bring back those nostalgic holiday smells throughout your home. The smell of cinnamon makes your home warm, comfortable, and soothing. You will be surprised by the effect of a just couple cinnamon sticks.

Another route to memorable holiday smells is to purchase holiday scented c and les at your local convenience store or wholesale store and place them throughout your home. When your guests enter your home they will be taken back in time by the fresh scent and holiday spirit.

Light some c and les
C and les are an inexpensive way to change your home into a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Tea lights can be bought in mass quantity and are small c and les that can be placed around your home. To make this a family activity place the tea lights in a clear c and le holder and tie ribbons around the c and le holder. You may be as creative and add any colors or ribbons as you like. Place these on your tables, fire mantle or anywhere around your home that is not flammable.

Make it snow inside
Gather color paper or paper of your preference and if you choose to make this a family activity have everyone cut their own snowflakes and different shapes and sizes. You can also get some Elmer’s glue and buy different colors of glitter to add to the snowflakes for some sparkle. Once the glitter has dried, place the snowflakes in groups of two to five or however many you prefer on your doors, windows or kitchen cabinets to add some extra festive color in your home.

Link a food chain
Everyone loves cereal so why not make decoration out of it? Anyone can do this activity and it’s very inexpensive. Fruit loops, Cheerios, Popcorn or anything you prefer, like cranberries, that can go on a string. Make the string as long as you would like and as many as you would like and place the food of your choice on the string in any pattern you choose. Make sure you make a knot at the ends to prevent spilling.

Once you are finished you can put the decorations along your window, cabinets, doors, or around your Christmas tree. This is a colorful way to decorate your home or tree and the whole family can join. At the store allow each person to pick out their cereal of choice to decorate their own chain to let everyone participate.

Make this holiday season your own with creative and fun ways to change your home in an inexpensive way. On your traveling nurse assignment take some time for yourself or your family to join in some crafty ways to get the whole family involved.

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