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Guest Author: Chiranth Nataraj – Short Term Health Insurance for Travel RNs


Sick Travel Nurse in Bed Drinking Cough MedicineTravel nursing is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to add valuable experiences to their resume while experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.  Short term health insurance is often discussed while planning on the travel nursing assignment. When you are preparing to leave for your first travel nursing program, it can be easy to forget about some of the details.  Packing your belongings and spending time with friends and family may seem like the only priorities, but it’s important to ensure that your well-being will be taken care of during your travels.  While you can take precautionary steps to stay healthy with vaccinations and vitamins, you never know when illness or injury will occur.  Since most short term assignments for traveling nurses do not include health insurance, it is important that one plans appropriately to address this risk.

Most travelling nurses find the experience to be and exciting.  Not only do you get the chance to work at some of the most prestigious health facilities in the US or overseas, but you can also have a wide range of experiences that look great on your resume.  If one is testing out the traveling nurse assignments or just not sure about the future, then one can consider short term insurance plans.  Offering affordable coverage, these temporary health insurance plans are an alternative to traditional health plans that are typically designed for the long run.

When you are away from home on an international nursing assignment or a domestic travel assignment, you don’t have time to become sick or injured.  Should you require medical emergency medical care, short term medical insurance can cover the resulting medical bills.  Travelling nurses are advised to take care of themselves by eating right, exercising regularly and getting enough rest.  Although this advice is definitely important, it’s not always possible to prevent health problems that result from sudden illness or injury.  Having this type of insurance coverage is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for your new job.

Short term insurance makes sense for travelling nurses who are looking for major medical coverage at affordable premiums.  Since being uninsured is a bad idea for those looking to avoid mountains of debt from unpaid medical bills, taking care of yourself and coverage is a good way to protect your financial situation. As you may be traveling to more than one location during your contract between countries or states on a regular basis, having coverage that is flexible and easy to renew can be a big help.

As a travelling nurse, the amount of money you make can vary from assignment to assignment, and it is important to think about how important being covered in a health crisis really is.  With a fluctuating budget, can you afford to pay out of pocket for a big medical bill?  As most nurses know, healthcare costs can end up being several thous and dollars, thanks to the high cost of emergency medical evacuations and in-patient hospital care.  Short term plans offer coverage for many of these services, included inpatient and outpatient services that include ER care, outpatient surgery, x-ray and lab work and prescription benefits (subject to deductible and coinsurance).  Plans often include discounts when in-network doctors are used, with most averaging 20%-35% off, and include several deductible choices ranging from $250 to $5,000 (lifetime maximum $2 million).

Traveling nurses have a wonderful opportunity to work overseas and in different locations within the US while also helping adults and children who need quality medical care.  It is prudent to have adequate coverage and it is quite easy to apply online for a plans ranging from 1 month to 11 months of coverage.  Without having to worry about the “what-ifs” in life, you can stay focused on making the best impression at your new job and learning everything that you can from the experience.

About the Author: Chiranth Nataraj is the President & CEO of International Services, Inc a health insurance brokerage that specializes in temporary health insurance ( and  visitor health insurance ( He often writes and provides educational information for travelers, tourists, international students etc.

About the Author:

Chiranth Nataraj is the President & CEO of International Services, Inc., an insurance agency specializing in visitors health insurance and international travel insurance for expats, tourists and business travelers. He is a licensed insurance professional and enjoys speaking and writing about health, travel and insurance.

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    I’ve got a interenational nursing assignment recently. I am preparing for travel. This article is a good guide to me.

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    I would like to know more about short term health insurance. I shall be visiting the US shortly for my nursing assignment. Where can I find more information regarding the plans, premiums and other short term insurance details?


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    I have been travelling to many countries and as a travelling nurse this article is highly useful one. Can this insurance be purchased for other countries as well?

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