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Useful Travel Nursing Websites


This is a list of travel nursing links that we think you will find valuable during your travel nursing career. We are always looking for new ones to add so feel free to send us sites we may have missed.

Our Links

Medical Solutions – Our website you can visit if you are interested in travel nursing
Travel Nursing Twitter – Follow our tweets on Twitter
Medical Solutions Facebook page – Enjoy laughing? We’ll have you rolling about humor in the medical field.
Medical Solutions YouTube Travel Nursing Channel
Travel Nursing Jobs – Travel Nursing Jobs with Medical Solutions
Travel Nursing Info – A collection of resources to help you learn more about the travel nursing industry
The Healthcare Staffing Blog– Our blog for nurse managers, staffing professionals, C-Level hospital staff, and recruiter and HR types– If you are looking for great nurses to staff your hospital then this site is for you
Travel Nursing Company Blog  – The Medical Solutions blog for its travelers

Travel Nursing

Healthcare Traveler – A great magazine for all travel nurses and allied health professionals to read
Highway Hypodermics – The website of a great travel nurse advocate and authority – Travel Nurse advice and home of the free travel nurse classifieds – The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers is a reliable and neutral provider of unbiased resources for travel nurses
Travel Nursing Central – Resources and community for traveling nurses
National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO) – A non-profit association of travel healthcare organizations, founded in 2008 to promote ethical business practices in the travel healthcare industry.
Healthcare Travelbook – A social network and review site for travel nurses and allied health travelers
Travel Nurse Help– helps traveling healthcare professionals find information about a potential travel assignment.
Gypsy Nurse– Very informational site sharing how to travel for a living as a gypsy nurse.
The Truth about Travel Nursing– An info packed site put together by a former recruiter.

Nursing Accessories & Scrubs

Dickies Nursing Uniforms – A great place to find scrubs for your next travel nursing job
Medical Equipment Distributors– Redding Medical is an equipment distributor providing hospitals and healthcare facilities with specialty medical products
Nursing Uniforms – A large collection of nursing scrubs and uniforms for you travel nursing jobs
Scrubadoo – A Travel Nursing Blogs partner that provides scrubs, t-shirts,  jackets and  more to men and women

Nursing Blogs

PixelRN – One of my favorite blogs a little web design and a lot of nursing
PhilBaumann – A great blog about nursing and web 2.0
Nursing Site Blog – An excellent blog with a wealth of information about nursing written for nurses, student nurses and those interested in becoming a nurse
MyStrongMedicine – This blog is very quick and to the point. It is written by a male Registered Nurse and a Certified Athletic Trainer.– One of the best nursing blogs around. This informative and entertaining blog is written by a ER Nurse with 31 years of experience
Head Nurse – A very witty and clever blog written by a Head Nurse

Travel Nursing Books

Travel Nurse’s Bible – A great resource for new travel nurses written by David Morrison, R.N.
Hitting the Road: A Guide to Travel Nursing– Shalon Kearney RN provides insight into the travel nursing industry
Highway Hypodermics– A book by Epstein LaRue RN, BS with company reviews and advice for travel nurses
Travel Nursing: Your Ultimate Guide – This book by Katherine Frederick RN features advice to guide you through a travel nursing career, with tips on housing, childcare, contracts and  also the immigration process for international nurses.

Travel Nursing Blogs

Travel Nurse Aim – One of the best travel nursing blogs out there
TheTravelNurse – A great blog from a travel nurse who travels with her husb and
TravelRNGab – A great blog from a first time travel nurse who tries to make sense of all the travel nursing information out there
HTBlogger– Healthcare Traveler’s blog
The (future) RN in a RV – This is up and coming blog is about soon to be graduating nurse with the future goal of being a traveler.
Food, Fitness, & Fun in All 50 States – Written by the wife of a travel nurse this blog talks about all the fun things there are to experience in a travel nursing career.

Travel Nursing Housing – This site makes it easy for travel nurses and medical professionals to find affordable short term housing and reserve online. With the widest selection of properties and option packages in the Orl and o and Tampa regions, Travel Nurse Housing is THE destination for your temporary housing needs.
AirBnB-online community marketplace to list, discover, and book housing accommodations all around the world with listings in 19,000 cities and 192 countries.

Travel Nursing Job Sites

Hospital Jobs & Nurse Jobs by C and idate Direct Job – Resume search & healthcare job placement for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities , rehabilitation centers, physician practices. – This job board lets you apply to all the travel nursing companies you want to in one spot. – Find travel nursing jobs across the United States. – A great site to choose from a large selection of travel nursing jobs..  – Find per diem nursing jobs across the United States. – Find permanent nursing jobs across the United States.

General Nursing – Learn about nursing
Reality RN – A great site with a purpose of educating new nurses in the profession about the gap between what they learned in school and the often reality of the workplace.
The Truth about – A great site fighting for a fair and accurate depiction of nurses by the media – A great social networking and informational site for nurses– site helping documentation compliance fast and easy.

Nursing Forums – Talk to other nurses
Travel Nurses & Therapists – A well known community of travelers

Nursing Education

New Nurses
Unitek– Unitek College provides health care career training in Vocational Nursing, LVN to Registered Nursing, Associate Degree Nursing, Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician.

Inspiring Nursing Professors– Read about some of the country’s most inspiring nurse educators.



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