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From Day Shift Nurse to Night on the Town Makeup


Nurse Makeup for night on the townOften times you must go straight from your shift to a social event without going home to shower or freshen up.  Ahhh, the life of a nurse. Well not to fret, there are some tricks to looking night-ready without having to take your current make-up off and without globbing a bunch more on. So take yourself to the bathroom and let’s get started!

Step 1: Erase the oil

Use blotting papers (Walgreens br and $5.49) or rice paper to remove any oils that build up during your shift. Pay special attention to your t-zone (forehead, nose, chin and cheeks), these areas build up the most shine. These papers are really good at removing oil without smudging your current makeup, but if some areas need to be touched-up, use a little concealer or top with a light mineral finishing powder.

Step 2: Brighten your eyes

If you’re exhausted after a shift or maybe didn’t have enough coffee (or maybe too much coffee) your eyes might be a little tired-looking. Grab an eye brightener (Bareminerals, Stroke of Light $22). Eye brightens are different than concealers in that they are a light illuminating tint, not a heavy cream like a concealer. Use this under your eyes, on your eye lids and brow bone for an instant face refresher.

Also when you are tired, your eyes tend to become red. You can also use a white eyeliner on your lower eye line to make your eyes appear more white and actually bigger.

Step 3: Add a little color to your eyes

If you want to add some color to those eyes, grab a neutral color like brown or cream.  Apply it to your crease, outer corners and also under your bottom lashes. Avoid using mascara if you already applied it in the morning. Putting more on will just cause a clumpy effect.

Step 3: Lips

If your feel like you need a bit more pop for your face, go with a bold lip stain for your night (Sephora lip stain $12.) You only need a light layer of this stuff and it really does stain, so becareful not to get on your clothes.  Blot off excess with a tissue, and then follow it up with a clear lip gloss. This should last you all night.

Viola! Your face should look refreshed and fantastic. No one would ever know you worked all day helping people make a bowel movement or cleaning up things they couldn’t even dream about.





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