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Suffering From Hypertravelosis – The Gypsy Nurse


Gypsy Nurse- travel nurse- travel nursing blogsNo longer are you just a traveler, you are also a “gypsy.” So says thee Gypsy Nurse whose site has been gaining a lot of travel nurse followers.

The Gypsy Nurse site is filled with great resources for the travel nurse and also offers a treatment plan for her coined term “hypertravelosis.”  What is this you ask?

Hypertravelosis is a condition in which a person travels excessively and unpredictably.  Those with hypertravelosis appear to have overactive need and desire to travel. The uncontrollable need to travel can lead to significant life changes, both physical and emotional as well as having major effects on the career.”

If you are concerned that you may have ‘hypertravelosis’ or just want to learn more about travel nursing, be sure to visit the Gypsy Nurse.

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My name is Jeannie Holmes. I specialize in social media, blogging and graphic design. I love writing for Travel Nursing, there's always new things to explore and learn. It's my mission to get down to the facts of travel nursing and let everyone know what a rewarding career it truly is. I’m also the Social Media and Brand Cultivator at Medical Solutions, one of the leading traveling nurse companies. I have never been a nurse and am not a recruiter. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Lisa M. Rhodes


    This is a great review and a great website!

  2. Who out there can refer me to a good tax pro that does travelers? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Janet

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