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Was given a contract, and 3 days later the contract was taken away. I had already moved to my new housing location. They then tried to push me into a much lower paying options. Was not willing to budge for me at all.
Stay away!

by Courtney Campbell on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

I have been with Trinity for almost 2 years now. I have not traveled with any other companies and do not have plans to do so. I am very pleased with Trinity and have the best recruiter, Steve Turner. He has been very helpful and ensures I have everything I need and is always there for me if I have any concerns or questions.

by Rebecca Whitehead on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

As a traveler who travels far and wide, Tara Smith has been my recruiter and my rock! I have been traveling with Trinity for about 3 1/2 yrs, and I don't know what I would do without Tara. She is my friend, sounding board, advocate, my sense when I lose mine, and so much more! All the contacts that I have dealt with at Trinity are so kind, efficient, and transparent in their dealings, but Tara is my treasure! I have input on my contracts, Tara truly attempts to work the best deals for me, and I know if any problems come up with a facility, she has my back.

Positive Review

Been traveling with Trinity for about 3 years. The staff is excellent. Always there to answer my questions. Always responds quickly to my emails or text msgs. Very pleasant and friendly in every situation. Audra Stephano Floyd is my recruiter. She, as well as the rest of the staff, make me feel like family, not "just a traveler"!! Would not travel with any other company!!

great place to work

Been with Trinity the better part of the last decade and had the same agent the entire time. These people take care.of you and have your best interest in mind. My agent Ron has repeatedly gone the extra mile to ensure my assignment is satisfactory and that I am taken care of. I have great Healthcare insurance and benefits as well. I've been with a few other comoarison. Trinity will always be my go to when I want to travel.

Happy Traveler

Been pleased with Trinity so far. Never imagined travel nursing was for me but the staff at Trinity made the transition easier. My recruiter Ron York has been very patient and listens to my work preferences and makes sure that requests are honored in the contract. Kudos as well to the whole Trinity Staff!

Great Agency: timely and positive responses

I have worked with this agency since @ 2003; initially in a per diem role and since @ 2011 as a full time travel nurse. I have always had positive experiences with my recruiter, Audra Stefano Floyd, as well as the other recruiters and office staff that I've had the pleasure of talking with on the phone.
I chose this agency to work with on a full time basis, not only because I'd worked with them in the past, but because after doing my own research on other agencies Trinity met all of what I was looking for: a reputable company who works to meet the needs and desires of it's employees, insurance starting day one, work locations all over the country, a tax-free housing allowance and weekly my accountant told my husb and after the first year when we got a tax refund, "it's a win-win situation; you're wife is happy with her career and you're getting money back instead of paying in"!
My recruiter provides me a list of hospitals and I research them, as well as the area that they're in, and let her know where I want to be submitted....I sit back and wait for the's never a long wait as these hospitals know and trust Trinity to provide them with competent and capable staff.
Thanks Audra, Ron, Ren, Michelle, Stacy and all of the Great staff at Trinity for making what I've chosen to do (travel nursing) a wonderful, win-win experience!

Caring staff!

I cannot say enough about Ron York. He has been compassionate when personal circumstances needed it and he is always willing to answer questions or concerns I have! I have been traveling with Trinity for a year and a half and I've had a great experience! I would recommend the company and Ron to anyone I meet that wants to travel!

by Courtney Barrett on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
Love Trinity

Working with Trinity has been a true blessing! I have worked with other travel agencies and Ron is an awesome recruiter. He always gets back with me ASAP and is quick to help solve any problem! Even provides a way to contact him during non-business hours, he goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of and that is a great feeling! Taking a chance on this company has paid off and is the best move I have made! I love being apart of the Trinity Family!

Thanks For All You Do Ron!

by Dawn Marie Johnston on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
The best

I have traveled with other companies in the past and I have found Trinity to be superior! Ron York is my recruiter. His integrity, dependability, compassion and work ethic is remarkable. Ron has always gone above and beyond to fill my needs as an RN traveler and as a person. Trinity as a company has always been reliable, always proficient. I would highly recommend Trinity and Ron York!!!

Thankful for Trinity!!

I have been a traveling RN with Trinity for 2.5 years now. They have helped me get to every destination/job I have wanted in this time. I have never worked with another company but have plenty of friends that have. Their experiences have been far less positive than mine. I am paid weekly and on time. Any errors have always been addressed promptly. My contracts are written in clear language with no surprises. My recruiter is responsive to my needs. I don't feel like I am just a number. I intend to keep traveling with Trinity, hopefully for the duration of my traveling career. I wholeheartedly recommend them to other travel nurses!

Love Trinity

Ive been with Trinity since 2012 and I cant see myself with another travel company. In this day and time honesty is hard to come by but thats what this companies foundation is built on....honesty, fairness, and hard work. They work hard for their nurses, always trying to ensure job placement, in a timely manner. I have never had a problem with a conttact, getting paid or not having a call returned. My questions have always been answered and my recruiter has always been available to me. Its my personal opinion that you cant go wrong working with this company.

I Love Ren and Trinity!!

So let me start off by saying how picky I am and how I love customer service that exceeds my expectations. So, trinity is an amazing company that is beyond reproach and if there is a problem with anything they are always on top of it. I absolutely LOVE my recruiter Ren, she is so amazing and I would not have been traveling for the past 3 years if it wasn't for her. Ren is the recruiter of my dreams. She checks on me throughout my contract no matter the length or the number of extensions. Trinity's presence as a staffing company is felt and you know they have your back. My travels have truly helped me reach my goals and I know that I have the support of the best company. So h and s down the best company ever for travelers. SO come join the family because that's exactly what it is at Trinity and if you want ask for Ren as your recruiter, she is the best. Love you Ren and Trinity. Thanks for the help and the support over the years!!


So housing is awesome with Trinity and in the past 3 years I haven't had any problems. If you want to find your own housing they will give your tax free stipend and let to find your own accommodations. If you want help not only will they include you in the decision of your housing, but place you at reasonable establishments that don't break the bank or require the police to be called. I'm not sure what all the tale on this site is about, but the housing is optional or a choice that is up to the nurse. So pick your housing if you don't like it and if you want help just ask! So many travelers have misconceptions of what travel nursing is and those misconceptions alter there view of a company. So after 3 years and numerous assignments my experience has been great all around!

Happy RN

I am seeing a lot of negative comments on here and not sure why!! I've been with Trinity for almost a year and I assure you they have been nothing but professional and helpful to me in every way. I never miss a weekly notification of whether they received my timesheet or not which I love because they make sure I get paid! They set up everything for you to make sure you have all your certifications complete and send reminders of when everything is you realize how helpful that is when you have a busy life? I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I always take the stipend because I can find my own housing if needed. My recruiter, Ren, is the absolute best. She goes above and beyond to work for ME not the facility. She never complains whatsoever when I don't like the wording on my contract or if things don't go according to plan with the facility. She and Trinity have always put me first. They make sure I am happy first and foremost. Would I recommend this company? In a heartbeat!! Thank you Ren and Trinity for always putting me first. I am proud to work with you!


A good experience until they get the contract signed. It's down hill from there. Housing was an Extended stay hotel with minimal accommodations. I was sent out with a travel nurse from another agency whose case load I would be assuming. She asked my age multiple times thru the day and I spent the next three days in the office doing various orientation tasks. At 9 PM on the forth day, I receive a call from Trinty telling me that the contract had been cancelled. That was my last contact with anyone Trinity. No returned calls or email responses. The lack of support from them is unforgiveable. I guess I was only worth communicating with them when I was a revenue source. I can not recommend this company. I've been traveling for five years and have good experiences with other agencies.

by Dissatisfied RN on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group

I have never worked with a company thus far, that has been so unprofessional, unreliable, and of whom simply does not care. I worked with this company for almost 10 months, and once my last contract completed, I was running as fast as I could to another company of which I am very satisfied in the difference.


Horrible Agency

they kept on placing me in tiny hospitals and never gave me housing. they are just out to make money off of you like you are a prostitute. They will use you as long as they can they are worse than AMN. Avoid them at all costs

Great experiance

I am new to travel nursing. My agent is very good and always checks up on how things are going. They even call when they did not receive my timesheet. Steve T is a great agent and I will continue to work for Trinity since it has been a stellar experience so far. They made me love traveling.


This company and my recruiter have always been there for me since 2011. My pay is always correct and on time. My recruiter works hard for me and always finds me a job. I currently travel with my husb and and child. We are military and move a lot. I get my own housing and get paid the stipend. Love this company and everything they have done for me and my family. I am surprised to see the negative reviews. Every traveler I have met that works for them loves it. I have also recruited current travelers to work for them and they love it.

Seems like they stop caring

At first I was impressed with the speed in which they found me a contract, I had never traveled before and had been job hunting for a few months, so this all seemed great. As time has gone on though, it seems like they just don't care anymore. I have to submit and resubmit the same things over and over and over and over again, be it for health insurance, reimbursements, required employment forms, etc... its really annoying and unprofessional! The places I've worked have been alright, but I just hate dealing with this agency, definitely trying something different after this contract is up.


I've been with Trinity since 2001 and have never had a problem with them in any way. Tara my recruiter is awesome. They ALWAYS return my phone calls & emails. My money has always been right & on time. I wanted to get closer home once & went with another company, simply because Trinity didn't have where I wanted to go. Might I add that contract was a night mare & I didn't even take housing, I did the steipen. Hope I never have to change companies.


I was deeply disappointed with Trinity Heathcare Staffing group. Like many others, I was left to battle out my housing from day one. Their corporate credit card was declined leaving my family to spend the day in the lobby until I was able to dem and resolution. Then, I wasn't given housing accomodations for the TIME FRAME requested, causing my family unneeded stress during a contract assignment. We were left with no choice but to take their modified housing after the first two week nightmare(we had originally arranged to have coroporate housing for the first 5 wks of the contract to allow for housing search) that cost me $700/wk in payroll deductions. We would have been homeless without taking their alternate option because we were counting on the housing they had promised to provide and had budgeted accordingly. Bum deal.
I also learned the hard way that this company expects you to do all of your own leg-work with your host hospital. You will be left in the dark... DO NOT take a contract with this company.

by Optimistic New Grad on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
New Grad Program

Anyone heard of their new grad program? Where are the new grads getting their experience? What are they getting paid?

by A. PO'd Traveler on Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
AMN is good by comparison

AWEFUL EXPERIENCE!!!If you enjoy fighting for your right to have decent housing, fighting to get your travel reimbursement which will be taxed even though it is supposed to be tax free, getting paid squat for your hard work, having erroneous emails sent to you about items you have already submitted, then this is the company for you! I have only had one other experience that was as bad as this one and that was with AMN.


Worst travel company ever. Once you sign your contract, consider yourself ON YOUR OWN!!!!,,,


The company is lost. I would never recommend them for any job! There is so many good ones out there. I would never use them!

Not doing their Jobs.

It took them a long time to answer their phones .The recruiter were not willing to work with you to find a suitable assignment.Rating on scale of
1-5 I would give them -5


I see no one has given a review that is negative? Well, that is very surprising...given the lack of professionalism experienced with interacting with the staff-who somehow always were at lunch or too busy answering phone calls. The hold time exceeded 10 minutes with one encounter. They put limits on the amount of time they give you....I guess their priorities are different than other agencies I've dealt advice is not to deal with them....they're bad.


I see no one has given a review that is negative? Well, that is very surprising...given the lack of professionalism experienced with interacting with the staff-who somehow always were at lunch or too busy answering phone calls. The hold time exceeded 10 minutes with one encounter. They put limits on the amount of time they give you....I guess their priorities are different than other agencies I've dealt advice is not to deal with them....they're bad.