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Guest Author: Richard Hemby – Android Apps for the Traveling Nurse


good android apps for travel nursesWith nurses getting more and more empowerment in their jobs, it stands to reason that their roles would be extended as well. A lot of nurses have become nurse practitioners, which lessens the load of the doctor and also eases the bill for the patient. Because nurses don’t cost as much for their services, it’s not surprising to see that some nurses travel to see some patients that are home bound for one reason or another.

Google Android has put together some nifty apps for those in the medical field. Although some of these apps are for all workers within this industry, nurses can no doubt benefit from all of them.

5 Minute Clinical Consult – This app gives fast and pinpoint guidance to more than 700 medical conditions. This app offers tested treatment recommendations, a bonus of 200 common children’s diseases, over 130 skin diseases and pictures to go with each one and it also gives step by step guides for treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

Nursing Central – This app is a great source for test information, drugs, and diseases for any nurse. It also includes a dictionary and the ability to search different types of literature. This app offers detailed information available about tests to diseases and gives the nurse access to a large database containing 5,000 drugs. The databases for all this help are Davis Drug Guide, Taber’s Cycolpedia Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, A Nursing Therapeutics Manual, Davis’s Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests With Nursing Implications. The app also gives a comprehensive guideline for patient care as well as nursing diagnosis.

Davis Drug Guide – This guide gives up to date drug information on over 5,000 brand and generic name drugs. The drugs are organized to answer any questions there might be about a particular drug and it gives the proper dosage, proper way to administer each drug, patient safety tips, any side affects, patient education on the drugs and much more.

Merck Manual – Is filled with information on disease management for the patients point of care. Merck also offers Merck Manual With Patients Symptoms Guide this package lets the doctor or nurse quickly review etiology, evaluation, and immediate treatment of 88 symptoms and then it directly links these symptoms to related diseases. The other app they offer is called the Merck Manual Suite. This combines the first two apps with a drug guide.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary – Wonderful app that has a database of over 60,000 terms. Includes color illustrations with audio pronunciations of terms, appendices and access to the web for more information from Taber. It also includes 600 Patient Care sections that put emphasis on wellness and patient education.

Pediatrics Central DX – This application centralizes it’s information on infants, toddlers, older children and adolescents. This app gives information on over 460 diseases offering up a variety of different diagnosis, treatment options a long with continuing care of the child.

Harrison’s Manual of Medicine – This app has more than 600 different internal medicine topics to choose from and offers concise information on etiology, epidemiology, and clinical pathophysiology. It also contains symptoms and signs of medical issues, lab findings, therapeutic suggestions and practice guidelines.

Red Book – Is a comprehensive app that covers all the up to date infectious diseases that afflict infants, children, and adolescence. You can also find up to date information on immunizations, vaccine development, updated information on both Hepatitis A and B as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Drug Facts – This is a comprehensive guide to drugs which includes interaction facts, review on natural products and it covers 3,900 trade name drugs and 900 generic. Has a complete guide to drug and food interactions.

Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests – This app provides information on the selection and interpretation of more than 350 diagnostic tests. Let’s the user know which test is best for diagnosis, screening a patient or following a patients condition. Let’s the user know how to properly acquire a specimen and how to prepare the patient for any particular test.

Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests – This app guides nurses through procedures for before, during and after the testing. The app also offers answers to questions on how to improve patient care. It also includes information on maternity and nutrition and patient safety and education.

Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis – This handy app allows nurses to give quick and accurate diagnosis. It also helps them to address special needs for a certain population. It also features a Health Promotion and Wellness section.

Medical Calculator – This is an app that offers 55 different medical functions that need either a score or a calculation. Some of the things it can handle are: APGAR Score, Basil Energy Expenditure, Bicarbonate Deficit, CHADS2 Score for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk, Glasgow Coma Scale/Score and 50 functions that help a nurse do her job easier.

Medication Infusion – This app will help calculate the amount of concentration a drug should have for a syringe or IV bag. Some of the drugs that it calculates for are: Amiodarone, Dobutamine, Dopamine, Epinephrine, and nine more drugs.

Vaccines Handbook – This app offers advice on vaccines for children, adults, and particular groups, like travelers. Gives the user point of care information and guidelines on various general vaccines as well as vaccines needed for those leaving the country.

UNIPAC QR – This is a quick reference app for those who are dealing with hospice and palliative medicine. It helps the user with dealing with the critically ill with information on the most up to date pharmaceutical material, ethical issues, regulatory matters, psychosocial aspects of hospice and palliative medicine.

Merck Manual of Patient Symptoms – This is a resource app for those in the medical field, especially good for the nurse practitioner. This app helps them to properly diagnose patients and begin treatment to help alleviate the symptoms that the patient might have. It offers guidelines for patient history, physical examination, interpretation of findings, and testing. It also recommends a variety of treatments and therapeutic plans that includes drugs and dosages that should be used.

ACP Handbook of Women’s Health – This is an extensive app geared to help both doctors and nurses deal with issues regarding a woman’s health. It covers both the psychological and physical things that can affect a woman’s health. This app examines the different female specific medical conditions and how common diseases present themselves differently in women than they present themselves in men. It covers topics from behavior and disorders to substance use and abuse.

Psychosocial Nursing for General Patient – This app is good for both the nurse and students. It helps prepare them for treating a patient that may be suffering from common psychosocial and psychiatric problems that can come with a patients’ medical problems. It also includes information on etiology, assessment, nursing diagnosis and intervention, patient/family education as well as community based care.

MedSurge Notes – This is a guide that will give a nurse a guide for caring for patients that have complicated medical and or surgical conditions. It offers accurate and thorough assessments, immediate interventions, and follow-up care for patients who might run into complications.

Richard Hemby is a writer who regularly writes about online nursing degrees and college related topics for Online College Guru, an online college directory and comparison website.

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  2. James says:

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