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Travel Nurse Tools and Resources


Welcome to the ultimate Travel Nursing Resource Guide. It is not quite ultimate yet, but it will be with your help. We will continue to add to this section to make a vital place for nurses interested in travel nursing to visit. If you have any suggestions that we should add just let us know, your experiences as a travel nurse are only going to help us help you.

Cost of Living Calculator – Determine how much travel nursing pay you will need to take home in any city and still have the lifestyle you are used to.

Useful Travel Nursing Websites – This list of travel nursing websites, blogs and forums are here to help you have everything you need to succeed during your next travel nursing job.

Travel Nursing Article Archives – Here you can browse through the archives of all our old articles, posts and tweets.

Travel Nursing Blogs Email – If you would rather Travel Nursing updates came to you you can sign up for our weekly email here.

Travel Nursing Career Advice – These articles are written with your travel nursing career in mind. With easy advice we have seen benefit travel nurses over the years you will find something that makes your next assignment easier.

Travel Nursing Checklist – This step by step guide will lead you through the travel nursing process from beginning to end.

Travel Nursing Salary Calculator – This tool lets you see what perm nurses are making in the area you want to travel to, which can help you out when negotiating your pay package.