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by Karen Friend on RN Network

I've worked with RN Network for the past year. I've worked with them in the past as well. My recruiter is Chris. He has always been there for me he even helped me get out of a horrible situation once. Always has gotten me the best pay possible. I can't speak to how the other recruiters are but Chris won't even let his company do you wrong. He's awesome.

by Brown on RN Network
RN Traveler

So far I have had nothing but great service from RN Net-Work and my recruiter is great. No issues no concerns pay is decent, and yes I do receive my stipend as promised. Natalie is wonderful

by New Traveler on RN Network

Last December I accepted an assignment that was to start in January. My first recruiter was so nice. After I submitted interest she called me within an hour and we talked on the phone for over 30 minutes. She got to know me, what I wanted out of a travel assignment, and it was great to know that a recruiter could be so personal without seeming pushy. When the time came for the interview for the January job I spoke with the manager for the unit. We talked about what would be expected of me as a traveler, I asked him questions, and it seemed great. The only issue was I was looking for 10- or 12-hour shifts. I spoke with the manager and we agreed on 4 shifts. I thought it was clear that I would be working 4 10 hour shifts rather than 4 8-hour shifts. I immediately called my recruiter and told her what the manager and I had discussed, but when I got the contract emailed to me it was for 4 8-hour shifts. It worked out for me because I was going to be working a different shift than I was used to, it was my first assignment, and I was in the middle of my RN-TO-BSN program. Fewer hours was better for me, but the communication was not what I had hoped for. Everything else was great! There have been some changes in recruiters so I have spoken to a total of 4 recruiters (Lindsey, Gina, Erik, and a former recruiter) at RNnetwork and all 4 have been super attentive, nice, and seem to genuinely care about their nurses. I would have given 3 stars for lack of communication/miscommunication, but the fact that the recruiters would listen patiently while I voiced my concerns and would check in with me often for me made up for that. My advice: tell your recruiter exactly what you want and have them call you or email you the plan before signing the agreement/contract. I am new, errors were made, but we all learn from them. Good luck with your search!

by Sandy Keppinger on RN Network

I was new to travel nursing and inquired online. My phone rang and rang from several companies within 2 minutes. I spent a couple weeks feeling out pay, jobs, etc. i decided to go with rnnetwork because I felt they had decent pay and honestly answered my questions in the easiest way. I am now about to start my 3rd assignment in North Carolina and couldn’t be happier. I Highly recommend but be ready for a lot of paperwork! My recruiter is Chuck and assistant Jen.

by ED RN on RN Network

I have worked two assignments with this company. My recruiter was always nice, but little did I know she was hustling to screw me over for pay/travel stipend. The bottom line for the company is all that matters to RN Network. I was required to take an online Stroke Cert and told RN Network that they would need to reimburse me. Credentialing called me and told me that they weren't going to pay and told me that once I have it, I have it for other assn. I told them that if I need it for this one, they're paying. Then she told me they'd pay half. I told her all or no deal (it was $20). She said, "fine, you want $20? We'll give you the $20!" and then she hung up on me. I did not realize until I was into my 2nd assn with them that they had neglected to pay me the travel stipend. I looked at my contract for the 2nd assn and guess what? No travel stipend. When I called my recruiter she told me she thought it was understood that I'd get more hourly if I didn't take the travel. Ummm... no. That was never discussed. My bad for not realizing the first time around that they are shady. Then when on my 2nd assn, I found out other travelers with other companies were making a lot more than I was AND getting housing.

Do not use this company!

by Dennis. on RN Network
RN network.

this will be my 4th assignment with the company, I can see where things can get hectic with all the paper work, but other then that I have had a really good experience with the entire crew at RNN. Anytime I Email an issue or call about an issue it normally takes maybe 2 to 3 hours for an answer or a follow up phone call.(Let me tell you the poor person who has to deal with me every week in payroll is a god send, as much problems I give her in forgetting things or not signing the sheet she still keeps her cool about things I am very thankful for her.) In fact, they call me maybe once every week or 2 weeks just to check up on things. I haven't used their insurance yet so I have no feedback on that. I have been lucky so far to find my own housing cheaper then what they offer (With RNN help) If yall want these peoples names, or references to them, let me know, I will be more then happy to give you examples of how well I have been treated with this company.

by RN DIVA on RN Network
Very dishonest has no intergrity

I would not recommend at all Chuck attempts to be very intimdating and Leslie his boss, cacks him up on everything he says. Rn NetWork is not working for us as Nurses, they work withe hospital. still 3 weeks later I am awaiting (2 weeks of pay). I am about to take legal actions.

by Rita on RN Network

Wow. I just finished at Broward General in Fort Lauderdale. I have worked with rnnetwork for 7 years. Some of the stuff I am reading below is flat out ridiculous. I visited their office in Boca and met Stacey Richards, Chuck, Eric and Steve. Very nice people and strong company in my opinion. I like a recruiter that gets me a job, im not necessarily looking for a new best friend. Maybe its time to put your big boy pants on and let them do what they do best. Im headed to Sebastian.

by NB,RN on RN Network
No Support when facility doesn't honor your contract

I have traveled before with different companies. I've had great and horrible experiences, depending on facility and their attitudes towards travelers. It always amazes me when a facility requests travelers, but then treats them with no respect. This is my 4th assignment with RNNetwork. I had a few kinks with my previous assignments, but they were worked out. It takes a lot of flexibility and you have to pick your battles, so to speak. I have filled my recruiter in on the fact that the scheduler at my present assignment is VERY rude and won't honor my contract, in fact all the travelers have had problems. What does that tell you?? In my phone interview, I told the facility I don't work 8 hour shifts and they said okay to 12s. My contract was drawn up and states 12 hour night shifts. The problem is, the scheduler is giving me 8 hour shifts, really doing whatever she wants with my schedule, and one time, not even enough for 36 hours, which I think she would have continued but I complained and at least put a stop to that. She has created bad feelings between another traveler and myself, because the other traveler is angry at me now for what she says as not getting her shifts. The stress is unbelievable!! Maybe my recruiter can't control everything that happens on an assignment, and I underst and that, but it is imperative to me that she back me up, especially where my contract is concerned. Otherwise, why do we even have one? I have asked questions, I have sent emails, I have made phone calls to both the facility and my recruiter many times. Only to be left st and ing by myself. I have asked that since the facility insists on breaching my contract, that I be able to leave the assignment, but RNNetwork says we would have to give professional notice, even though the facility did not give me notice when they changed my shifts. I still have one month left, which is a lifetime at a bad, stressful facility. But RNNetwork says, it's not so bad. I know now that this company does not see me as a person, but only sees $$$$. Please don't go with this company if you need support when your contract isn't honored. You won't get it. I have no respect now for this company.

by DM on RN Network
Unhappy Traveler

Stay away!!! Chuck Klee is great at getting you jobs but he is also great at stealing your money. He is about the shadiest person I have ever come in contact with. He wheels and deals with his friends from other agencies in the background, stealing your referral bonuses when he did nothing to get you the assignment. The longer you stay with him, the more complacent and lazier he gets. Once you take an assignment with him, he doesn't come crawling around until it is time for you to extend or get another assignment. If I were you, do yourself a favor and stay far away from him!!

by Catherine on RN Network
Go somewhere else

I was with them for my first assignment. My recruiter seemed great...until the credentialing process and as my assignment grew closer. Then, I was stuck talking to multiple people, including her assistants. As if the credentialing process wasn't repetitive enough, I was now repeating myself several times to different people. A few days before I was supposed to move, all of my paperwork was somehow lost. Fortunately they found it, but it included my credentialing paperwork (it was all on the computer), and they acted like it wasn't a big deal...even though I would have had to do it over again!! Once I started my assignment, I was on my own. They went ghost on me...until my recruiter called to tell me that the hospital I was at was cutting me! The gave them a reason, and it was absolutely ridiculous; I wasn't the only traveler that was cut, but at least the other agencies went to bat for their nurses. RNnetwork did not fight for me. I was just out of a job. My two cents is to stay away. There are a lot of other options if you want to travel.

by Derek on RN Network
Worst experience of my life!

Avoid this horrible, lying company at all costs. They are only out to skim your wages, put you in sleazy, cockroach infested housing, will not support you in any way. Travel nursing is,a big scam. No temp to perm opportunities, just misery and heartache. RN Network sucks! Do your homework and read how they screwed almost every single nurse. Nothing good to say about this sleazy company!

by David on RN Network
Horrible company!

Souless, heartless group of used car salesman pimping your nursing degree. Worst working experience of my life. The lie at every turn, place you at sub st and ard facilities designed to ear you up and spit you out! Save your career, avoid all temp nursing and especially RnNetwok!! Absolutes theives and liars!!!

by A J on RN Network

Low pay and dishonesty, go somewhere else!

by Ashley Cannon on RN Network
Good experience so far

I am currently on my 3rd assignment with RNN and have been please so far. Are they perfect, no.. Some things are a bit repetitive, but Michelle has always been wonderful in helping me with anything I needed while finding or during my assignments. MOST everyone I've worked with at RNN has been very pleasant and helpful.

by Ashley Frank on RN Network

I have been a nurse for over 6 years, I was a float at a level trama center for vast part of my career, where I got to experience the every ICU, step down, even psych, was a daisy award winner, and respected by my peers, superiors, doctors and vise versa. Love stepped in and took me to a new city within my state, I did assignments on and off, and after my love proposed, so started the wedding planning, cutting to the chase... I needed to work, and fast, as getting married no matter how you spin is not cheap, so a perm position at this juncture of my life was out of the question. I got a call from a fabulous recruiter by the name of Ashlinn, and she got me placed within the week... Sadly she found her dream job and I got switched to another recruiter, she was unprofessional, sounded generally annoyed whenever I would call with a question and then she was promoted, and I got a third recruiter. She called me ONCE. The credentialing process is the most tedious, redundant, repetitive, ridiculous process I've ever been through. Every staff member has an assistant, so you're constantly repeating yourself, they told me the Friday before I started my job that I needed another reference after I had already met their quota of two… Which were so great that my initial recruiter literally sent it to me and referred to it as "glowing". In a panic I called the after hours line, was called by a rude manager, and by a drunk recruiter (the second after Ashlinn left) drunk at a bar, as it was Memorial Day weekend, and she said that it would work out... Turns out it was a comminicAtion gap, but I sweating it all weekend, why the RN Network was living it up. They continually told me that the process was rather quick as far as credentialing goes and each day they added something new to the list, I had to take a few test, the site went down and I had to take the test again… But it doesn't stop there, as they forgot to reassign all three test that I needed to take yet again. My plan was to finish the final touches on my wedding party starting my assignment to pay for my wedding, unfortunately unable to do so as I had to do something for the credentialing aspect every. Single. Day. To add insult to injury, my assignment was cut short due the most unfathomable, erroneous circumstances I've ever heard of… I literally felt that my passion as a nurse is being sucked out of me by corporate America who seems to only care about money and not about people, I am a nurse because I am truly compassionate about my patients. So needless to say recruiter number three knew that I needed to find a new position immediately she said she was looking, it's been three weeks and I presume she still looking because I've literally not heard a word from her. The only reason I give it one star is because the fabulous Miss Genina, (payroll), I noted in previous reviews that people say they got paid on time, let's probably because she is amazing, she actually sent me an apology over the situation as even she knew it was ridiculous, I ended up turning in my resignation to her as I could not get my recruiter to call me back or return my emails… This would be recruiter number three as my second recruiter somehow got a promotion. Fortunately I decided just to take a permanent position and they had mercy on my situation, and are allowing me the time off I need for my wedding, it was set up by a recruiter for a different company… With nothing in it for her, she had called me during my assignment but I was in with the RN Network, and when I didn't hear back from her she wanted to place me or my talents could truly be utilized, she gets no commission no credit for the referral she just helped a nurse out and need, props to this person, props to miss Janin and when I didn't hear back from her she wanted to place me or my talents could truly be utilized, she gets no commission no credit for the referral she just helped a nurse out and need, props to this person, props to miss Genina! To every other single person who works at RN network, The only reason you have jobs is because of the nurses, see you may want to put your aces and places and get your priorities straight. This is by far the worst company I've ever worked for, and I've worked for other agencies in the past and I've never felt so disrespected, neglected, and literally just like I was a $, and when my contract is terminated I apparently became obsolete to the company that I spent two months preparing for… I had every intention to do an additional Simon after my honeymoon, as I never wanted to go through that process again… Thank God I'm at the angel who got me the job I have now, if you like to be treated like a human being… I would suggest going with a different agency… MSO is a fabulous agency, the other I worked for is localized to my area only, but safe yourself some time and money and do not work here. Oh! Almost forgot to mention this, the extended-stay they try to place me in as the hospital was over an hour away from my home, was in the most ghetto part of town, with the highest crime rate, I am a young single woman and they literally put me in harms way… I never got to tell them the story but there was literally a shooting as I was pulling into the parking lot, so I pulled out and stayed at my aunts house who still lived over a half hour away from the hospital. The reason for my termination? My gr and mother had died, and the hospital said I was too distracted to work, even though I could single-h and edly save three lives one of which he was not breathing when she came to me from the ER… But they are in network didn't care to come to my defense as I'm sure they didn't want to lose the contract with the hospital. I will not bash the hospital, as I think that this is specific to the unit I particularly worked on as I have friends who work in this hospital, and are treated well, and a warned me to stay away from the unit I was working on. RN network does not care about you, your life, and basically told me as agency nurse that taking one day off for a death in the family, is pretty much unacceptable. I would wish this company on my worst enemy... Even though I don't have any. MIC DROP

by RN traveler on RN Network

At first, I had a wonderful recruiter. He was awesome and i was sad to know he left RNnetwork and i would no longer be able to work with him. Then I was placed with Stacey Richards. Stacey is a horrible recruiter with no respect for the nurses she works with. She lies,is manipulative, and clearly in it for her own satification and greed. Decent company.... BUT STAY AWAY FROM STACEY RICHARDS!

by Michelle on RN Network

On my very first travel assignment i used this company. I decided to opt out of their housing options to ensure a higher hourly rate. Which would have been 11.00/hourly. What they didnt mention was that i was to be working in the most unsafe area of the city where my hotel was broken into and everything stolen. Credit cards, cash, car keys, drivers license, computer.... when i got in touch with them after jetting out of there as fast as humanly possible they would not believe me. Basically calling me a liar. I had to actually show them a police report to back my story. They do not back their employees safety nor do they care if your hurt or scared. I mentioned my serious concerns about both the hospital and the neighborhood before my start date and they told me to stick it out lest they get fined.

by Jenn on RN Network
Great company!

I have traveled with many companies in 20 years of intermittent traveling. RN Network is one of the best. Always paid on time, always heard from my recruiter. Maybe the credentialing dept is repetitive, I didn't notice anything significant, then again I was jumping back into travel after taking some time off. My recruiter, Kristen Stanfield, is fabulous. I just love her. Always professional, supportive, and timely.

by Blythe on RN Network

Thank you all for such interesting reviews and your perspectives. Some gave me a good chuckle! To those who have had a bad experience, I truly share empathy as I have had some nightmare jobs myself but as you may already know, that's life! And life is what we make it. Can I say that RNnetwork is a "perfect" company? Well of course not, and I am neither a "perfect" person...but out of the scores of people I have worked with over the span of my healthcare career, RNnetwork staff have been ranked in my book the kindest, dedicated, and most attentive to my needs and requests. So for me, I say hats off to Samantha, Jackie, Tania, and everyone else there working as hard as we nurses do! I have had ( and still having) an awesome time traveling for RNnetwork!

by Patty Hilario on RN Network

This company sucks! They called me to recruit me, I summitted all the paperwork and my credentials and they called me back all excited saying that they had a position for me at a near by hospital and after that I never heard from them. Till this day I'm still waiting for them to call me, not that I want to work for them, but at least to see if they're leggit. Go somewhere else please.

by Patricia Moss on RN Network

Have been working with RNNetwork for 18 months. I am overall satisfied with the company's representation of me. They work for me, I work for them. My recruiter, Rachel, is a real person that has taken time to know me. I have returned that honor. Any disappointment or aggravation with situations can be traced back to ground zero...facilities and their policies and staff. As a travel nurse, I must realize that I am at facility to be a b and aid on a hemorrhage. 'Things' will not be great all around...if I truthfully search myself, I realize that it is not a bad gig. I also calm myself with 2 important mantras. #1 This too shall pass (in 13 weeks). #2 God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can. Wisdom to know the difference.
RNNetwork is all right with me.

by Happy camper on RN Network

I see there is a complaint on here about credentialing dept. I will agree a lot of double paperwork. But i now send all those forms through the recruiter and leave to the recruiter to be resposible. A great company and Dorothy is the bomb. I am now 4 straight years with them.

by cst on RN Network
surg tech

Great company! Always paid on time. And they care! Michele is excellent and stipend is too!

by New to travel...Pam Bartow on RN Network

I have been pleased with this company so far. Very upfront, follow through great. When my first contract fell through from the hospital side, my recruiter's (Diedra)supervisor called me...talked me down from my frantic state as I had just quit my full time job. They worked their butts off and I had amother, better contract lined up. It started 2 weeks lwter, but they have kept in constant touch with me. Diedra is the best. I'd refer this company to anyone.

by Jennifer on RN Network
Bad experience

I'm a new traveller and this was my first assignment. I told my recruiter that i was ready and wanted to know the pay package but she won't give me and summited me. oh well no problem. Interview went good and she she told me how much i would be making which is very low, less than what i was making already at home. I negotiated and she only increased my overtime. I don't want my OT Increase? I don't plan to work overtime. I wasn't happy about it but i let it slide. Now i want to start looking for my next assignment and I am having problem with her emailing or telling me the pay package ; she won't and keep telling me it will be more than I make now! I don't care let me make my own decision. She submitted me to 4 different hospitals with me not knowing the pay and WONT let me know about how much I will be making. Very annoying that she does whatever she feels and doesn't listen even though I told her to let me know the amount. RN networks don't let you know what you going be making and new travelers get screwed. STAY AWAY!!!!

by recent victim on RN Network
Rn traveler

Worst experience ever. Credentialing dept....worst ever,put your rollar skates on and prepare for the migraine headache. Very inefficient and full of fuckery!!

by Clark on RN Network
You must be a new traveler

I have been a traveler for over 8 years and worked for a couple companies and I must say that they are solid. I am currently on my 6th assignment with them, currently in North Carolina. I see why they are rated on fortunes top 100 to work for. I am a happy traveler and know that it can be hard. Best of luck.

by SETH on RN Network

This is the worse place to ever work for. Stacey Richards is a liar and
mean spirited person. DONOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.

by travel nurse on RN Network
unethical company

This is not the company you want to be working for-everything is for the client and the money. The company will never back you up. Low hourly wage and no completion bonus. My recruiter never call to check in on me and asked me how things were going. I believe the company put me in a bad situation that they knew about just to make money. Look for a better travel agency if you want tp proactive your license and reputation. You can get another job but never another license. Never again will use this agency.

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