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By April 9, 2010 0 Comments

Scrubadoo’s News: Where are My Dickies?


a travel nurses closet with no scubs in itYou may find yourself asking just this if you purchased any Dickies Medical apparel over the last few weeks.  At least you won’t be alone.  For almost a month now thous and s of people have been asking the same thing. 

What’s going on?  A major shake-up in the Medical Uniform Industry is the cause of slow delivery, shipping mis-haps, and upset customers.  The result; a back-order log of more than 200,000 products that need to be shipped, a number that won’t shrink quickly. 

For the last eight years Selecta Corporation has had the rights to manufacture and wholesale Dickies Medical apparel to your favorite retail uniform stores.  As of just a few weeks ago this is no more.  Selecta lost the rights to produce anything under the “Dickies Medical” br and .   Dickies Scrubs won’t be going away, the rights for these products has been awarded to Strategic Partners Inc., who also produce scrubs under the Cherokee, Baby Phat, Sketchers, and other well known br and names.  Strategic Partners will take over full time on the Dickies Medical br and June 1st.  Unfortunately Selecta has already had to lay off over 100 employees due to the change, with more to come. 

What does this mean for you?


  1. If you shop online it means that you will probably have to wait an extra week or two for your Dickies Medical products to be delivered.   E-commerce stores like ours,, are doing their best to make sure you get your products as quickly as possible but Selecta’s shipping department is understaffed and overworked. 
  2. If you shop at a brick & mortar store they probably will not have the ability to order you specific items and may not be able to re-stock for several months. 
  3. It is very likely that orders will be mixed up, shipped to the wrong destinations, and generally just have all kinds of issues associated with them.  Especially right when the transition to Strategic Partners occurs in June. 

Long Term:

  1. While we all hope that the core Dickies Styles will probably continue to be produced, it is very likely that a portion of Dickies products will be discontinued. 
  2. New products and Dickies SKU’s will emerge. 

No one really knows what Strategic Partners (SPC) will do with the Dickies Medical br and or how long it will take for them to get everything sorted out.  From my experience working with SPC once they get their h and s around this big acquisition the distribution process may be even better than before.  Unfortunately this could take a while.

What can you do?

  1. If you are a fan of Dickies scrubs,lab coats, or any other medical products you should plan to purchase them well before you need them. 
  2. Stock up on your favorite Dickies Products.  If you love a specific Dickies scrub you may want to buy a few extra pair now.  There is no way to tell what products will still be made and what will be discontinued. 
  3. Be patient!  Retailers are doing their best to help keep you in the loop and to get you the products you want. 


Feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any specific questions about this article or any previous articles at

About the Author:

Brett Brohl is currently the CEO of both and Scrubraisers brands which are headquartered in Minneapolis MN. makes the online purchase of anything a nurse needs to wear to work as easy as can be. offers a unique fundraising solution for any group or organization. He has an MBA from The Darden School of Business and attended Wake Forest University for his undergrad degree. Brett is originally from South Florida, enjoys entrepreneurship, anything having to do with the ocean, and hates the cold.

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