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Guest Author: Mariana Ashley – 4 Ways Travel RNs Can Ace Their Phone Interviews


Travel nurse doing a phone interview on sofaProfessional interviews can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences in any individual’s life. We, as a society, have trouble talking about ourselves to others in this way, so being forced to discuss all of your best qualities in an interview can feel very uncomfortable and be very difficult. Not only do we have to talk about ourselves and praise ourselves, we also have someone sitting there judging you based on your own self praise. This is not an easy situation. However, with all the hype interviews receive, there are plenty of ways to prepare and master them. As we all know, traveling nurses often perform interviews over the phone for positions in different locations. While a phone interview isn’t all that much different from a tradition face-to-face interview, there are several specific things you can do to better prepare for a phone interview as a traveling nurse. Pay close attention to these four aspects of interviewing and ace your next phone interview.

Focused Environment

You want to pay special attention to your surroundings when you are planning to do a phone interview. Because technical difficulties can be common, you want to make sure that the interviewer can only hear the sound of your voice. Find a location that is quiet without any background noise or foot traffic. You should make sure that you are in a place that allows you to stay focused and distraction free. Also, pay close attention to your phone. While this may sound silly you should be sure that you have your phone charger with you in case your battery begins to dwindle. It may also be wise to remove earrings that might clank and make noises when the phone is to your ear.

Do Your Research

This is a step that any interviewee should take be it a phone interview or a face-to-face interview. You should be sure that you are educated on the specifics of that particular facility. Of course, because you are a traveling nurse, you know what to expect in general about a new practice, but you should be sure to know more of the specifics about your interviewer. You should try to gain an underst and ing of that facility’s particular interests and objectives. Going into an interview uninformed about your potential employer is a surefire step towards rejection.

Prepare Notes

While each interview will have a unique set of questions, there will no doubt be topics and ideas that are common throughout. It is a wise idea to prepare your answers to some of the st and ard questions you know will likely show up during the interview. Prepare these notes ahead of time so that you can give them some careful thought and consideration. However, you should not write out a script for yourself. Just jot down a few notes that can guide you in your answers. You want to sound natural and confident, not theatrical.


Obviously, staying calm and relaxed during your phone interview is important. Because the interviewer only interacts with your through the sound of your voice, you want to keep your speech clear, calm, and professional. Take a few breaths and make sure to even out your voice. Speak slowly and clearly. Staying relaxed during your interview will help you give the best and most accurate answers to the interviewer’s questions. One of the struggles with phone interviews is that silence over the line feels much more painful than when people are in person. Don’t feel like you need to fill every silence with your voice. Take time to collect your thoughts and catch your breath. You want to sound engaged and enthusiastic while remaining professional and knowledgeable.

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