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by Deborah on Medical Solutions
Nick Bidroski

Nick Bidroski is the man to have! I know everyone thinks they have the best recruiter, but no--it's Nick. I have traveled for almost 20 years now, multiple companies and recruiters, landed here and will stay. Nick is straight up honest, dosen't wast your time, works hard to get the assignment right. If you want to travel, pick Medical Solutions, if you pick medical solutions pick NICK B

by Ann M Dean on Medical Solutions
Patrick Fink

I am new to the company. I have been working with Patrick Fink for almost a year. It took me a while to open up to new possibilities with a new travel agency. I had been with my other travel agency since 2004. I worked with the other company not only as a traveler but as a per diem agency. I have worked with an agency my entire healthcare career. Including when I was an aide, LPN and then RN, BSN. I also had only worked in the state of Indiana. I normally had a full-time position and then picked up with the agency. I went through a divorce this summer 2019 and wanted to experience new things. Patrick was someone who I had been speaking with since last winter. I was nervous at first. I had been with the other agency for 15 years. And had only started travel nursing in 2015. I did only per diem agency assignments prior to 2015 and then also from August 2017-December 2018. There was a restructuring of the hospital I was working at. I therefore decided to go back to travel nursing. It was the right fit for me. Children grown and newly divorced. Love to travel. Perfect. Patrick was amazing. He was patient and helped me transition to another agency. I have only been with the agency for a few weeks but Patrick is always there. 24/7. He answers my questions day and night. And I feel that he has my back. Once my assignment ends I will be more than happy to elaborate further on this review.

by Candace Pierce on Medical Solutions

The only thing you need to know is Sean Mcguire! You want someone who’s honest, upfront, not just a salesman??? He’s your guy. He will work tirelessly to get you what you want and need! He goes OVER AND BEYOND the call of duty. The only problem is, there’s no way they pay him enough. I’ve never been travel nursing until now and I’ve never felt more at ease and comfortable with my decisions.

by Shelby Jordan on Medical Solutions

Anna Howell my recruiter has made my transition from staff nurse to travel nurse a breeze. I needed my first assignment ASAP and she made it happen! She's always been available to me 24/7 and responds very quickly to all of my questions. She has just been a joy to work with!

by Michelle Gilbreath on Medical Solutions

Worked with Mark as my recruiter and he was amazing enjoyed only having to deal with him and 30 other people. Never had any difficulty getting paid and then got a bonus for referring someone a year later!!

by Amber Wyse on Medical Solutions
Tim Smith for the win!

I’m halfway through my first travel assignment and Tim Smith has been amazing!! He’s been patient and open and honest about everything and has really gone out of his way to make sure I am comfortable with and underst and everything. He’s a rockstar, even though he’s a Nebraska fan ;). Anyways I love my recruiter and I love the company too!! 5*’s!!

by Daniel Gerlick on Medical Solutions
Keith Fugate

Keith Fugate at medical solutions is the best recruiter in the business!!!

by Clint Johnson on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions

Evan Clapper has done an excellent job helping me transition into travel nursing. He worked with me to find a travel assignment that worked for me. He always makes himself available and works hard to make sure the needs of the travel nurse are met. I enjoy and look forward to continue to work with him.

by Blythe Niemeyer on Medical Solutions

Paul DiBattista is way over the top awesome!!

by Melody jefferson on Medical Solutions
Paul wit medical solutions rocks

Medical solutions is a amazing company to work for. And My requiter is awsome and highly recommend medical solutions to everyone i come across. My requiter plays a big roll and he works hard and im forever greatful. Love medical solutions.

by Ali Moore on Medical Solutions
Evan Clapper is the Best Recruiter!

Evan Clapper is an excellent, hard working, and dedicated recruiter! I love working with him and having my first assignment!

by Ashley Guy on Medical Solutions
Brian is the best!

Brian King at Medical Solutions is AHHHHHHMAZING. He was the best to work with and was always on top of his game. I could not be more pleased with the location, ease, and quick hire through Medical Solutions. I have been traveling for 2 years and this was the easiest and smoothest assignment I have had to date. Thank you Brian I owe you the most! USE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS AND BRIAN KING!!!

by Lauren Marshall on Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is the They have made travel nursing super easy and stress free (minus the nursing part). My recruiter Paul has made the tradition very smooth and truely cares about his clients. Choose Medical Solutions and go pursue your dreams with your new spicy paycheck!

by Amanda E on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions

Travel with Paul Dibattista! 👍🏽✌🏽

by Austin Aberle on Medical Solutions

Awesome company! Can’t brag enough on my recruiter, Devin Juel! He really takes care of you and makes sure that you got everything you need!

by Donald Gothard on Medical Solutions

Great to work for. My career consultant Stephanie B. is great and always goes above and beyond. The company is ideal for me. Emphasis on pay/benefits not on eye-catching "bonuses".

by Anni Balog on Medical Solutions
No complaints!

So happy with this company. Vince is the best recruiter. Request him! Seriously, you won't regret it. He is supportive, underst and ing, and works hard to find you the exact assignment you're looking for. I won't work for another agency.

by mary baggett on Medical Solutions
my recruiter is the best!

I started travelling early this year, it has been my good fortune to have stumbled upon Aaron Bogren. He has been fantastic, and made travel experience smooth as silk. When he says he'll always be there for me, he absolutely means it! I will definately stick with him, and Medical Solutions!!

by Dameia Thomas on Medical Solutions
Sterile Tech

Medical Solutions is awesome. I was with another agency before and they sucked. My recruiters name is Br and on Wilson and I could not have prayed for a better recruiter. He has never not did what he said he would do. He gets me jobs really quickly. Hr answers call on weekends and when he is out of the office. If you ever want to work with Medical Solutio, Br and on Wison is the way to go. Im not leaving his side no time soon.

by Nicole on Medical Solutions

I am very disappointed with this company. I have been in contact with a recruiter for almost 2 weeks. I have only had one phone interview. I keep calling every day, sometimes several times a day. The jobs that are posted are not complete. I am about to try a different company if this recruiter doesn't find me something this week.

by Adorey Darnell RN BSN on Medical Solutions
Amazing Company

I've been traveling for 10 years now, I've been a RN for 40 years. I've worked for 4 other Travel Nursing Companies which were a nightmare. But in the end I think the problem usually comes down to the recruiter. Stephanie Balkovec is my recruiter at Medical Solutions and she is a 5***** recruiter so I will stay with Medical Solutions I'm very happy with the professionalism of the company.

by Rick Kennedy on Medical Solutions
Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is only the second agency that I have traveled with and I can't say that I was not happy with my previous agency but I chose Medical solutions for the excellent job selections, higher pay, and great benefits. My recruiter, Stephanie Balkovec, has been been absolutely amazing. I always feel like I have a friend in the business, with her. She works hard to help me achieve my goals and is always easy to reach. Stephanie has been quick to h and le any situations or concerns that I have had and even checks in on me from time to time. I read all of great offers from other companies and honestly feel the temptation to test them but after hearing other travel nurses tell their stories, I can't imagine why I would ever leave this agency or my recruiter.

by Tomas Ortega on Medical Solutions
Medical solution

When it came tro to fullfil one of my dreams after nursing graduation, and of course after I gained some experience; medical solutions was the right choice. I feel, I checked other companies prior to deciding on MS, and when conversing with Shane McDonnell, he seemed really intersted in learning about the things I like to do, we talked about activities and places to explore. I have to say I did not the similar interaction with any other recruiter that I had spoken with. thanks to him I have explored and seen so many of the natural wonders that the west coast has to offer, from northern California to Oregon, Washington. so close to Canada that I could not resist the temptation to visit Victoria isl and . Shane has been very attentive to my needs, and wants, and I feel he genuinely has helped me so much in figuring places I would love to see. Shane is your man if you want to experience travel nursing.

by Julie on Medical Solutions

I traveled for nearly 3 years with Medical Solutions and can say that the overall experience was very positive. I changed agencies in order to stay in a specific area when MS didn't have any positions in the city where I needed to stay for a while. Curt H. kept in regular contact, checked in while I was on assignment and seemed genuinely interested in my experience. The company was well organized. There was one contact and it really was one contact. Other agencies state this but there is some run around. Curt H. did try to get me a position in the areas where I requested and where he could. I definitely would have stayed with the organization if they had work where I needed to live. The money is the same with each organization - benefits's the actual humanness that makes a difference. In this field it makes a tremendous difference and I would recommend Medical Solutions and Curt Hermesch over other agencies - with confidence.

by Shelby on Medical Solutions
Looove Medical Solutions

I worked with Medical Solutions during the summer of 2013, and then started with them again from November 2016 til now. I've had two recruiters in that time (my original one got a new job). Both have been great. I currently work with Jenn Seay, and she's absolutely wonderful. Very responsive, puts my needs first, and works hard to keep me satisfied. The few times I have had problems with assignments, she is on my side and quickly resolves it. I've never had a late or incorrect paycheck. The website is easy to navigate. Even when I've considered looking at other companies to see if there more job options out there, I can't seem to pull myself away from working with Jenn and MS!

by Sherrelle Porter on Medical Solutions
Registered Nurse

I started with Medical Solutions in December 2016. I have loved working with Medical Solutions and my recruiter Rick Schleue. He was proactive, diligent and helpful with my travel assignment in Texas. He h and led everything in a timely manner and called to check on how things were going which was refreshing. I would recommend this travel agency and my recruiter. They were awesome!!!

by Jamie Davis RN on Medical Solutions

I absolutely love working with Medical Solutions and my recruiter Ted Merkin! I've been working with him since I started traveling and he has always been in my corner, he is quick to h and le anything I have needed and always checks in to see how things are going.

by Cat Duran on Medical Solutions
Scott Schuckman

I have been very happy with Medical Solutions as my Travel Agency. My recruiter, Scott Schuckman, is funny, kind, personable, caring, aggressive in getting the jobs I am looking for and fierce in his care of his "peeps." Even though I have been an RN for 39yrs this is my first Travel experience and I can't see changing companies as I feel it's not the job but who you work with and I work with the best! Come and join up with won't regret it.

by Kathy Luehrman on Medical Solutions

Rick Schleue is one of the best recruiters ever. He is there for me. He calls to check on me and asks if I need anything. If I have any issues, he is there and helps out. He does what he says he will do. I think he is the best.

by Sean J. Diamond, MSN. RN on Medical Solutions
Pat on the Back

I would like to commend my travel agent, Mr. Ted Merkin, for making my traveling a smooth ride. As I place my trust in him and Medical Solutions for the food on my family's table, as that is the reality of working for a living, it is good to know that I have a support team behind me that I can trust, so that I can focus on my job and enjoying my family.

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