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Let’s Hear it For the Nurses, Happy Nurses Week!


Happy nurses weekAs a nurse you provide many valuable contributions to society and it is time for your work to be celebrated, Happy Nurses Week.

Hospitals and other facilities rely on your nursing expertise to ensure the care of patients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a nurse you have devoted each day of your life to making a difference and keeping other people healthy. We know there are certain stresses that can make any job more difficult, no matter how rewarding it is, so we would like to point out some common problems traveling nurses and all nurses face and how these problems can be best dealt with to make your job and your life easier.

Distressed Patients
Different factors can lead to patient distress. These include waiting longer than anticipated for an appointment, dealing with the illness of a loved one, problems with insurance and numerous other issues. As a healthcare provider you are responsible for making patients and their families feel at ease and it’s up to you to let them know their problems are being addressed. When working in an environment where the patient is in distress it is important to remember these things:

  • Express empathy – If the patient sees that you genuinely care about her problem they will feel more at ease knowing someone is doing their very best to help them.
  • Avoid becoming defensive – As the nurse it is important to maintain a business-like relationship with patients and that includes sustaining a helpful but professional tone in all patient-caregiver discussions.
  • Do not take it personally, stay professional – If a patient lashes out at his nurse it is often only out of hurt and frustration and has nothing to do with you as a person.

Working with Others
Low stress levels are necessary to feel your best in the workplace and at home. A stress-free workplace is achieved when all employees work together in a helpful, supportive manner. Keep in mind that you are working with a team of other healthcare professionals towards a common goal and one negative attitude can affect the whole team. A nursing team will run more smoothly if everyone follows these guidelines:

  • Personality clashes need to be addressed immediately – When you encounter a co-worker whose methods of patient care are new to you and possibly disconcerting, you should bring it up with them right away. If you wait too long the problem may worsen and if not dealt with correctly can cause a rift between you and your fellow nurse.
  • Take a proactive attitude towards your work – Arriving to work in a positive state of mind will put you in a better mood and can also raise the spirits of nursing staff around you.
  • If any problems occur, take them up with the appropriate person – If you have a problem with another nurse always talk to them before referring to your manager.
  • Treat everyone with respect – The golden rule: when others feel that you are treating them with respect they will treat you the same way.

Taking Care of Yourself
Professionals working in the healthcare industry can get too busy caring for others to take time out for themselves. The welfare of others depends on nurses like you, so if you are not taking care of yourself others may suffer. Here are a few ideas to improve your daily life:

  • Laughter is important to easing frustration and tension – Keeping a list of jokes hung up in the break room or on your desk can give you something to smile about when the day is getting stressful.
  • Take time out of your day to find a quiet place to collect your thoughts if your brain is beginning to feel overworked. Even five minutes of quiet time can make a huge difference.
  • Seek affection and support from friends and family members – Having someone to listen to your problems and even offer a helpful word of advice can take a load off your shoulders.
  • Find a hobby that can help take your mind off your job – Knitting, bike riding, and walking are all hobbies that are great for stress relief.

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