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The 5 star review here is obviously paid for by the company! WAKE UP!
Several people lied to me and made verbal promises. Just found out my coworker gets a lot more money than me for the same job with another company. They are a branch of AMN who are a FOR profit traded company. 1 guess where half my paycheck goes? Not to my benefit or the benefit of my patients but to the pockets of the stockholders. This RN will remember this fact when you are my patient with your life in my hands.

by Gayle Hornung on Onward Healthcare
RN traveler

My assignment began 2 weeks after I had szt waiting for 3. I was not paid lodging even I received a "inconvenience payment". In fairness Onward had not contracted with them before;facility was not safe on many levels. Another assignment again a new facility this agency had no prior contracts. I was there 18 hours and then terminated for lack of desire to learn and limited tech skills. Onward has not pressured this facility to pay for my assignment, nor offer compensation to return home 2400
miles. This has Cost me over $2000 after any bonuses ect.

by Brenda J. Fritz on Onward Healthcare
RN travel Nurse

Onward is sister company to American Mobile, I believe the largest nurse travel company. It’s by far the worst company in the world; hands down. All of the vendors continue to use th because they underbid to get the contracts, pay the nurses crap and also treat us like crap. Their PR is horrible. They leave you out in the cold or up the creek without a paddle. They targeted younger nurses or mostly inexperienced nurses to pay them the pennies. When you desire to work in a certain facility that they have exclusive contracts, you attempt to give them the benefit of doubt but it never fail, they find a way to screw your over. They suck money from you and screw up your check and always find a way not to pay you. It’s horrible. I have tried them on 3 occasions with 3 different companies. Same shit different day. So many of my colleagues beg me to stay away. After this last episode, I have learned my lesson. They have been sued on everlasting occasions but as I mentioned early vendors continue to use them because they under bid and then treat nurses like shit.

by Alex DeJong on Onward Healthcare
Onward Healthcare

Do NOT work for this company!!! They are not professional and when they make a mistake, they fire YOU! There is zero employee advocacy. You can be terminated st any time. Please, beware.

by Kecia Thomas on Onward Healthcare
Run while you have a chance

I'm a first time RN travel nurse. I started with this company in March of 2017. Based on my good work ethnics as a LPN a Nurse Manager acknowledged my resume and wanted to me joined her unit right away. Told the recruiter no interview was needed just schedule a start date. This recruiter Larry Hattersley didn't do a damm thing just pushed keys on his commuter. Talking about lying and adjusting contracts behind my back is what Onward healthcare st and s for. I am encouraging all not to be bother at least with Larry Hattersley. And listen to him, when I called him out on his untruthfulness and not advocating form me this was his reply "what do you want me to do I'm new I can say nothing I'm lowest of the totem pole" That's correct that was his response. RUN while you have a chance. Still awaiting for his manger to call me back after calling leaving messages and emailing. Wow didn't know a company can be ran like this... Like I said RUN. I had six more nurses to join I stopped all of them..because I was initially told by Larry I would receive a referral bonus that was a lie also....RUN RUN don't do it

by Jenny on Onward Healthcare
Many red flags

I haven't accepted an assignment but there have been several read flags. This morning, my recruiter wanted me to give her my social security # on the phone. Said a hospital wanted to verify I'd never worked there. (Very fishy). I decided to put a freeze on everything since I'm giving out so much personal info with travel nursing).

Onward sponsors foreign nurses & I was concerned my social security number may be assigned to one of the nurses. ( Something IRS doesn't tell you Google it).

My recruiter keeps contacting me because a "nurse manager" is to call. I have no idea when or who it is. This had been going on for 2 days. Im use to a scheduled interview.

Maybe they want me to think they have a job lined up. Ot my recruiter is confused because the "nurse manager" called the person who Onward assigned my id (lol)

Reference checking;. Mine said they called several times a day & leaving messages; asked a lot of questions. The policies of companies is that they don't give out that much info.

by Yambo on Onward Healthcare
Great Agency

This is another great company I worked for. While working a travel hospital for another agency I was talking to one of Onwards travelers that talked nothing but good things about this company and my recruiter (who as of last month seperated from the company). I have been on two assignments with this company and so far all have been great experiences with Onward ok with the hospitals. The first contract was in MD which was not a very good hospital experience it was very dangerous (to your license) to work there (very sick patients). I really wish there was a website to rate the hospitals in travelers eyes but it probably would not be good for business. I was set up in the next town over, it was a nice apartment but the maintenance staff was null and I had a toliet that ran my whole contract. Safe neighborhood, only a 25 min. drive to work, close to everything. I was always in contact with my recruiter Lisa, she helped me with everything and was willing to pull me because of the dangerous situations I encountered at the hospital; but I stuck it out. It was a known issue even with the F/T employees but when I asked they said the money outweighed the bad. I got paid on-time; never had a paycheck issue; and the company even helped me to expedite my DC and CA licenses ( and some of the costs but until I take a job in either state I won't get reimbursed fully). My second contract (currently) is great. My apartment is close to everything, no issues with anything, my hospital is great and heres the best part because Onward had a typo about the pay on their website they are currently paying me that wage instead of what it was suppose to be. You have to be diligent about what you're signing, do research and make sure you have a paper trail but all of these agencies cannot be bad. I really don't know how my new recruiter is but I stay on top of everything and ensure that I am taken care of. What it seems like is that most of these bad reviews are due to people not reading the fine print; not asking questions, and expecting everything to be h and ed to them. Yes the tests prior to me taking this assignment were not easy but I did them and they were not above what we did not learn in nursing school. Fastaff Agency was way harder but from what I learned about some of these travelers is that they are very scary and the hospital doesn't want a liability because a traveler came in and didn't know what SVT or Third Degree heart block looked like. I have my own insurance so I am not sure how much theirs is. Bonuses are paid on-time, especially their overtime bonus which is for every 10 hours you work, over your contracted hours a month you get $100 (no limit) [e.g. so if I am contracted 36 hrs/wk and one of those weeks I pick up an extra 12 hr shift on the first paycheck of the following month I will get an extra $100]. The other good thing about this company is that they allow you to bank any extra hours you work in case of an emergency. So say I my contract started on 10/1 and I was picking up an extra 12 hr shift every week and on 11/6 I get sick and I can't trade or come in another day of that week; because I "banked" all these extra hours since 10/1 they won't deduct housing out of my paycheck, I still don't get paid for that shift but I don't have to worry about losing any more extra money like some agencies do. The one thing you have to make sure of is whether or not you have a "guaranteed work week" or "non-guaranteed work week"; Non = the hospital can call you off as much as they want; Guaranteed = the hospital can only call you off for 36 hrs in your 13 week contract. THIS IS HUGE!!! ALWAYS ASK!!! Otherwise you may be sitting around with no work and being charged for housing. Always pick up extra shifts when possible to "bank" those hours. Also, make sure you are in contact with your recruiter because they are the one's that can pull you [off the contract] if the hospital is always calling you off. They obviously don't need travelers if the census is low. I think this is a huge reason why most people give the bad reviews again ASK QUESTIONS. The company also gives you a tax-free "Meals and Misc." per diem a week which so far for me in my two contracts was $245/week (which equates to about $6.80/hr for a 36 hr week contract). So when looking at their website the hourly rate quoted includes this M&M. [e.g. Website quoted hourly rate is $32-34/hr*; usually take the lowest rate shown "$32" and subtract $6.80 and you will get what your hourly will be "$25.20"] ROUGHLY. That's just an example and not what all contracts will be. Also, with Onward I am not too happy about their utility policy, they only pay $100/mth towards utilities after that you have to pay the difference. Which in a state like AZ I can only think you would be paying extra to cool your place. Onward does get you an apartment for assignments greater than 13 weeks and an extended stay for assignments of 8 weeks. They do furnish your place which is nice but they do not furnish it with kitchen wares so you have to lug that stuff (pots/pans/silverware etc) around. I will say that on my first assignment my bed was too soft and I told them about it and they called up the rental company and they switched it out no charge and no hassle. I was very pleased with this. AGAIN COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR RECRUITER IS KEY. Also, this is your livelihood whether it is your apartment or your paycheck, make sure everything is done right. If something is not right speak up; sometimes you have to play hardball with these companies and let them know your are not messing around from the beginning. Get everything in writing and stay on top of your recruiter and the issues that come up. Keep a paper trail, always email after a phone conversation and bring up the points you talked about. Onward has been a great agency to me but if I didn't speak up and I just let them h and le everything and thought all was going to be roses and gold then yeah I would have a bad review but do your part and I doubt issues would come up or be a consistent problem.

by Kenny on Onward Healthcare
Fantastic Experience

I was so surprised to read all the negative reviews. I had my first travel contract with Onward through recruiter Kristen Jennings and never had one second of trouble. Kristen is an amazing professional, the contract was clear, my site was perfect and hard to leave, and I've no doubt I will continue to have a long positive relationship with Onward.

Stay Away

As a first time traveler, I feel obligated to look out for other first time travelers. I took agency housing which I will admit was nice and in a nice neoghborhood. HOWEVER, I had a commute of an hr and a half in each direction- unacceptable and not what was discussed when signing my contract. I was assured a 20-30 commute at most.
To make matters worse, the week after completing my contract I was charged $1,000 per diem adjustment for not meeting hours. I must reiterate that I was not on a contract that week! It took 3 more errors and a full week before I was reimbursed (for their error).

by Jennifer on Onward Healthcare

I simply could not believe what is happened to me here at this company. I was supposed to start on November 23 and it Sellitti I was promised a very large check in the very beginning almost $3600 for travel. I should've known it was BS from the very beginning. Then they said I needed to have AC LS certification and I also need to take and advanced dysrhythmia test. So, I called the hospital or the facility and they told me this is not true that this is just a basic med surge floor with very little telemetry on the unit that is. I simply could not believe what was going on here. Onward kept telling me Parallon were the ones who were stating that I needed all of these credentials that I did not need. The supervisor at the hospital was very upset. Onward does not give a crap how they treat their nurses. My recruiter was Lrigh Ross. My liaison was horrible she was so rude. She kept telling me I was ridiculous. I feel like getting an attorney but I'm not quite sure what they can do for me. It is Christmas time and I would have been working by now and I would have made a huge check by now. Now my daughter has to move home from college because I can no longer afford her tuition and my children will not have a blessed Christmas like I bet all of the Onward healthcare's children's and gr and children's will. Yes they are a bunch of pimps and the nurses are there hookers. Shame shame shame on you Onward for hurting me and destroying my life like you did. Stay away from this company I have damaged my life three times over. Do not listen to anything they say. Besides who needs a middleman anyway I'm good enough to get my own position in a hospital. The right h and doesn't know what the left h and is doing at this company *edited for profanity*. They're nothing but a bunch of liars I took it upon myself to call Parallon and they told me that and they did not cancel me at this facility and the facility itself has been waiting on me for two weeks to get there so no one canceled me it's all a bunch of *edited for profanity* you should not listen to these people they're a bunch of thieving lying non-human beings.

by Richard Stewart on Onward Healthcare
Screwed by Onward

I left Alabama as an LPN Nov.2003 to take contract in New York for Onward healthcare. Sonya Madan was my recruiter, and she was the best. They kept renewing my contract because the employers liked me so much, but after Sonya left for maternity leave 03/2006, Mrs. Wolf from Onward, who I had never spoken to before, called me on the phone 30 minutes before my scheduled shift and said that my services were 'no longer needed', and that the facility I was contracted with said I was not a 'good fit', and that Onward was not obligated to give me a reason. 3 years of proven service with them, and that's what I got? Can you imagine if you had just found a place to live in Staten Isl and , NY., paid the first month's rent on an apartment, then get a phone call saying your services are no longer needed? I would hate to see how they treat employees who don't do a good job.

by $&%£*!^#&/!!! on Onward Healthcare

If I could put 0 stars I would. Listening to my cousin I signed with them instead of staying with who I know. Southern travel region location is horrible...Alexis Ogilvie is the worst recruiter on the planet...The rest of her team is 1 million times worst. She is truly a lap dog!!!

by Eugene on Onward Healthcare
Onward healthcare

I would give them a 0 if I can. I had Lisa as my recruiter. She's an airhead. Travel Contract to Porterville Ca. No reservations for my living was ever made. But Lisa stated everything was arranged. I called and spoke to three employees of Onward. They gave me the run around while I was waiting to find a place to live. They had made mistakes related to my paychecks. They keep asking for documents that I already had e-mailed to my recruiter. Terrible communication within the company.

by Chana on Onward Healthcare
Be very carful before working for them

Hospital wanted me to start ASAP & I could do that. Onward rep kept moving my start date back 4 x. Finally called me Friday 4:45 pm that if I did not start Monday the assignment was cancelled. They wanted me to stay in Motel 6, which was the cities biggest drug & prostitution site. Onward Rep told me to "just put the do not disturb sign on the door & they will not bother you." Not my idea of housing for 3 months or even for one night since it was not safe.

by Tracy on Onward Healthcare

Onward has been a good company .I worked for nightengale and they were Terri le especially my recruiter Kristen who lied about everything.At onward my Recruit or Baron Pal is awesome. He has resolved and issues I've had immediately. He cares about his nurses and is honest guy. If you want a trustworthy recruit or I recommend Baron. He is not cut throat, he is honest, and does what he says. Thanks Baron for all you do .Tracy.He was voted recruiter of the year and should be again.

by Aexea on Onward Healthcare
Mixed Feelings

Not the best agency I have worked for. Be wary of your contracts, good advice with any agency but especially with them. Make sure you underst and the wording and get a clear answer as to what you make for overtime. Have it put in the contract. With over 20 years nursing experience I found myself working overtime for $30.00/hr, less than I was making for regular time. They claim all their nurses make that for OT. When they wanted me to renew I told them I wanted $60/hr for OT and wanted it written into the contract. They said no. I said that is fine I will travel with someone else and hung up. They called me the next day and gave me everything I wanted. Had a couple of paycheck issues which they resolved immediately with an ACH transfer. Issues of being canceled and not paid, but also got those issues resolved. All I can say is it was a fight at times. They can meet your needs but you have to stay on top of things yourself, don't expect them to care unless you don't give them a choice.

by discouraged on Onward Healthcare

I am new to travel nursing and decided to go with Onward. WOW!!! Huge mistake!!!!

by Won't say on Onward Healthcare

I've been a travel RN for awhile now. I decided to give onward a try because lured me with alot of bells and whistles. What a HORRIBLE mistake. This agency is by far the WORST agency. They do not keep promises. They don't deposit paychecks. They don't pay overtime that I worked for. A housing stipend??? Forget about it!! I had to sleep in my car for a week because they payed my housing late. When telling them I want out....they threatened to have me black balled from all agencies. They are crooked pimps who treat us like whores for their benefit.!!!! Stay away from this company.
I had to click 1 star.....but they are no stars!!!!

by Won't say on Onward Healthcare
Stay away from Onward Health Care

Travel nurses BEWARE of Onward Health Care. This agency is the WORST agency I have ever encountered!!!! They lie, steal and cheat from you. They care nothing for you. In the travel RN world....they are pimps and the nurses are the prostitutes!!! There are so many other, good agencies to work for. Just stay far away from ONward. My experience has been the worst....not paying me what I was told. Keeping stipend money away from me. Iám starving and am about to lose everything because of how they are treating me. I don't know how any of them sleep at night.