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Location: Jacksonville Beach, FL

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I give them no star. Low ball pay. I never signed a contract to work for a facility and so they say I will be black balled from 64 facilities. Then they lie and say they have it in writing. Please don't threaten me. That doesn't sit well with me.

by Elizabeth on PPR Healthcare Staffing

I have completed 2 assignments with PPR and plan to stick with them! My recruiter Stephanie Ratchford has my best interests at heart and always listens to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her and PPR to any nurse!

Great experience so far!

I'm on my fourth contract with PPR, and I'm having a really good experience so far. My recruiter is Dayna, and she's always easy to get a hold of, and is very helpful and nice. I get a card and gift card at the start of every new contract, and got one on my birthday. Just a thoughtful nice touch. I plan on staying with them for a while! Sorry to see so many bad reviews on here. I've always been compensated fairly with my pay packages and they have been open to negotiation within reason.

by Cherri Hall on PPR Healthcare Staffing

Very very unreliable! My "recruiter" Jessica submitted me to one assignment and then never got back with me for a month. I tried calling her several times to touch base to no avail. Finally she calls me this week and quickly states "obviously that job is closed but would you like to submit to a few other assignments - not in my specialty of course- I tell her I will consider it and she agrees to call today to weigh in. Do you think she called? Of course not! Feel like I've wasted a whole season waiting on a truly iunreliable company and recruiter!

Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this company for any reason. The only thing the recruiters have is plenty of attitude. I asked to switch, and got attitude from the second one too. If you don't answer your phone within 30 minutes you get a nasty email. And their pay packages are the lowest I've seen! Stay far far away.


They give lots of excuses for low pay. Don't waste your time.

Best Company Ever

I have absolutely enjoyed my contract with PPR. My agent, Paige, has worked wonders for me. She took me on after I dropped my first company and she has taken great care of me. The company had me onboarded at my hospital and ready to work in 2 weeks! People from every department has called to check on me during my contract. I had one little issue with my hourly pay and they had it fixed in 3 days.

I could not ask for a better agency.

by Catherine on PPR Healthcare Staffing
PPR review

Bad company. Disorganized often. Limited jobs. Low ball pay. Did not offer pay break down when signing new contract. Ended up making a lot less. Also the recruiter I was with was very cranky and came off as a mean girl at times. I don't recommend them at all. Unpleasant customer service.

Not a happy traveler

I just did one and possibly only one assignment with this company. My recruiter was nice. What I didn't appreciate was the fact that I was not reimbursed for my travel home from my assignment. I am used to companies that reimburse you to your assignment at the beginning and then reimburse you on you way home from your assignment at the end. I did not need reimbursement to my assignment when I started because I was already doing a contract in that city. However I was not forewarned at the beginning of my assignment that if I needed travel reimbursement for my trip home I had to let them know then. So once my assignment was done and I had to drive all the way from Colorado back to Alabama I asked how to go about getting my travel reimbursement and was basically told sorry you would have had to get all that at the beginning. Nothing that can be done? Really?

by Claire Dumas on PPR Healthcare Staffing
Awesome Travel Company

PPR has been a fantastic! I have been traveling with them for a year and I have no complaints. My recruiter has worked with me to accommodate my every need and has been in contact with me in a timely manner. I stay with PPR because they make you feel like family. I have talked with other nurses who work for other companies with horror stories about their assignment or their recruiter. I have never had a bad experience and I enjoy the small company feel. I have even had the opportunity to meet some of the PPR staff members in Denver and they were awesome! I don't see myself working with anyone else and I have been fortunate to work with such an amazing company!!

by Carolyn Hernandez on PPR Healthcare Staffing

I've traveled for 7 years. Have worked several agencies. They are one of the best. Fair wages, gave me an advance when I had no money to move. And of course they're in it to win it and need to make their money and the hospital happy. That's what they do. I've worked for others that..... yes paid so much more, but their Insurence sucked, might as well not have it......& communication, service and perks were zero. Lindsay was my recruiter.

Less than stellar, or maybe just my recruiter

by RHODALYYN on PPR Healthcare Staffing

If u want to feel worthless and do not care about making competitive salary, this is the company to sign up for. I learned during orientation that all other nurses from many different agencies are making $1000/week (yes! per week!) than what PPR offered me. I was stupid , did not know any better because it was my first travel assignment. That low ball offer comes with no benefits bec I declined health insurance. Other nurses even get some perks such as flight tix, completion bonus etc on top of already good pay. They were nice and always available to talk to in the beginning until they know that figured I already know how I was taken advantaged of. Actually they have some kind of explanation but $13,000 difference in a 13 week contract is way too much and unreasonable. I searched their CEO and found him in LinkedIn. He was nice to respond to me but could not do anything about my request to adjust my compensation based of community rate. I did not even ask to get the same as the other nurses. I asked to meet in the middle and get $500/week more but I guess they have so many executives and people to divide the fruits of my hard work. Very disappointed and Im so unhappy to go to work knowing I get paid so little nearly half of what other travel nurses in the same facility make. I'm thinking of breaking away from my contract. Please be wise when choosing agency and assignment. Pls do your research.

I have traveled with PPR for almost a year now. My recruiter, Lindsay, has always gone above and beyond to ensure that I am finding the best possible contract based on my (sometimes extensive) requests. She also ensures that I am treated and compensated fairly. I don't plan on traveling with anyone else!

by Kathy Birt on PPR Healthcare Staffing
no problems at all;great experience

I have just started traveling and have not had any negative issues with PPR. My recruiter Leslie Cherok answers me quickly and has given me suggestions and advice when needed. Pay is average and explained fully.

No response

I have responded to several emails I received about positions they supposedly have available and have yet to get a reply to my questions. If this is any indication of the type of service this company provides... I will not be using them.


I am currently with PPR and I absolutely love them! I was recommended by a fellow co-worker. My recruiter is so attentive and always willing to help. She negotiated for hours getting me the deal I want. Highly recommend!

Wasted time and energy

This company only wants to make money off RN's and tries to imply that they have your best interest in mind. They are disorganized, dishonest, and will lowball. You will be misguided...if you have a lot time to waste while spinning your wheels going this company. They are absolutely wonderful with the used car salesman speech...word to the wise use another company.

by Cameron Griffin on PPR Healthcare Staffing
Too good to be true

They refuse to give you paperwork such as immunizations and such that you paid for when you ask. The recruiter doesn't have your back when something happens and accuses you of taking advantage of them. Don't use PPR. Use a company that truly cares about you as a nurse and not just a paycheck for them.

Awesome experience

I was a traveler from 2002-2005. My experiences with my company at that time led me to believe that I was just a commodity. I started traveling again in January of this year. I got my recruiter's name from another traveler. I feel so fortunate. Stacy is amazing! She responds to all of my questions...FAST! She takes the time to know me and what matters to me. When I am unsure of what I am looking for, she helps me narrow down based on what my goals are for the assignment. She even know my pets and their names. Every time I have called the company, I have gotten a person. If I call after hours, I have consistently gotten a very fast response.


PPR is a fantastic company to work for. I must say that I disagree with the below comment about Kayla. She has been my recruiter on numerous occasions and she is a very delightful and informative recruiter. There must be some reason as to why things didn't work out, takes "two to tango" buddy. PPR is the only company I know that makes me feel like part of their family, best company out there by far!!!

by David Thomas on PPR Healthcare Staffing
Waste of Time

The operator never answers the phones. Mostly get voicemails…Unacceptable. Had an recruiter named Kayla, dumber than dirt, with no clue about nursing. Unable to get calls back from her voicemail…such a waste when you are trying to make a company money!

by Joy Belamie on PPR Healthcare Staffing
Poor performance

Chose another agency to deal with after being maligned with no talk about housing, benefits, time off request..very little personal interaction..all mechanical with the recruiter.

by Joy Belamie on PPR Healthcare Staffing
Poor performance

Chose another agency to deal with after being maligned with no talk about housing, benefits, time off request..very little personal interaction..all mechanical with the recruiter.

Get the job done!!

I made a last minute decision to do a short 8-9wk assignment. I was working with another recruiter from another agency for 2 wks when Lindsay called me. I told her what I wanted, how much money, and that she had 2 days to get me the job or it wouldn't work out. She pulled it off with flying colors. In addition the benefits are fabulous and PPR has been awesome to deal with!!