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Who's the best around? See Healthcare Traveler's Recruiters of the Year


Every December Healthcare Traveler Magazine puts out its Recruiters of the Year Showcase. It celebrates great recruiters as nominated by their travel nurses. For the recruiters there is no better testimonial than when their nurses take the time to nominate them. And the fact that the list is compiled through an unrelated third party makes it a trustworthy source-book of the best in the travel nursing biz.

Great travel nursing recruiters are people you can trust and depend on. They treat you like a partner and listen to your goals first. And of course, what travel nurse hasn’t heard the horror stories of the bad ones. The problem is that you may not know which one your recruiter is until it is too late. So if you are looking for a new travel nurse company and or recruiter to work for, this showcase could be a great resource to begin with.

Check it out  and  find yourself a great recruiter, because your travel nursing career’s success increases when you have a good recruiter on your side. You may also want to check out this list of questions you can ask to make sure you get a good travel nurse recruiter.

About the Author:

My name is Jeff Long. I’m the Marketing Director at Medical Solutions, one of the leading travel nursing companies. I have never been a nurse and am not a recruiter. I have worked at Medical Solutions for over five years and think it is a great company that has a lot to offer nurses and allied health professionals interested in a travel career. I do post just a small sampling of travel nursing jobs from Medical Solutions, but mostly I write about travel nursing. On this site you will not be recruited on this blog (unless you specifically inquire about traveling with Medical Solutions then I will forward your info to a Recruiter). I understand that you are reading and/or commenting on this blog purely for informational purposes and I want you to enjoy that experience My job is to help you meet your career goals by sharing information, advice and the benefits of travel nursing with you.

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  1. lillltemamaeastla


    Let me tell you what I’m fed up with. I’m a parent of a severely autistic child who has in home nursing care. I’m fed up with lazy nurses who secretly slip a few capsules of benadryl into my non verbal child’s applesauce, so he’ll sleep through most of their shift. I’m fed up with loquacious nurses who ramble on about personal problems when they are in our home to give us a break. I’m fed up with nurses who eat all our food. I’m fed up with nurses who use our phone to dial relatives overseas. I’m fed up with nurses who steal our clothes, money, dishes and yes, even a can of oysters. I’m fed up with the no show nurses who have every excuse from “I had to pick up a sick relative” to “I got lost” to “I forgot the time” or “my alarm clock didn’t go off.” I’m fed up with in home workers who sign their initials to treatment care plans like “checking vitals” when they never checked jack shit. I’m also fed up with the failure to think outside the box and get off your lazy ass and take the child outside to do some exercises instead of sitting down in front of TV. Look if you can’t handle a severely autistic patient, don’t waste the family’s time. Don’t take the case. Go watch a bed ridden 98 year old man and sit on your big fat ass all damn night for all we care. But don’t expect a 12 year old severely autistic boy who likes to run all day to be sitting in a dark room why you text message your friends and talk jive on the cell phone. Now, to all the good nurses out there. YOU ROCK. To the bad ones, get another line of work.

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