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Bait and Switch!

Run from them! I was recruited by them for a nice travel position, but when I agreed to work with them all of a sudden that job was gone but another crappy position was offered!! Luckily I hadn't given my notice at my current job.

Lost wages and time

I was satisfied with Supplemental until my last assignment. The recruiter of the contract agency kept going back and forth on need then finally my recruiter gets confirmation of home health assignment. This was a red flag for me and I communicated this to my recruiter just in case things started to go left. Well, that didn't take very long. The agency began overwheming me with admissions, travel outside of agreed territory, and the clinical manager was less than eager to assist when I had questions regarding computer application for scanning documents. Instead of responding to me she and Director would contact my recruiter regarding MY questions. This is an agency that wouldn't even supply bandaids! I told my recruiter this was highly suspicious behavior for them to arrange a meeting with clinical manager through her, and since they had recently hired a nurse for the territory I was intended to cover I felt like they were looking for a way out of our contract. She didn't think it was anything unusual for them to contact her instead of me to arrange a meeting to answer MY questions. Well, turns out the application was never uploaded to my computer, so agency attempts to make me look incompetent just confirmed my suspicions. Now once clinical leaders learned my recruiter was open to having them contact her directly they continued to call until they obtained enough information to cancel contract. Now prior to this, my recruiter said it was policy that they were only supposed to have direct communication with agency recruiters regarding contract staff, and never with the clinical staff-Directors or Clinical Managers. So when I received a call the following week from the Director accusing me of billing them for time I had not worked, I wasn't surprised. She said I'd only seen 15 patient that week and she wasn't paying me. I told the Director that I'd only submitted time for hours I worked and she needed to call Supplemental with her complaints. According to my contract, I was guaranteed pay for 40 hrs/wk regardless of visits made. Well, I later learned my recruiter had spoken to the Director and given her a breakdown of how Supplemental justifies a 40hr week based on the average of 24 visits/week. So when my recruiter calls me in attempt to verify number of patients I'd seen, I'm confused since I don't make patient assignments and I know I've worked 40hr plus that week. The recruiter tells me "If they don't pay, then we have to pay you!" I said I didn't care who paid as long as I was paid for my time. I then told her to let them know that was my last day working with them. Well long story short, she asked me to see remaining patients that day but I never received pay for all of my time. Supplemental never paid me and I haven't heard from that recruiter since for any work...not that I would have taken the call.

by Deanna Grier on Supplemental Health Care

Absolute worst travel company with whom I have ever worked.... and I have dealt with a few through the years. I took one assignment with them and everything was okay...great hospital, decent but overpriced housing with a ridiculous deposit for a college dorm room), extended because I liked the facility. The trouble all began when I needed to come home and take a per diem assignment for three months. First, my recruiter didn't even want to place me locally because her company (ie SHE) wouldnt make any money. So, she proceeded to send my profile to facilities in areas that weren't safe, hospitals I specifically asked her not to ( and then lied that they must have "found" my profile online somehow). I finally realized she wasn't going to submit to any of the facilities as I had asked because I called to check. I decided to exp and to a couple of nearby states in hopes of getting a decent assignment in a decent area, paying a decent salary. I should have fired her at that point and gone with another company, but against my gut and better judgment, stayed with her.

So, she submits me to five or six hospitals in neighboring states and I hear back from all of the submissions. Funny that I only heard from the local places I asked NOT to be submitted to...makes you go hmmmm. So, I ask her to send me a list of the assignments and what they are paying. My jaw hit the floor when I got the list. I was like, you MUST be kidding..I made more than that at a staff job in my first year out of nursing school in GA. She then told me since she was a "manager" she could work the numbers to get me more money. I was like I sure hope so because those are embarrassing. So, she assures me she can have my weekly bring home at $1300....low, but doable. So, i agree to accept one of the offers. I wait TWO weeks for my contract and keep hearing some lame excuse about the intermediary not pushing it through. I finally had to call the hospital back MYSELF and ask them to get the contract to my recruiter or I would not be able to come. Finally over two weeks later, I get my contract. I call my recruiter back because it indicates my hourly rate is $12....this coming from a recruiter who sat there and told me they would NEVER do anything to put me in jeopardy with the IRS. Excuse me, but I am a BSN with almost 10 years of experience and you really think that will fly since my last hourly was over twice that???

So, then she gets around to telling me the hospital has some required testing pass or fail that she knew nothing about, even though according to her, she currently has another RN at the facility, I ask her to find out what the parameters are and if there is more than one attempt allowed since there is no need for me to spend the time getting the drug screen, all day trip to SC for license, fingerprinting, etc, if I dont have a contract.

Well, in the mean time, she has a personal issue and has been out of the office more than she has been there. No one on her "team" seems to be able to do anything without her. I am trying to get everything resolved and she continues with the nonsense of no response to my questions and /or the wrong information. I was finally like enough already. I sent her an email outlining why I would not be taking the contract. Had she been professional and said fine, move worries. Instead, she chooses to call me names and insult me...then she starts harrassing and bullying. Then, realizing this isn't doing any good, she threatens me. Then, I get a call from her supervisor. I explained the situation to her since she obviously only got one side of the story. I simply told her supervisor that i had no intention of working with them and to please make sure I received my $500 housing deposit back since I have a clear move-out inspection. We'll see how long that takes or if I eventually have to take legal action to get my deposit.

I should have listened to several of my felliw travelers when they told me to steer clear of this shady travel company. NOW I underst and why!!

Consider yourself warned...I wish I had listened!!!!!

Worst ever

Lowest paying company ever, go to Medical Solutions!! Supplemental pays the least out of all agencies! Like 200-400 less a week and NO bonuses cause they say “it’s a waste of funds” what out of their pockets?? Won’t go to bat for you either. Lied and said I had an updated contract for more pay but never in my inbox. Don’t give little gifts like other companies do or perks. They just suck

Surgical Technician

I also wish NO STARS were available to rate this agency. First of all, they LIE LIE LIE to take your money. I was only paid half my rate during “orientation”.... how can you justify giving a veteran over a week and a half of orientation. This is NOT THE NORM.... but when your recruiter can pocket the other half of your salary, it makes dollars...not sense. Also, they say it’s the hospital doing it... NOT TRUE. I spoke to other travelers at Northside Hospital in ATL and they said that they got all their money (not half). I really hope this prestigious institution is not a part of this SCAM. DO NOT sign a contract with Supplemental Healthcare. They are only interested in profiting off of your expertise... even if it crosses the line! RUN

by Charlotte on Supplemental Health Care

One star because no stars is not an option:
Bald-faced liars! Promised a specific hourly rate, and schedule. After interviewing, and getting the position, recruiter called and said, "Get a pen and let's go over the specifics of your contract." My shift, and days were nothing like I was promised. When he got to the hourly rate, it was more than $20 less than I was promised. When asked why, stated, "That was the rate the a staff employee would have to make to bring home what you will." First of all, if you're MY recruiter, and trusted to handle my career, why would you not clearly tell me that prior to an interview? Secondly, if you're going to lie, at least say something remotely believable. Also took over 3 weeks to get me the interview. I believe it's a tactic to get nurses to leave their current jobs, then lowball their offer, knowing the nurse needs work. Fortunately, it didn't work with me. Along with the reduced rate contract, they said I needed to turn in other paperwork and certifications. They must have called me 50 times to see if I'd sign the contract. Enjoyed just letting the phone ring and wasting their time, just as they did mine. Read another review here that said the recruiters were used care salespeople. Yes! I had the exact same feeling when talking to my recruiter. Also thought he may have had a history in timeshare vacation telemarketing. The lies... so weak, and plentiful. When questioned, they become defensive, and attempt to overtalk or fast talk you. You won't have to listen very hard or long to hear the hissing because they can hardly hide what snakes they are. I'd rather collect cans from dumpsters than work for them. There are many agencies, and every single one of them is better than Supplemental Health Care.

by Roger Thomas on Supplemental Health Care

I worked a hospital contract for this company. I was let go from the position about 7 weeks into the contract. I don't feel like I did anything wrong or malicious, I believe it's the fact that the charge nurse that I worked with seemingly every night did not get along with me or any of the other nurses, especially Travellers. Anyway comma after I was let go, this company decided to keep almost all of my money they only pay me for the hourly wage because they couldn't keep that apparently, but they kept all of my stipend so I lost somewhere around $1200. I work probably 12 total contracts for different agencies and I have been let go from one other contract, but basically I think it's because I would not renew for 6 months, bottom line is this company is the only company I have ever encountered that would not pay me my final check they kept the majority of it, I didn't even think this was possible for a travel nurse company to do so, watch out for these people!


Only giving one star because zero isn't an option. I can see a pattern here with the buffalo Ny office as I had taken a contract from them. The manager there is a slime bag. Hence why his recruiters are. Long story short they didn't pay me for all my hours worked on my last check. When I told them they said they were waiting for the hospital to verify the hours. This was two weeks ago and still waiting. I guess they think I am stupid. They aren't going to pay me. And it was for time I worked!!! So if u want to work for free this sounds like the company to work for!

Don't work for this company!

I absolutely loved this company until they decided not to pay me. I faxed my time sheet in a timely manner and also my recruiter Jonathan Bleifuss, NY acknowledged my e-mail. I know this was done intentionally because I'm always on top of getting a paycheck. I can't believe that they would treat a employee like this, especially when I strive to do my best on each and every assignment. No love for employees at Supplemental Health Care;/

Mixed Feelings

Took prison assignments with them for a few years full time. The flexibility was nice, but they only kept me in prison assignments. At times I asked for something different or to get something closer to home without much acknowledgement of my request until their client began dropping a massive amount of contracts. Even after the small scare tactic from the client to get agency to sign with them, agency nurses were being reassigned and everything was back to usual. Some of the prisons you get sent to and the people you work with are not the greatest of preference and less than ideal, but it is not Supplementals fault. It is the nature of the business, and I understood the relationship I had with them. It is what it is and I moved on from it.

Registered nurse

Do not work for this company there's no support and when you are lied about they take the hospitals side they stole my earned points because they claimed termination of employment meant you would lose all. You have been warned


This company is horrible. The sent me to a hospital who was knee deep in CMS fraud. The departmental processes put our RN licenses in serious jeopardy. When we brought this to Supplemental's attention, they did nothing. When one of us decided pushed it with the hospital, they fired her and then Supplemental withheld $1500 from her last paycheck. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. EVER.

Poor Communication/Treatening Behavior

This agency is very difficult to communicate with. I would attempt to contact them with questions or concerns and they rarely got back with me once I was on assignment. My concerns were never addressed. I needed to break my contract due to severe illness in my immediate family and they have threatened to sue me for $4,000. Now THEY contact me every day with threats. DO NOT sign with this agency!

by Jill Pabsg on Supplemental Health Care
Orientation not paid

I did one assignment with Supplemental. I did not know that my orientation was not paid at my contracted rate until I got my first paycheck. They say that's how it works because the hospital will not pay them their contracted amount. I don't know if that's true or not. I would get clarity in your contract about orientation pay

by Judy Solar on Supplemental Health Care

This is my first travel assignment and I wanted to go to the Big Isl and of Hawai'i. My recruiter Diana Parks was wonderful! Helped me all the way! The staff there is helpful too! I am glad I went with them especially since I had no idea how to get started! I'm living my dream and helping the wonderful people on Hawai'i to have babies!! Aloha!!!


Get your health insurance information such as, start and stop dates in your contract. The recruiter reassures you that the health coverage is great however they are in disconnect from their human resources. I went almost two months without health insurance and was reassured by my recruiter that I was covered. Finally I had an MD appointment and pushed for the paperwork Ooops...HR forgot to sign me up. If you take time off between assignments that is more then two weeks you are canceled from the insurance. When you start working again you are not entitled to the quick coverage you are supposed to get the first time you are hired. Not only that they start and end their insurance in the middle of the month so you end up paying an extra 2 months of COBRA to cover the two weeks you are not covered by them at both ends of the contract. Also when my last assignment ended I asked for clarification about my health coverage. It's been two months and still no one can seem to give me a straight answer. They then tried to tell me it was my job to notify HR to send the COBRA paperwork out when my contract ended. Seriously??? This is not my first pony ride. Supplemental recruiters and their HR department need to have some serious meetings to fix these mistakes. Unless you have your own insurance I would suggest you look for a different company.

Worst travel company

Please take my advice and go with another company. Many of them have used car salespeople for recruiters, so make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing UP FRONT!! Supplemental is the worst i have dealt with in five years as a traveler....slimy, lying recruiters who will not only try to cheat you out of your hard-earned money, but when you refuse to take a contract with them, they harrass, bully and threaten. If that doesnt work, then they attempt to blackball you within the travel industry.

Take my advice and go with a different company!! I had three other travelers try to talk me out of using this company....I really do wish I had listened to them! Horrible experience!

by oldiegoldieLVN on Supplemental Health Care
don't do it!!

They lie....When you call their h and on a lie, they back up and take a new route. In Texas, they will try like mad to get you into a prison job, and then won't give you any other offers except other state prisons. If you try this company, get everything, and I mean EVERYthing, in writing. They once told me I HAD to stay another 2 weeks after my 30 day contract was up, and when I read the contract dates to them, they said that didn't matter as it was up to the needs. I said great, that essentially renders their contract null and void and I was out of there. A contract is a contract. Duh. Use a different company. Any company. Walmart is a better employer.....

experience with ny

i have been lucky and had great assignments with supplemental. had to be out sick and got stipend. they don't try to call me daily to "just talk"

by Dedicated Nurse on Supplemental Health Care

Lots of Lies told !!! recruiters underpay the nurses and keep the rest. Dont sign with Dallas Office. I would highly recommend F-Worth nicer recruiters. Please stay FAR from dallas office you are not paid what your are worth!


Angelo LaBruno is a liar. He tells you all he can do for you and then disappears and doesn't answer any calls or emails. He falsely leads you to think he has your back but doesn't. Stay far away!'

by Stay away Nurses on Supplemental Health Care
cancelled assignment

I had to cancel an assignment due to personal family issures and they want to charge me $2,000.00 while not even starting assignment! Anyone ever have this happen? I think it is absurd. I wanted to give a notice of unavailablility and they want to punish me. Its better than not showing up at all!

by J. Phillips on Supplemental Health Care
Be Careful

I was legitimately sick and sent home from work on two occasions- no big deal, as I expected my pay was docked for missed shift and housing, but lo and behold I find out four months later they had cancelled my HEALTH INSURANCE. So a doctor's visit that I even had pre-authorized is now mine to pay. The manager Brian Hiam says "Oh didn't you get the Cobra forms, they usually get mailed about a month after insurance ends." So helpful considering that is when my insurance was supposed to end anyway! Ridiculous. Poor communication. Deceitful. Will definitely not work with them again. Wondering if this is even legal.

Stay away!

This agency is the worst! The only reason they get one star is because I have no choice. My recruiter Diana Mendez in Dallas is the worst!! First off, it started with me coming to a assignment with guaranted hours . You know what happen? I get here and it isn't true . After asking her how this happen. She swore she wasn't aware ? Most recently we literally argued back and forth on the phone that I was suppose to be getting paid on call pay. She told me no. Long behold I spoke with the hospital and they told me I should be getting paid and my agency bills them. Once I asked her, she somehow was able to make the changes. I can go on and on! Don't even bother ! Trust me

by Lorrie Coulson on Supplemental Health Care
Travel RN

Deceitful tactics to lure you in by promises they will not deliver. Robert Smith from Buffalo NY location is a recruiter to run away from. He contacted me promising he could get me an interview in St Louis although I did not have a current CPI - I explained that my recruiter could not. He said he could, so I agreed. I alerted my recruiter we both were skeptical . Oh yes indeed the interview went well I was offered the job on the phone. I explained to nurse manager that I did not have current CPI she offered etc. So then I am provided with contract next day and I reviewed and sent back explaining that I could not sign without several corrections and including the CPI I was promised. He then calls to explain that they do not issue individual contracts they issue st and ard and he can agree in email to my addendum. Another day elapsed and I got on phone to explain I needed date and addendum to contract and CPI. He then started saying that it might be a little later start date considering he thought I would get my CPI?"@$ I explained that I never agreed to any such certification , why would I .. Some companies provide it. Then I logged onto profile with Supplemental ... Oh it was clear " someone had put on my profile that I had current CPI... I called him and asked who did this? He said that it was common practice to put expected date. I explained to him that was deceitful and he had not delivered on anything but wasted my time 2 weeks in distracting from real recruiters that could deliver a solid position. I have not heard from him since. My recruiter with Medical Solutions is currently working to see if we can somehow resolve this issue as I wanted to work this unit. I have already applied for MO license... Ugh he needs to be avoided...

by Melanie Heine on Supplemental Health Care

This company sucks! They lie to you and never follow through! I would definitely not recommend this company to my worst enemy!