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Car Activities for Kids While Traveling to a New Nursing Assignment

Travel Nursing With Kids

Think of traveling to a new assignment as chance to spend quality time with your kids

Many times road tripping with children to a new travel nurse assignment can be stressful. Don’t look at it like that. Think of it as a chance to spend quality time with your kids. After all, how often do you get to do that? Road-trips can take a long time and wear on anyone’s nerves; but when you make it a game all the way, the time speeds by and it can be so much fun. Travel games for children make the whole experience a time of making fun memories.

Here are a few games to play in the car that can help you create that fun.

The Animal Game

Our kids absolutely love this game. It encourages learning new animals when you’re not playing. My kids have a personal competition going on with this game.

  • Decide on what topic you will use. You can use animals, foods, places, or anything else including titles of books. We generally use animals, hence the name.
  • Who is going to start? Everyone has to be in agreement.
  • First person chooses a letter of the alphabet. Let’s say, “P”. Now everyone has to keep mentioning an animal (or whatever else you decided on). Go in a clockwise or other pattern you can remember. When someone can’t mention a real (or fictional if you agree upon ahead of time) animal, they are out.
  • Keep going until one person is left.
  • We typically limit the use of names like “Chinese crocodile”. Once a geographic location has been used with one animal, it can’t be used again even if the animal is real. We found this could really get out of h and .
  • When one person is left, that one then picks the next letter and the game begins again.

License Plate List Mania

This game has close to a million variations and names. So feel free to play around the rules.

  • Have pencil and paper for all playing.
  • Create a list of all states.
  • As they see a license plate for a state, they tally it on their sheet. See which state wins.


Pick a particular state ahead of time and see who gets the most. Instead of states, you can look for counties that some state license plates have.

Pick one state (should more than likely be the one you are in) and look for various colors of cars with that plate on it.

The Alphabet Game

This is another game my family loves. It involves getting the kids looking around outside the car as you travel.

  • Everyone playing will start with the letter “A”. For some a pen and paper might help keep up with what letter they are on.
  • They are to each find a sign with a word starting with “A”. Everyone does this on his or her own and hopes to find all letters of the alphabet before anyone else does.
  • When John sees “Alaska Highway” on a sign, he yells “A”. Now, he has moved on to look for “B”. Everyone else is still on “A”.
  • Don’t jump letters. Stay in order. The one who gets to “Z” first wins.

20 Questions

This game is so much fun and has been around for years. Everyone can get involved and challenges everyone.

  • Pick who starts first.
  • They decide on an animal, person, place, or thing. Shhhhh! Keep it quiet. No one should know what they are thinking off. Once you they know it and have it in their mind, they tell everyone to begin.
  • Everyone playing asks questions. Best one to start with: “Is it an animal, mineral, or vegetable?” That is question number one.
  • With each question asked and answered with only a yes or no, the person who holds the answer secret counts out loud so all know what number they are on.
  • The one who gets it answered correctly before question 20 wins and becomes the one start the next round.

Traveling Poem

This can be used with a poem or even as a story. Everyone can get involved and have so much fun. Be prepared for some wacky times.

  • Choose the person to start. They say the first line.
  • The next person says the next line.
  • Keep going until you can’t do anymore.
  • This can be so much fun especially as others try to rhyme with the one before them.

100 ABCs

This one can keep everyone occupied. Have pencil and paper for everyone to use.

  • Everyone should have pencil and paper and decide on what letter to use. You could r and omly draw a letter, too.
  • Once a letter has been decided upon, they write it on their paper. Let’s say it is “C”.
  • Now, everyone looks around for items outside the car that begin with “C”. They list them on their paper. 1. Cow 2. Cloud 3. Canyon
  • The first person who can find 100 items under that letter wins.

As there can be limited items under a letter, you might want to choose more than one letter. Tell everyone to look for items with “A”, “B”, or “C”.

These are fun games that everyone can play. Have some fun. Make some memories.

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