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Nursing your car back to health and preparing for winter


Before you start off on any road trip it is good idea check your car to make sure it will make the trip to your new travel nursing assignment. When doing a job that requires you to travel across the United States, keeping your car in good condition is a good idea. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with car troubles that could have been prevented. Educate yourself on some easy preventive measures that you can take to help your car’s performance.

How to prepare your car before you leave on your travel nursing assignment

Routine monthly check-ups under the hood will do wonders for the life of your automobile.


Look under your hood monthly to check fluids. Check transmission, engine coolant, oil, power steering, window washer, to help keep your car running smoothly. Get to know your car by learning where to check all the fluids. Check the car manual for a diagram of your engine and learn what your car requires. If you have never checked all the levels before have someone experienced run through it with you.

Maintain Your Car’s Fluid Levels

Car Fluids


Thanks to the increase in gas prices, it has been a highly discussed topic across the United States, but one way to save money is understanding the different types of fuel qualities. When pulling up to the pump, you have the option of regular unleaded, mid-grade and premium. Most cars only require regular unleaded and upgrading your car to the higher octane fuels doesn’t do anything for your car unless it’s made for it. With gas prices these days, there is no reason to buy the more expensive fuels. Conserving fuel can also limit your visits to the pump by maintaining the speed limit. This way you won’t burn an excessive amount of gas.

How Can I Improve My Gas Mileage?

Fuel Types


There are also a lot of people out there that don’t pay much attention to their tires unless they get a flat. Check your tire pressure once a month to help improve gas mileage. Keep an eye on your tires to see how they are wearing down. If one side is wearing down then it could be time for an alignment. People should get an alignment on their car around every 12,000 miles, and you should get your tires rotated around every 6,000 miles. To find the tire pressure for your car, check your car’s owner’s manual, and it is also noted on the tire themselves. Also keep in mind that during the winter the pressure should be less than in the summer.

Proper Auto Care

Automotive Care


Keep your car looking good too. Wash it at least once a month especially during the winter months when there is snow on the ground. This will keep your car from rusting as a result from the salt on the ground. Make washing the outside of your car and cleaning the inside a monthly routine.

Twelve Car Cleaning Myths

Auto Detailing

How to Clean Car Interior

These timely car care reminders will help keep your car running with fewer problems. As a travel nurse, you need a reliable car since you are traveling to and from every assignment. Take the next step to prevent your car from being on the side of the road. Make checking your car a monthly routine by taking care of your car like you would take care of any of your patients.

Winterizing your car

Even if you don’t live in the snow belt, it pays to run through a basic winterizing checklist to keep your car in top cold-weather shape.

How-to Winterize Your Car

Ten Tips to Winterize Your Car

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