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Choosing the right nursing shoe


Travel Nursing ShoesAs a nurse, you spend a lot of time on your feet. So don’t neglect the most important part of your outfit- your shoes!  What you put on your feet in the morning can mean the difference between skipping down the hallways and limping to the waiting room chairs.  When looking for a new pair of shoes, here are 3 tips to find one that fits you:


  1.  Flexibility:  Shoes that are made of lightweight, flexible material like mesh or bendable leather will prevent the discomfort that can accompany the first few days you spend in a new pair of shoes.  A malleable shoe will flow more with the movement of your feet and will be less likely to cause blisters.
  2. Size:  Whether you are deciding between a slip-on or athletic style nursing shoe, make sure it’s the right size!  Shoes that are too small or too big are bound to rub your feet in the most uncomfortable ways and when it comes to a slip-on shoe, too big can also mean dangerous.  You don’t want your shoe flying off to the right when you’re dashing to the left!  When purchasing shoes (especially online), make sure you have the possibility of returning anything that doesn’t fit so you don’t end up stuck with footwear that isn’t 100% right for your feet.
  3. Sole:  The bottom of the shoe is the most important.  This is the part that absorbs the stress of your feet hitting the floor.  It’s also what keeps your feet on the floor and not slipping out from under you.  Look for a shoe that has a thicker base with a “bouncy” material- think hiking boot versus flip-flop.  The more space between your feet and the floor, the more stress absorbed by the shoe.


Shopping for nursing shoes isn’t always the most enjoyable experience.  It can take more than one try before you find a shoe that keeps you spry all day.  However, just remember to choose comfort over style- you won’t regret it!

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