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 22 reviews
by Anonymous on Titan Medical
Still a bad company

Still a bad bad company to work for. So far they have deducted $350 dollars from my paychecks - mind you I have only been there two weeks. Supposedly the travelers have to pay for all on boarding charges, physical, vaccinations, etc. The pay is nothing outstanding so I am actually in the hole. The recruiters are more like used car sales people - all lies and very little truth. Can't wait til the contract is up. Next time I will research the agency much closer.

by jessie on Titan Medical

I was pushed to start asap....I did all the requirements they asked within 3 days. I was professional and polite. They got my name wrong on my flight, so i called and had that corrected. They wrote the contract wrong with the hospital, so i did not have 13 weeks like they told me in my contract, more like less than half of that. They argued and threatened me when I was less than super happy with what happen. They did not apologize and if you call to talk to some of the reps there they are abnormally mean and rude. I decided to stop the contract because the threatening would have just continued and they were dishonest about changing anything. So i paid for the next two months of my apartment, paid for my plane home and returned the car that i essentially paid for and , so I would not recommend this company. Very disrespectful and unprofessional....

by Cathy Tsang on Titan Medical

I told them no thank you that I was employed and they still coninued to call me every few weeks to see how things were going. When I called them to return the call the next day they said the positions they had in mind were filled. Liar. Liar. Liars

by traveler on Titan Medical

they lie about pay, ask to do things at the drop of a dime, put you in bad situations and basically tell you to stick it out. i terminated my contact with them

by Annette on Titan Medical

This company is notorious for sticking potential c and idates for required lab services that they need. Presently filed a claim in small claims court against them for this. They are pathological liars. This company deserves no rating. They are untrustworthy!

by Alex on Titan Medical
Pay Stuf

Does anyone have the web link for where I can go in and look at my pay stub? I've lost it. Thanks.

by Lisa Naquin Armand on Titan Medical
GREAT company!!!

I worked for almost 5 years with Titan Medical- I found them to be on top of it all! I NEVER had a problem getting an assignment, getting my paycheck or getting my holiday pay. I ended up working for them longer than most recruiters! If I were to start traveling again, this is who I would use!

by Pam on Titan Medical

No stars here! They lie and put you in bad situations,housing,pay, and say anything to the hospitals to get their business. Not caring about you at all. Just look at all the reviews and ask yourself how many good ones do you see compared to the bad ones? Spare your self the pain

by Unhappy traveler on Titan Medical
Nurses Beware

They will hound you and get you through the door for any assignment. But read the fine print. You don't get everything stated in their long contract. Only what is on the signature page. They will tell you those other things that were in the 15 to 16 pages written before you sign was just general information and not part of the deal. They don't offer the best OT/Holiday rate either. You have to negotiate that. That's why I will never resign with this company. Nothing but nurse hustlers.

by Marge on Titan Medical

The worst travel experience I've had in my five years of traveling as an RN. They recruited me several times before I was available and decided to give them a chance. BAD DECISION. Their document requirements were cumbersome and more than I'ld ever been asked for. They had me apply and pay for a state license that I ended up not needing and are refusing to reimburse as promised. The first apartment they reserved was 50 miles of congested freeway from the job and the housing coordinator did not recognize the fact, then argued with me when I requested to be housed within ten miles of the job. The apartment was not ready when I got there and reimbursement that was promised for the hotel is disputed. The job was not a good fit and the agency cancelled the contract after the first day. I'm unclear as to the rationale and have been completely unable to get any information from Titan...... no email response and no returned calls. But they want me to pay two weeks on the apartment even though it wasn't even ready until after I left to drive the 1000 miles home. Would I work with Titan again? NO. Would I recommend them to anyone else? NO!!! I found them disorganized, unsupportive and undependable.

by Kim on Titan Medical
Holiday pay

Beware.. the website states that they pay holiday pay if youve worked 30 hrs in the week. Well they dont..its based on the contract with the company. Guess Labor day isnt an approved holiday. But the best part. They take away 25%of your perdiems and allowances due to non worked hours.

by Martha Monserrat on Titan Medical

I have had great experiences with this travel company. I have been with them since 2013. I love Jennifer Galloway and Danielle Otto! I guess it really comes down to what you want in a travel company and what your priorities are when choosing one. I have traveled since 2006 and have some very bad experiences with other companies who I would never consider working for again. They do their very best to make sure I am happy with my assignment and there is no pressure to stay if I'm not happy.

by All good on Titan Medical
New to this

Okay I am on my first contract everything has been wonderful no run around I guess the question is you better be able to know what you are getting in to and read your contracts, this company rocks. My first ever travel nurse position has been a great experience

by CMB on Titan Medical
Liar Liar

Be very afraid to work for this company!!!! If you have money to loose and time to waste..while being sent cross country on your dime never to be reimbursed , lied to, questions not being answered and noone cares whether you can get home or not being!! If you love being given the run around and being lied to and not getting paid this company is for you !!!

by Tenley Newton on Titan Medical
the company from hell

After being recruited by Titan for several years, I finally took a job in Florida doing EEGs. Everything about this experience was bad. The job was misrepresented. The travel terrible. Titan kept pressure on me to get fingerprinted,etc, the day I arrived. The places they sent me either didn't exist or wouldn't do the work. I was up for 24 hours with no food trying to get their stuff done. The condo full of cockroaches, black mold and wife-beating neighbors. Had to go to hotel; not reimbursed (after being told I would be). Fired summarily and had to pay my own way home and was not reimbursed for anything. This 'job' cost me a fortune. They did it to other techs at the same location. Truly unbelievably HORRIBLE experience from start to finish. Work for them only if you are a masochist.

by M Baker on Titan Medical

Last year I had my first travel assignment. I worked with Titan after talking with many, many recruiters. They were personable and straight forward. I am planning another assignment now and looked back over my papers and contract with a seasoned traveler friend. We agreed the contract was generous.

by Echo on Titan Medical

Insurance they offer is terrible no matter how much you pay. Compensation is awful. Communication is often 'miscommunication.'

by M. Cleary on Titan Medical
Good Company

I have completed three contracts w/ this company and I can say as an experienced traveler w/ almost 10 years experience they are on par w/ other companies. I do agree the method of coordinating the RN traveler w/ a specific recruiter depending on the locale of the job is frustrating; and as w/ many other companies; there are "better than others" regarding recruiters, but, if you simply communicate w/ Titan your concerns, I believe they try their best to make you "happy" and that is the bottom line; because some "travelers" just aren't happy and it wouldn't matter who/what/where or when. As far as the complain that a traveler lost their contract; it has ALWAYS been true that contracts are "open-ended" meaning, both the facility and the traveler always maintain the option to leave w/o explination. It has always been this way; and the complaint from a disgruntled traveler only shows the traveler lack of knowledge and experience. I would reccomend Titan to anyone, and as always the caustion to every situation/ every traveler is "communication" is the key. Ask the right questions and ask for what you want. I've not been disappointed so far and this is my second year working w/ them.

by Travel RN 3 on Titan Medical
Not bad

Troubled by all the negative reviews. I am a seasoned traveler and traveled with Titan to Bismarck, ND. They housed me appropriately and I was paid a good wage,on time, and did not have to fight for anything. My recruiter, Leslie, was fabulous. My only complaint is that I didn't get to sign with them again because the traveler doesn't get to keep the same recruiter. They seem to appear to divide the jobs by geography and assign recruiters based on location. Being a seasoned traveler I know that the recruiter can make or break your assignment. I am with a different agency now and am hoping to find my way back to Titan.

by Lisa on Titan Medical
Liars and Cheats

They will tell you that you have a job, you get housing and then they will cancel the contract with no recourse on your end. Their contract states that they can fire you any time with or without cause. How is one supposed to plan their life around that?

by Karen Florence on Titan Medical
Beware of this company

I was pursued by this company only to be sent 1300 miles for a position that I was not qualified for. They misrepresented me to them and the position to me. When the nurse manager and I contacted them together, we were told it was a miscomunication. I did not get reimbursement for any travel expenses or orientation. The staff is very kind but obviously has no medical knowledge re different types of units. They fluffed my resume to the point that it wasn't even me. To make matters worse they continue to try to recruit me for assignments indicating that will make up for the "miscommunication".

by L.C. on Titan Medical
Travel RN

Pretty interesting that this travel company calls hospitals looking for nurses to join their company. Thats bad business.