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Location: Cincinnati, OH

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by Maureen on Trustaff

Company is disorganized. My original recruiter disappeared in the middle of a working relationship, sending my info to another recruiter. The new recruiter was dishonest, disorganized and very full of himself. Although there was a 4 hour time difference he continued to call me at 0600. I finally told him that I took an assignment with another company, and a few weeks later her went into my application without my permission, changed data!!!! He than submitted me to a job which I did not give permission for. If this working relationship sounds like what you want than use this company.

by Brandy on Trustaff
Amazing recruiter and company

I have been traveling trustaff for just about 2 years now and would not dream of picking another company to work with. My recruiter, David James, is amazing! He is always available when needed, returns my phone calls promptly, and does his best to find a location that fits my meads. He has a very strong knowledge base of the different locations, hospitals, environments that as a travel nurse we will experience. Between him in the Other representatives In this marvelous company have made my travel career amazing!Thank you Trustaff and David James for helping me experience life on the go!

by Stephanie Oglesbee on Trustaff
Amazing experience with trustaff

I am so impressed with this agency. I began my travel experience about a year ago and was not happy or satisfied with a lot of things, decided to give it one more chance and try another assignment. David with Trustaff really helped me a great deal, he has always answered my questions and responded very quickly to me. I am very happy with them, and have decided to stay traveling. I look forward to a long working relationship with this agency because of all the ways they go the extra mile to make sure I'm satisfied with my assignments!

by Ruth Ann Monds on Trustaff
Where to next?

I am loving travel nursing. Karen Hardy, my recruiter, has placed me in small and large hospitals and supported me throughout the assignment. Currently loving my assignment in Gainesville Florida. But I'm also anticipating my next stop! Always wanted to see the Gr and Canyons!

by Audrey Inman on Trustaff
Travel RN

I work with Karen Hardy at Trustaff per a friend's recommendation and have been beyond pleased. She worked hard to find me a job I wanted and to get me the pay I wanted. She's been accessible, knowledgeable, and honest every step of the way! I would recommend Karen and the Trustaff team to any friend!

by Mary on Trustaff

Great company to work for. Fair pay rates. My recruiter really worked with me especially when the assignment start dates kept getting moved, they really worked to get me all the time off I needed with contract dates that worked with me. Giving it 4 stars only because the health insurance is on the more expensive side. Otherwise, fantastic.

by Lisa on Trustaff

This company is a great company to work for. My recruiter Emily Carey is excellent ! Very knowledgeable in travel. Would recommend this company and recruiter to any one!

by Christy on Trustaff

Shout out to Tracey. This is my first travel assignment of many to come. I have worked agency throughout my entire 13 years of nursing but this is the first time to travel and it has been great. I won't sign up with any other agencies because they have been great to me. I plan to travel for a few years now that the kids are grown and I will stick with Trustaff on Traceys team. She works hard, is always available and very attentive. She makes me feel like my best interest is always at heart, which is very important. Thank you guys, Tracey and Dan for working so hard for me. I will work just as hard for you in return!!

by Shelley on Trustaff

Great company to travel with Karen Hardy and her team are just awesome. They take really good care of you before , during (they call you weekly or more if needed) and after your assignment... I haven't heard the same about other companies. Very honest and you feel like you have made ew friends at the end !!! Great experience and I highly recommend!!!

by chris hodgins on Trustaff

great company Tracey Lafazia is the best helps me out and keeps me sane

by Lee Pittman on Trustaff

Tracey LaFazia is the best recruiter in the business! It has been a joy working with her from day 1. She really gets to know you and works her A$$ off to get you the assignment you want! She always goes above and beyond to get things done and communication is a breeze.

by Felicia on Trustaff
Surgical Tech

Brian Koetkemeyer was my recruiter and if they can't get me a new recruiter I will never work for Trustaff again. He lies and is not easy to talk to or work with. Asked for his managers contact information in my fuse to give it to me .Didn't pay me what I should've been paid. He was just a nightmare to work for.

by Kayleigh Peacock on Trustaff
Great Travel Agency

Yasmeen has been a pleasure to work with. Trustaff is fast, efficient, and accommodating.

by Audrey on Trustaff
Great First Experience

David was very patient with me when deciding where I wanted to go for my first assignment. He kept me updated on new positions and answered all of my questions. I would recommend trustaff and David to anyone that is considering taking a travel assignment.

by Drew on Trustaff
Not worth the hassle

I've tried to work with Trustaff on two different occasions. They dragged their feet so much on submitting my profile and didn't listen to my needs in travel nursing. The agent Richard Shulock submitted to several positions without my say so. There were excuses after excuses instead of getting the job done. My only relief as that I didn't actually get a contract through them as I assume there would be more nightmares to follow.

by Tanya spencer on Trustaff

This is my first time traveling and I have to say, so far I have been very pleased. My recruiter is Lisa Fletcher and she has been wonderful to me. She's very helpful and very easy to talk to, she takes care of things and addresses any concerns I may have. She makes sure my needs are met. I have had no problems with Trustaff and feel blessed to have this opportunity.

by Raymond Cullen on Trustaff

As a first time traveler I was well taken care of. My recruiter, David James was very personable and responded quickly to any needs I had. He was flexible with my job options and explored multiple opportunities with me. Things were simple and explained clearly.

by Brandon W on Trustaff

I have been employed with Trustaff for two years and I am so happy with my decision to work with them. Katie Preston and the rest of the Trustaff team have been a pleasure to work with and always are honest with me. My wife and I have been able to experience more in these last two years than a lot of people do in their entire lives and we owe that to Trustaff.

by Cheryl Hosey on Trustaff

I am going on two years working for trustaff. I love my recruiter Heather Bors. She goes above and beyond for me and is very much appreciated. She is my advocate. I also hve to give a shout out to Monica Burchfield another great nurse advocate. We as nurses advocate for our patients in various settings and it is so awesome to have some for us and each of the people that I have come in contact with at trustaff exemplify that concept.

by Cora Rorstrom on Trustaff
Amazing experience

I have been with Trustaff for just under a year. They have been able to provide me with some great experiences. Karen Hardy is the best recuiter ever. She takes time to make sure that I am getting exactly what I am looking for in an assigment. She and Holly are frequently touching base with me to make sure that everything is going well and that I don't need anything. I have been recommending them to everyone that needs a travel company.

by Crystal Howard on Trustaff

Tracey calise@ Trustaff is the best recruiter anybody can ask for. She is always on top of things, very reliable, professional, truthful, and works hard to get me where I wanna get.

by Kenneth Caraan on Trustaff
Trustaff It is

Here in Austin right now for my first travel assignment. Shot out to my recruiter David James. Looking forward to work with them until next yr. My recruiter responds quickly even outside of work. I recommend this agency!

by Rhea Petty on Trustaff
Trustaff is amazing

I have worked with Trustaff for a year, Emily Carey is my recruiter. They are always professional, reliable and available. Emily takes the time to know what I want from an assignment and works hard to get it for me! I recommend Trustaff to anyone who wants to travel!

by Natasha MOneymaker on Trustaff

Trustaff has been a gem to work for!! Karen Hardy is my recruiter and she fixes any issues I may have very quickly and efficiently. She knows my preferences and finds me assignments that fit my needs and wants. She responds quickly and is very driven to make sure her nurses are happy.

by Cathleen Hamza on Trustaff
Absolutely Love Trustaff

One thing I notice when looking thru these reviews, is the satisfaction between recruiter and the nurse. THAT makes ALL the difference in the world!! So, thank you, Cindy Hunter!! YOU are the best!! But, let me not forget all the support staff, including Katie Preston, Tricia Ball, Allison Khan, Stacey Lowe and Becky Cox, as they have all helped to make my transition from one assignment to the next smooth sailing!! Also, the weekly pay is above and beyond the competition, after all, even though we all love being nurses, we also need to make ends meet, and Trustaff does have the best weekly pay! Again, thanks to all!!

by Michelle Firkins on Trustaff

I have been with trustaff for approximately 2 years now. I have been a traveler for 4 years. Trustaff is a great company to work for. My recruiter Pamela Thomayer is amazing. I have no desire to work for anyone else because I have been treated so well. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this company to travelers everywhere I go.

by Holly Phillips on Trustaff

Being someone that tends to stay within my comfort zone, I had many reservations about pursuing travel nursing. I was put in contact with a recruiter, Katie Preston, to have my questions answered. Katie went above and beyond to ensure that all my concerns were addressed and that the transition would be as seamless as possible. I am now on my 4th travel assignment with TruStaff and couldn't be anymore pleased with my decision. I have grown both personally and professionally through my endeavors and I have Katie and her team to thank for that. Without all of their encouragement and hard work behind the scenes, I would not be where I am today. I recommended TruStaff (esp Katie Preston) with every part of me!

by LaTasha on Trustaff
First time traveler

Emily Carey has been excellent since day 1. She's trustworthy and honest about everything!!! This is my first assignment. She has met my expectations and works very hard to accomdate me as well.

by karen love on Trustaff
Travel RN

Cindy Hunter and Katie Preston have been amazing from day 1. I have been a traveling nurse for 10 years and the last 3 with Cindy and Katie with Trustaff. I dont plan on going anywhere else. They have been extremely helpful with any problem or question i have had with unparalleled efficiency and geniune caring for my welfare

by tony singleton on Trustaff

I have worked with Trustaff for 3 years now and Cindy Hunter and Katie Preston are top notch in their field. They are quick to respond to any problems you have from assignments to pay, and have yet to fail to solve them in a timely manner. Cindy and Katie are not just Guru's at what they do, they take a genuine interest in how you are doing. They will call periodically during each assignment to ensure all is well. When I first started with Trustaff they were very patient with me for they had to explain a lot that was to happen. They helped me ease into the traveling transition from permanent employee. Kudo's to my Trustaff team and especially Cindy Hunter and Katie Preston!!!!

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