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By October 28, 2011 1 Comments

Guest Author: Helen Ziegler – So, You Call Yourself a Traveler …?


travel nurse going to Middle EastEveryone who reads the Travel Nursing Blogs knows full well what a travel nurse is … or do they? Sure they know that travelers work 13-week (or more or less) contracts at hospitals throughout the United States, meeting new people, seeing how things are managed in different hospitals, and exploring new towns, cities, and states.

But the world is a big place, so one must consider is that really travel? Have they ever thought of travel nursing with a twist?

We have been recruiting RNs, allied health professionals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals for hospitals in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates – for 30 years. This is travel nursing on a gr and scale!

Sure, there are some differences: The contracts are one or two years, not the common 13 week assignment; and the cultural and linguistic differences will be wider than, say a hoagie versus a grinder, or a New York accent versus a warm southern drawl!

But there are similarities: the hospitals’ working language is English; you’ll see the same sort of equipment – pumps, ventilators, etc., as you see back home; housing is provided, and includes furnishings, basic linens and housewares, and free utilities; licensing is easy, essentially by endorsement of your American or Canadian license; relocation airfare is paid, as is healthcare. And while those working as travelers in the United States earn a higher salary and can get some tax perks, income in the Middle East is tax-free.

So who does well? Energetic people with a sense of adventure. People with a sense of curiosity. Those who enjoy learning about new cultures. Those who want to learn about new or different cultures, countries, religions, diseases, ways of life, points-of-view, and ways of doing things. People who like to grow as a person. And those who can think of something interesting to do with 47 to 54 calendar days of vacation each year!

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About the Author:

Helen is an RN, MSW, and MBA. She started her international healthcare recruitment company, Helen Ziegler & Associates, in 1981. She herself became a believer in the benefits of working in the Middle East after living in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. She fervently believes that a rich life is one which is filled with as many, and as great a variety, of experiences as one can pack into it. Helen can be reached via or

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  1. It is really a tough job to travel from place to place and take care of people, but surely one of the best jobs to satisfy himself/herself along with serving the humanity. There are several places where doctors are not available for treatment and visiting these places to see the people and taking care them is really awesome.

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