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Guest Author: Carly Anderson – How to combine studying with travel nursing


tired travel nurseChances are the compelling reasons that caused you to choose travel nursing are also the things that will aid you in pursuing your BSN degree. In addition to lucrative pay, all-expense-paid housing and the opportunity to visit new places, companies that specialize in placing nurses in programs often have study incentives that will assist you in completing your degree.

If you are narrowing your focus on a particular area of study, you may be able to accept a position that will help to supplement your studies. For example, if you are interested in focusing on geriatrics or pediatrics, an assignment that will help you gain experience in these particular branches of medicine will help to supplement your education and add substance to your resume.

Aside from being a wonderful way to experience new places and a chance to work for some of the top hospitals in the country, travel nursing can also offer a great deal of flexibility in scheduling. Because you can often decide exactly how long a particular job will last, you can plan to incorporate a few weeks` study time in between nursing positions. If you find it too difficult to fit study time into your regular everyday schedule, plan for time in between work assignments to take an accelerated summer course. You may even be able to negotiate the cost of your schooling as part of your bonus package.

Time management skills become of the essence in combining travel nursing with continuing education. As a nurse you will already be competent in utilizing time management principles for patient care. Your own schedule is no exception. Common sense and adherence to a few classic techniques will go a long way in helping you to maximize efficiency. It may help you to get a diary and track your activities for a few days, in order to see where the majority of your time is spent. You will then be able to zero in on unexpected moments of free time that you could use for effective studying or for completing homework.

Once you’ve identified areas where you can free up time, write a to-do list so that you can budget your time most effectively and make sure you update it daily. It is also good to remember that travel nursing by its very nature helps you to simplify certain aspects of daily living that can free up time to focus on completing your degree.

Any work experience can have a positive effect on your resume and travel nursing also has the advantage of offering job opportunities at some of the country`s best hospitals. You may be able to coordinate your travel nursing job to take advantage of top nursing programs that are offered in your assigned area. For example, both Yale and Emory Universities offer positions to travel nurses and are also considered among the top schools in the country. With a little forethought and planning, you will be able to make the most effective use of your time and talents, as well as working towards completing your degree.

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