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There are better companies out there

I did a couple of assignments and tnaa was awesome. I made enough money to stay catching up on my bills. Got a permanent position that ended up sucking and went back to tnaa. Shannon got a promotion a couple of weeks into the assignment and i got Baron. I would call with problems and have to leave a voice mail. Wait a couple of days and no response. Ended up having to yell, scream and cuss to get a response. After a couple of weeks of this i gave up. I finished the contract and found another agency. While tnaa will pay housing deposits up front and promptly, they take the money out of your pay over four weeks, leaving you short to pay bills. They don't reimburse for required uniforms and they don't pay for certifications not required for the job. So if you want a specialty certification you pay for it. Travel compensation is only to the assignment not home from the assignment. You can take the sick leave when you need it, not only if you ate sick. And the pto can be used between assignments as well. I just don't like having to go ballistic to hey someone to answer the phone or call me back

by Kalicia Newsome on Travel Nurse Across America

I received a call from one of TNAA travel nurse recruiters and after speaking with the guy, this is the last company I would consider working for and cannot believe they made any list as part of the top travel nurse companies. I am retiring from the military after 20 years and thought travel nursing would keep me close to my military roots as far as meeting new people, visiting new places and still doing what I love best, serving this country. Upon the recruiter hearing I was a military nurse, he stated that TNAA would require me to have at least 1-2 years civilian nurse experience before he could sign me to a contract. I have been a nurse for 5 years and work at the #1 trauma center in the nation, with credentials to match but he deemed that as military nurses being inexperienced. I assure you that I and any military nurse is experienced, compassionate, thoughtful, and a conscious nurse who would be an asset to any establishment. Also. I’m proud of my 20+ years in service to this country. Hopefully he doesn’t not speak for the entire company however the fact he is even a representative for them is disheartening and unsatisfactory!

Terrible experience with this company from the get go. You will be called by just about every member of their "family" nonstop even once you sign with them - none of whom have anything to say. I'm still unclear as to what the recruiter does. She helped pick out the job, but that's about it. Every concern or question is passed off to someone else who only has some canned response. You are constantly repeating yourself and spinning wheels to accomplish anything with them. Your recruiter calls every week to check in but doesn't want to hear about anything and gets mad if you don't answer. They don't hesitate to throw out threats of "blackballing" you and only care about hearing you out when you aren't going to sign with them again. I didn't get any of the few days I requested off that were IN MY CONTRACT and felt completely unsupported and on my own in dealing with major issues from weather devastations to major concerns on the floor. None of which were ever addressed. My lowest paying and worst assignment yet. I have traveled almost 2 years now with other companies because of the competitive nature of the jobs lately. This is by far my worst experience. The jobs are going to be rough - that is a given, but this is the first assignment where I felt tension with my recruiter and I didn't trust anyone I was dealing with to handle anything or even simply care. Adding to the already hectic lifestyle isn't necessary, you can do much better with other companies!

by Robin Brewster on Travel Nurse Across America

I have been with travel nurse across America for 3 yrs. I have to say they are the best. Many incentives and they CARE. I had a very bad experience with my previous agency and recruiter. My first recruiter Dereck was great and helped me tremendously. I was very apprehensive when he moved up in the company and I was passed to a new recruiter. But I worried for no reason. Monica Hamilton stepped up and she rocks. Very helpful and concerned for her nurses. I would highly recommend Monica to anyone. I am so thankful for my excellent experiences with TNAA and Monica!!!

by Anita Gardner on Travel Nurse Across America

I am finishing my first assignment with TNAA and I have to say "THUMBS UP"! I was traveling with another company who left me hanging at the last minute without a job! I was on vacation at the time and that was a bad phone call to get-I'm without a job. So I called TNAA and received Monica Hamilton as my recruiter. She had me a job lined up in 2 days and I finished my vacation in a relaxed unworried manner. Monica and I hit it off from the beginning. It is like we have been friends for a long time! She is very skilled in her job and she checks on me often. I haven't worried about anything. Traveling has been a dream for me and my husb and for a long time and with Monica's help it has been fantastic! Stepping on board with TNAA was the best decision we have made. Thank you TNAA and thank you Monica Hamilton for being my recruiter and my friend!

I am still new to the travel nursing world, but I have had nothing but great experiences with TNAA. My recruiter Olivia is my "Wonder Woman." She is excellent at reading my personality and helping me choose the best facility for me and my burgeoning skill set in the OR. She "talks me off the ledge," so-to-speak, when I am nervous about starting a new assignment. To her, I am not just a pawn in this business, but she genuinely seems to care and wants to achieve symbiotic success and growth. Any time I reach out for help, she gets back to me, even if it is after regular hours. She went to bat for me when a hospital offered a lower rate, and we obtained the numbers we desired. She gives me the freedom to make all decisions but offers me sage advice when I ask for it. My insurance is free, dental included; however, I do wish eye insurance was included as well. I believe TNAA is a good match for me. They have gotten me to the locations I have wanted/needed, and I will continue to work for them for as long as I can.

by Alex Stiles on Travel Nurse Across America
Workaholic to Vacation

I originally learned about TNAA from a fellow nurse who quit his position at our hospital in Georgia to take an assignment in California. Honestly, I thought the guy was crazy!
"There's no way I could ever do that!" I told myself at the time.

As a father of two small boys, I felt that all my excuses for not travelling were reasonable, but after a while I started to wonder. My wife is a stay-at-home mom to my two sons and home schools them both. As a single income family, I was working full time days and picking up extra nightshifts just to pay the bills. I had no time off and barely saw my kids.

Finally my wife asked me, "Why not? Why not travel? It can't be harder than what we are doing now."
I called TNAA and was connected with Richard Mui. He's been my agent ever since and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. He really listens to everything I say and made a point to find out my dreams and goals - not just as a nurse, but as a family man as well. He took everything I told him and found contracts that would meet both my professional and family goals. Can't ask for more than that!

Now, I work three 12's a week and I feel like I'm on vacation! The pay is more than what I was making before, even with all the overtime I was putting in. I've traveled to places I would never have been able to see otherwise, and I have reconnected with my wife and kids. Two months into the contract and I'm paying off bills that I've owed for years.

Money isn't everything, but if you're the breadwinner trying to make ends meet, travel nursing can be the answer you've been looking for in all those overtime shifts.

Thank you, Richard, and all the staff at TNAA for the chance to be a family man again.

-Alex S.

Awesome Team

Even though I only took one assignment with TNAA, I don't regret taking a chance to do a travel assignment. Rebekah was awesome and supportive throughout the entire process. It was definitely worth it! I made new friends, saw new places and made great memories. If you're interested in traveling but not sure how long you want to do it, I would say try it at least once! You will not regret it!

Rebekah Ghan/TNAA

This is my first assignment with TNAA. I had a love/hate relationship with the recruiter from the previous company that I traveled with. She didn't listen to me and it was like pulling teeth to get the assignment that I wanted. That all changed when I switched to Rebekah and TNAA. Not only does Rebekah listen to me, she follows through with what she says she will do. Not once has she tried to perdiem to take an assignment that I wasn't interested in, which in itself has relieved a lot of stress. In the short time that I have known Rebebkah, I feel as though she is more like a caring sister and not at all like the money hungry recruiters that are out there. I'm hoping to stay with Rebekah for a long time. I highly recommend her and TNAA!!


TNAA is a great company to travel with. I have issues come up and they are always available and helpful in solving problems. My recruiter, Rebekah Ghan, is always available, caring, straight forward and helpful. She figures out what I want and need and does whatever she can to help me get it! I would recommend TNAA, and Rebekah Ghan to anyone!

TNAA Rocks!

I have been with Travel Nurse Across America for over 3 years. I was very nervous about travel nursing when I first got into it, but then I met Olivia and her team. They made the process so easy and streamline and I was never guessing what was next. The benefits, care, information, and the pay were things that really puts TNAA over the top. If you want to travel, this company is top notch and you will never be left in the dark.

TNAA is the best!

When considering travel nursing for the first time, picking an agency/company to travel with can be overwhelming. You wonder, "what makes this agency the best for ME?" While there are many factors to consider, the MOST important (in my opinion) is your relationship with your recruiter! I ask myself, "Do they have MY best interest in mind?" "Do I feel like they have my back if I should need them?" "Do they work hard to find assignments for me, have patience when I change my mind a million times, do they really care?!"
Ive had some crappy recruiters with different agencies in the past that just didnt fit the bill for me. They didnt work hard. They didnt have patience. They didnt care, etc. And because of that, I dropped 'em like a hot potato. But yall, through a referral from another traveling nurse, I found RICHARD MUI with TNAA, and I could NOT be more thankful! Seriously! He has worked hard for me since day ONE! Hes prompt with responses to any and all of my questions. He has the patience of a saint (I change my mind A LOT!)! And, he often calls to check in on ME (not just how my job is going, but ME!). He kicks major butt in the recruiter game!!
TNAA is a great company - There has been no issues for me; Pay is always on time and the benefits and perks are awesome!
If you're thinking about traveling as a first-timer or maybe just looking to switch recruiters/companies, contact Richard Mui. I promise you wont regret it!
Richard, you're the best and I'm stoked that you are MY recruiter!! 🙂

Travel Nurse across America!!

I have been traveling with TNAA for almost 3years now, and have been so pleased with them! I have never had an issue with the company, and if I've ever had an issue on assignment they are quick to help me find a resolution. I have worked with a couple recruiters and they have all been fabulous! I am currently with Rebekah Ghan and she has been so helpful, straight forward, and great with communicating! I would highly recommend TNAA and Rebekah to any fellow traveler.

by Lisa Chapman on Travel Nurse Across America
Loved my experience with TNAA

As a first time traveler I could not have asked for better than Rebekah Ghan, my recruiter with TNAA. There are so many questions and so many uncertainties when you are leaving a permanent position of 15 years and jumping into travel nursing!? I dont think I couldve done it without her advice and kindness she displayed....TNAA is excellent to work with! My paychecks were just as I expected, Lavonia Clemons was very helpful in keeping track of my certifications as well as the other requirements necessary for traveling! She had things scheduled before I even realized I needed it!! Any questions or concerns were addressed quickly...I just cant say enough good things about this company! Thanks Rebekah and TNAA for a great experience!!!

Olivia Carper is everything!!

I have been traveling for almost 2 years now and I can say with great confidence that Olivia Carper is the best recruiter out there. She is always in my corner, being my advocate while I am being an advocate for my patients. She knows my family by name and has our best interest at heart. I trust her judgement and opinions implicitly. ANY issue I have ever had while on the road Olivia has resolved in a quick manner and provided me with the resources I needed. I feel safe but more importantly cared for with Olivia!!

TNAA/ Olivia Carper

I've been with TNAA for over 5 years...primarily because of my awesome recruiter Olivia Carper. Nursing is my business ( 26 yrs ICU) I know it well... and TNAA , from pay, benefits ,housing , ..they have been awesome. I feel secure with my career in Olivia and TNAA's capable h and s.
And I have worked for over 8 years with the biggest travel company to date...they were cold, greedy and incapable ....unlike TNAS

Great experience with TNAA

Just wanted to give a shout out to TNAA. I have been on 3 assignments with them over the last year and a half and have had nothing but great experiences with them. They truly care about me as a person and every single person at the company goes the extra mile for me when I have an issue that needs to be fixed. Thanks for being there for me!

Would not recommend

I have been with them over a year each time new contract convincing myself that the low pay and meager job offerings were worth sticking it out since the grass it isn't always greener. I am so over this company. Last year hounding me to extend and then telling oh by the way there's a big pay decrease. This year losing my housing in the middle of a work week. You are just $$$ to them and nothing else. You've been warned


I am having problems with TNAA right now. Nobody seems to know what is going on in the company. After being threatened by the hospital on multiple issues that were not priorities over patient care, I now cannot even get my paycheck from them. They knew this company was a problem going in and they obviously do not care! What they have lost is a good nurse and will continue to lose more. I share my experiences with EVERYONE! I have been none other than cheated out of multiple hours and time. Do not take an assignment with this company. They are NOT on your side as they like to pretend to be. The recruiters promise this and that and you never see it. Horrible experience!!!

Worst company ever! They are not there after hours, second checks till they can't get it right and it's not deposited on a Friday it will probably have to wait till Monday like last week! And can you get ahold of anyone not even do not work for this company

Going downhill

They are pretty well rounded and offer a lot of benefits, like vacation and sick time. Health and dental are provided, and are mediocre. Certifications are provided or reimbursed. I have been taking contracts with them for almost a year and I was pretty happy at first, but everything has gone downhill over the last few months. Tasha in QA is, as far as I can tell, the only person there anymore who knows her job! She is amazing. My initial recruiter, who I loved, left and my new one is COMPLETELY unresponsive. I just emailed AGAIN to follow up on a $1000 issue that I first contacted her about on 11/22. It not only has not been resolved, she hasn't even communicated with me about it. This is typical now. I will honor my contract, but I won't be accepting any more contracts with them.

Great Experience at TNAA

I had a great experience with TNAA. I would definitely travel with them again.


I've traveled as an ICU RN with TNAA exclusively now for 6+ years. My recruiter Derek is the best. I've never felt pushed into an assignment. If he has heard bad things about a hospital he will steer me away from those assignments regardless of hourly rate. I have both work and personal phone numbers for him and he and the entire TNAA family has been there for me at any hour, on any day. My contract rate and expectations have always been explained to me before agreeing to anything. Yes, sometimes their rate is a little lower than some other companies, but that's mostly due to them following reputable business practices which will keep you out of trouble with the IRS. Not to mention, they offer health insurance, sick time, and a loyalty bank where you bank 50 cents/hour of every hour worked which you can cash out anytime after your one year anniversary I believe. Also, they are a pioneer of an online time keeping system which will hopefully replace all of those pesky time sheets altogether. Granted, they are a growing company with many new employees so you may end up with a recruiter with limited experience which I think may be the cause of some of the poor reviews. However, they seem to be gaining in experience over the past year or so. I look forward to traveling with them for many more years.

Very Bad Travel Company

Bunch of Low life vulchers..Do Not Ever Sign with this Very Unprofessional Company..You will Regret it..Kelly RN, BSN

They SUCK...They Con and Play You..Do Not Ever sign wth them or youll Regret it and get Low Pay

by Victoria Gregg, RN on Travel Nurse Across America
Neat company for the most part.

I traveled 2 assignments with Travel Nurse Across America and was happy with the speed of finding a contract nearby and the pay. They paid me perfectly on time and provided very good housing. The recruiter, Olivia was professional and I would recommend her. For me, I did struggle with getting accurate information for needed immunizations nearby and getting needed answers correctly from the various office staff. That part was frustrating and at the time I wasn't too happy about it. They have a cool program though to travel with the Mercy Ships if a traveler is so inclined. I would travel with them again if given the chance and I think now, I would also recommend them.

Broken Contract

I would give them zero rating. Accepted an assignment in NICU, then found I was actually placed in the float pool, given horrible unsafe assignments in departments I had NO experience in. My orientation to the other areas consisted of the RN telling me "I don't have time to talk to you, I am giving chemo, if I talk I will get messed up." The nurses at the hospital were all foreigners who refused speak English in front of me. When I asked TNAA to support me and have me work in the agreed to department, I got none. My contract was breached by TNAA by not keeping me in the department agreed to in the written contract. I resigned then was billed $1700 by them, which they place on my credit record. There are major problems at the hospital I was assigned to, frequent strikes and some travel nurses have been there for 20 years since the place can't retain nurses. None of this was disclosed to me. I have a blemish on my credit record now and will have to consider contacting an attorney.

by Marcia Davis- Edwards on Travel Nurse Across America
Fear these criminals

The worst company a nurse could ever work for. I wonder who these nurses are that had a good experience. I have done in excess of 50 travel assignments worked in some institution as long as 14 months,I have seen it all. This company makes AMN looks like they deserve sainthood. According to the state laws of NY any terminated contract one will only responsible for lodging and transportation cost. Neither was provided for me so why should pay them? I did not get a trusting attitude even though I knew the recruiter from another company. The company withheld 52 percent of the bill rate. I am paying you more than I do,when I do the work, use my education and experience,plus interview to get the job? As a former recruiter I am aware of how people who have nothing more than high school diplomas use hard working nurses. But, a lot of nurses don't even take the time to underst and the industry in which they work. The ones in these company telling you they are clinicians have zero clue how to physically care for a patient. Physically caring for a patient is what these hospitals are paying for. Most are very hostile towards the travelers because they believe you are really been compensated for your hard work. Met a nurse who took an studio in Harlem and got pay$18 and hour for her labor. This particular facility dumps 13-16 patients on a nurse. Needles to say I would not want her to be a nurse for my cat. She was not able to buy a bicycle to ride around Manhattan. These are some of the reasons why the travel nurses who do a got job appears bad. The patients were short changed because of people who owns hatch and helicopters using a nurse but at the same token nurses are the ones allowing this abuse. How can a nurse take pride in their job when they suffer these types of abuse. Nurses keep in mind that the job cannot be performed if you do not do it,therefore we all need to stop working for companies who have no value for what we do. While these recruiters take 3 vacations per year how much can you afford to take? I


They are a good company with a lot of support. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get an increase in pay when initially negotiating my contract. As an ICU rn, I learned I was underpaid $300/week less than a Med/Surg Rn (with another travel agency) at the hospital I am at. I dislike being paid bi-weekly, not being able to contribute to retirement. This company does not pay the best or near the best. I will be taking my talents elsewhere on my next assignments!

Best agency ever

I am so sorry for all those who have not had good experiences, but I absolutely adore TNAA! I am just finishing my 5th contract with them. The people (housing, QA, recruiter) know me and I am treated like a family member, not like a r and om "customer." Their customer service is phenomenal. My recruiter is April and she is hard working, honest, and persistent when it comes to finding me work! All of the disciplines within the company - clinical, QA, housing, payroll, HR have been unfailingly kind and supportive. They send you a financial sheet that gives you a breakdown of what a certain assignment entails, so there's never any question.
I did some research on agencies before I began traveling, and I feel SO grateful that I went with them.

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