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8 Qualifying Traits to Become a Great Travel Nurse, Part 1


traits of a great travel nurseNursing is a dem and ing field; there is no doubt about it. However, it can also be a very rewarding one, providing you have what it takes to h and le the long hours, difficult patients and often stressful conditions.

Travel nursing offers a few advantages such as greater job flexibility, a wider range of learning opportunities and experiences and less involvement in workplace politics and management issues. But what does it take to become a great travel nurse?
A great travel nurse…

…is caring in nature
As a travel nurse, you will be dealing with patients who are frightened, in pain, stressed or humiliated. In order to give them the best treatment possible, it is important that you are able to empathize with them and show them that you care about their situation.

…is not afraid of a challenge
The life of a travel nurse is full of challenges; packing up belongings, moving to a new location and dealing with different kinds of patients on a regular basis is challenging. Travel nursing provides you with many new opportunities to grow, but in order to do so you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn new medical practices and methods.

…is adaptable
Travel nurses must be able to adapt quickly to new situations and environments. You won’t have long orientation periods at each new location, and you’ll need to be able to jump right in and fill the position you have been hired for. No day will be the same as the last, and you must be able to deal with unpredictable patients and situations that you haven’t experienced before. You will also need to be flexible with your working hours and responsibilities.

…has excellent organizational skills
Because the travel nurse is not working at the same location for an extended period of time, the job requires a good deal of paper work and organizing to keep proper records. You will likely be working through an agency who will want you to display good organizational skills from the very beginning. You will also need to work hard to manage your work life along with your personal life, and without the right management skills it can be hard to juggle the two.

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