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Dealing with that annoying co-worker.


Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you while you’re on a travel nursing assignment, but have you ever had to work along side a fellow nurse who just drives you batty and you find yourself at the end of the shift saying, “Calgon, take me away!” Yeah, it happens… Because nobody’s as perfect as you. Right? There are all types of people with all sorts of behaviors, some you may like while others can flat out get you T’Oed! You have the close-minded types, the I’m always late one, the I haven’t bathed in some time, and on and on and on. Toleration can only go so far, there comes a point in time when these annoyances have to be addressed – before it leads to a more detrimental behavior and even worse, burnout. You shouldn’t just roll over and let the actions of others spoil your day, so try and learn some tactful ways in which you can address yours and their issues privately. Each person is different like you, so your approach must be adjusted to their personality. The last thing you want to do is make the other person feel threatened if they don’t chance their ways.

Over at, there is a long list of some of the different personality types and behaviors you may come across. For each he offers a possible solutions or at least something you can try before you may have to get superiors involved.

More specific to nursing there at there is a forum in which this topic is discussed in depth. How to deal with the lazy charge nurse all the way to dealing with a chatty Cathy.

You never know exactly what’s in store for you during your travel nursing assignment and what your colleagues personalities will be like. You can pick where you go, but unfortunately you cannot pick those with whom you’ll be working alongside with. The best solution is always communication. Take the person in question off to the side, away from any other eyes and ears and try and work on an answer the both of you can agree upon. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of “will it ever end?” so before it goes to far, take a st and . Hopefully this will make your assignment fly by instead of crawl… And who knows, you may end up becoming friends with those who annoyed you because you got to know them instead of avoid them.

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Patrick Fuerstenau here. Born in Kentucky, raised in Germany, landed in Nebraska and still here. I've been involved with Marketing and Advertising for over a decade. It all began with an internship at an ad agency in Omaha, followed by a 9 year stint as a graphic artist at the lone major newspaper in Omaha. A friend of mine told me about an opening at her company and said that it was the best gig she's ever had... So I decided to spread my proverbial wings and see what I could do for them and vice versa. So here I am at Medical Solutions as a Marketing Specialist for a great travel nursing company. This by far has been a major blessing in my life. I love the work I get to do just as much as I love the people who make up this fabulous company. I can see myself here for a long time... As long as they'll have me. Now that we've got the career timeline out of the way... Let me tell you a little about who I am. I am oh so passionate about the game of futbol! I've been playing soccer since the age of 8 and am still playing today. If I couldn't at least kick the ball around, I don't know what I would do with myself. I fear getting old. I also have a strong love for the arts... Music, Visual arts, Film, Design... pretty much anything and everything arty. I'm happy go lucky and am always looking to have a good time. Just ask my manager! And I love writing about travel nursing.

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  1. Ms Carole


    Great article! I guess these annoying coworkers exist in all professions! I am currently reading a book about annoying coworkers called, “The Chronicles of a Hardworking Slacker.” It addresses the issues raised in this article and offers some practical solutions that probably apply within any profession. I agree, there is nothing worse than feeling as though it will never end. So why not take the control and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

  2. Patrick says:

    I just stumbled upon this great little site that let’s you send an email annonymously to the person you are annoyed with. Though I don’t think it’s the way to resolve any issue you might have with them, but the posts on there are quite hilarious and good for a laugh if you can’t deal with what’s going on in your situation. Enjoy!

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