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Find Your Travel Nursing Oasis


You have now decided to experience a new environment and culture. However, You don’t know where to go, or know much about many states other than the one you live in. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help figure out where and what type of place you want to experience.

1. Would you rather experience warm or cold weather most of the year or part?

2. Do you enjoy hiking, biking, water skiing and swimming, or would you rather go snow skiing, sledding, ice skating and snowboarding?

3. Do you enjoy attending different culture festivals?

4. Do you enjoy more of an urban or rural community?

5. Any specific national l and marks you want to visit?

By answering these five questions, it can give you an idea of what type of place you want to travel to and work at. If you answered most of your questions with warm weather climate being your answer then you should look into states in the West and Southwest with a couple of exceptions like Florida. The colder temperatures can be found in the Midwest and Northeast. While there are some states that are warm and not quite as cold located in the Southeast.

Deciding what type of weather and culture are two main decisions when choosing a place to live. There are some people out there who like the big city atmostphere while there are others who like the small town life.

A new place is always exciting yet a scary experience at the same time. If you aren’t used to being in a different place, it can be quite a culture shock. Always remember that experiencing these places will broaden your horizons making you a more rounded person.

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  1. Sarah


    This is the step of the process I’m at. I know I want to travel somewhere, but I can’t pinpoint a location. These simple questions helped me get a better idea of the state and type of community I want to travel to. I am from a small town, and that last paragraph justifies the culture shock I am expecting to experience. Thanks for this brief insight.

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