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Location: San Diego, CA

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by Zeny M on NurseChoice
travel nurse review

I am with this company for 3 contract now and absolutely a good company and I recommend for travelnursesand especially my recruiter Bridgette she has a good atittude and you can always count on her.

by Jenny on NurseChoice

This company is corrupt. The recruiters and management are scammers. The tried to push a job on me with a ridiculously low pay-rate. I was told not to speak with the hospital directly. When I did I found out why. The hospital was supposedly paying me triple what I was supposed to receive. SCAMMERS. The recruiters/management was keeping over 60% of my hard-earned pay.

These corrupt scumbags need to be in prison.

by Cynthia on NurseChoice

I am over this company and would not reccommend this company to anyone. I do not have a car right now. I use rental cars sometimes when i need too they offer you a flat reimbursement package and if you do not use it you lose it. I was recently told that they do not pay for gas when you rent a rental car because they cannot verify the receipt, then the receipt for the rental car need s to have my credit card information on it so they can see that i paid it. I submit the receipts the pink and the red and they still do not want to pay you, but they will pay for tolls which has no credit card information REALLY! renting a car for a week does not run on AIR! They lie about assignments and i am over it. I know they were being sued recently and if i find that email i will jump on board. I AM OVER THIS COMPANY

by Travel RN on NurseChoice

Worst company I've ever worked with. They are greedy, liars, will miss-inform you on purpose. Pry on travel nurses, especially the new ones who are naive to the business. Supposedly they offer rapid response rates, def. pocket majority of your pay.

by ICURN on NurseChoice

Worked one short 4 week EMR conversion for them in GA last May. Ok, it was my first contract with them...A little rocky as I didn't get reimbursed the travel mileage like I was told. It was about $220. Then did a 2 day strike in LA, pay was exactly as described. Single housing in a gorgeous hotel. Got the shift I wanted and the pay was on time and correct. The first night I did get left at the hospital and got a ride back to the hotel by a nurse manager. It ended up being fine. It was their first strike and I personally think it turned out great. I would do another strike with them and I would probably take another assignment too. A word of advice you must make sure that EVERYTHING they say is in your contract. They are a br and of AMN so it pays to just be aware and on guard. Overall, I think they do try and make it good for the nurse.