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17 Top Travel Nursing Blogs Posts From 2014

2014 top Travel Nursing Blogs posts

Check out out 17 Top Travel Nursing Blogs Posts From 2014!

Our hope is that Travel Nursing Blogs is able to provide tools and resources for your career in Travel Nursing, help answer your questions, entertain you, and support you in building an awesome career where you can have amazing adventures and do truly important work.

When it comes to what topics to cover here at Travel Nursing Blogs, we love to hear feedback from readers and find out what content is the most beneficial to the Travel Nurses who visit our site. With that in mind, we decided to take a look back at 2014 to see which posts from 2014 were most popular.

Our pages that feature job listings and companies ratings were very popular as always, as were the Ask a Travel Nurse section on Benefits and Pay and the resources offered in our Tools section, such as the Travel Nursing Checklist, Travel Nursing Salary Calculator, FAQs, and others. Beyond those valuable areas of the site, here are the 17 Top Travel Nursing Posts from 2014:

General Travel Nursing Posts

These posts run the gamut, and we’re glad that each of them was helpful to our readers in 2014.

scrubbing in mtv cast

Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?

MTV’s Scrubbing In, a reality show featuring young Travel Nurses was, for better or for worse, a popular topic in 2013, and that spilled into 2014 when we wondered Will there be a “Scrubbing In” Season 2?

Travel Nurse Company Rankings for 2014 were popular, as many Travelers searched for the right agency fit for their career and personal needs.

Readers loved our Happy Nurses Week 2014 post, which shared all kinds of info about how agencies, companies, restaurants, and other entities were celebrating this year. We hope you all got your free Cinnabon!

Stasha Crawford’s guest post on Travel Nursing Expectations was well-liked, probably because many veteran Travelers could relate and newer Travelers appreciated the heads up.

Our 4 Reasons You’ll Get Hooked on Travel Nursing post shared a few reasons why being a Travel Nurse is actually a totally safe, wonderful thing to be addicted to.

travel nurse with globe

With so many awesome locations, it’s easy to get hooked on Travel Nursing!

Travel Nurses sometimes experience the ugliness of hospital bullying which is probably why our post on How to Stop Travel Nurse Bullying was such a hit.

Ask a Travel Nurse Expert Posts

Travel Nursing Blogs’ Ask a Travel Nurse expert, David Morrison RN, brings a wealth of helpful knowledge to the table for our readers. It’s no wonder his posts continue to be reader favorites every year!

Ask a Travel Nurse: What’s the normal range for Travel Nurse Salary?

Salary is a popular topic as, naturally, Travelers want to be sure they are compensated fairly.

Ask a Travel Nurse: What expenses are tax-deductible when Travel Nursing?

Travel taxes are always a huge, important issue for Travelers!


money puzzle piece

Ask a Travel Nurse: In travel nursing, how do I know if I’m being paid fairly?

Ask a Travel Nurse: In Travel Nursing, how do I know if I’m being paid fairly?

David gets this question a lot, so we’re glad to have a place where curious Travelers can come for his wisdom.

Ask a Travel Nurse: Do you get rental expenses or do you have to use public transport?

David generally recommends using your own vehicle, but every location is different and each Traveler’s needs differ as well.

Ask a Travel Nurse: How should I h and le housing on my first assignment?

Housing is a topic of huge importance for all Travelers, but especially when starting out, David recommends taking agency housing since you’ll have so many other new things to navigate already.

Posts From 2013

These posts are actually from 2013, but readers found them just as valuable this year!

This Inspiring Letter to a Nursing Student was just so fun to share and a reminder of the importance and power of r and om acts of kindness.

As mentioned above, the Travel Nurse reality show was a very popular topic, so we were not surprised that even after the show aired, people still wanted to Meet MTV’s “Scrubbing In” Cast in this post.

Another repeat issue, Travel Nurse Taxes 101 continues to help Travelers make sense of and prepare for their travel taxes.

David’s answer to the query — Ask a Travel Nurse: Can I do Travel Nursing in an RV? — remained popular among Travelers and road warriors.

travel nurse with books

These 4 Great Travel Nursing Books can help you build a strong career and have a blast on the road!

Am and a West’s guest post Travel Nursing 101: A Solid Contract continued to help Travelers new and old make sure they get everything they need and want out of their contracts.

Our post listing 4 Great Travel Nursing Books was still valuable, probably because every Traveler can benefit from any one of these great Traveler tomes — or, collect all four!

In addition to the topics covered throughout these 17 top Travel Nursing Blogs posts from 2014, what other information, issues, and questions about life as a Travel Nurse would you like to see us cover in 2015?

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