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 5 reviews
by Corbin on TaleMed
Absolutely the BEST

Talemed is an amazing company. I have been traveling with them for 3.5 years and counting and have been to almost 20 different departments while on assignments with them. When issues have come up on the road they were always supportive and had tons of resources to help me out. I'm not really sure how other commentators can have had such a negative experience but every single person I've interacted with at Talemed has been nothing but friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive. If a recruiter doesn't know an answer off the top of their head they find it for you. They have competitive pay, PTO, retirement, and great reimbursement. After three years of offers from other companies there is a zero percent chance I'll travel with anyone else. If you want to travel, travel with Talemed!

by Cheryl Lang on TaleMed
Inept and Unethical

Friendly at first, then if you have questions or want clarification, they threaten you. They're worse than AMN.

by Jonesy on TaleMed
Recruiters are incompetent

Despite being very friendly the recruiters are incompetent. They are not knowledgeable, provide you inaccurate information regarding your contract & assignment. Big headache. Payroll ALWAYS claimed not to receive my timecard EVERY WEEK, despite being emailed early and or on time. Super annoying. I’ve been a travel nurse for 3 yes and worked with several agencies, this was definitely my least favorite. Save yourself the headache!

by Debbie Mcdaniel on TaleMed
registered nurse

I Studied reviews and followed several nursing blogs for a couple of years before traveling and Talemed had a wonderful completion rating of 99%. No complaints from those employed by Talemed. Liz Maffey is my recruiter and is a dream,any problems, I just let her know and she works it out and takes care of the problem, which have been few, I am on my 2nd assignment - and no regrets!

by Kimber on TaleMed

I chose Talemed because of the reviews I read. I am not disappointed. Kristen, my recruiter, is amazing. Everything I was promised has been delivered. I really feel like I made the best decision when I put my career in their h and s.