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 152 reviews
by D.J. on Liquid Agents
Liquidagents healthcare

Great company to work for and my recruiter Calvin Hoye helps me secure the jobs i want with the pay i need.

by Donna on Liquid Agents

Alyssa is the best. Been with her for almost 3 years and she’s never let me down. Straight shooter without all the hype when I deal with her.

by Shelby on Liquid Agents

I love working with liquidagents. They are very attentive and get me the best jobs!.

by Jana Vogel on Liquid Agents

Liquid Agents Healthcare is an amazing travel company to work for. My texruiter, Richard Dunn, has been a God send! He goes above and beyond for me. Always quick to respond to any of my need and has made the process so easy. I couldnt ask for a better person to have on my side througout this process.

by Katty Priest on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents

Liquid Agents has been the best company I’ve worked for as a travel nurse! Although it’s only my second agency company, I have noticed so many positive things from my previous experience and this makes me feel motivated to continue to travel with this company. My recruiter, Nicole Bartley has been amazing!! She goes above and beyond, quickly responds no matter what! She is the sweetest person I’ve ever talked too! She makes me feel very comfortable and reassuring about any assignment.

by Kristen Martinez on Liquid Agents
I recommend Michelle McAfee as a LiquidAgent Healthcare Nurse Travel Agent. She is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating.

I recommend Michelle McAfee as a LiquidAgent Healthcare Nurse Travel Agent. She is a ️ rating. She has been helping me find jobs since 2016.

by Phil Caudle on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agents

Great company! I've been with them for almost a year now, and it's been nothing but positive. Calvin Hoye has been a top notch recruiter, and nothing short of professional.

by Jai Guillory on Liquid Agents

I worked for Liquid Agents almost three years ago. When the opportunity presented itself- I came back. Calvin was amazing and helped me navigate through an already stressful situation. I have had nothing but good experiences and exceptional staff!! Thank you for what you do!

by Charlotta on Liquid Agents

Calvin Hoye is the best recruiter I've had since I began traveling. He's understanding, helpful and super friendly. No matter what issues I may have with my assignment, he's there fighting for me to the end. Thanks Calvin for all you've done for me! Continue to be great!

by Elizabeth on Liquid Agents

I have been working with Calvin Hoye with Liquidagents for over a year and a half. I have looked into other companies and recruiters and no one has been able to come close to meeting my needs the way Calvin has. Actually, everyone there I've come in contact with has been very friendly and worked hard to meet my needs.

by Karen Stonestreet on Liquid Agents
Great company and Super recruiter

I am now in my seventh year of travel nursing and have worked with Liquid Agents for almost every assignment I’ve had! There’s a specific reason for a lot of my success with LA - my wonderful recruiter, Michelle McAfee. Wether she’s reminding me about a time sheet deadline or helping to resolve a scheduling conflict - she is always there and it makes all the difference!!! It’s great to know she will work so hard to get me the assignment I want in the town where I want to work - with the hospitals I want to work for. It just makes ALL the difference in the world. You need the best person behind you for this type of job and she IS THE BEST in so many ways. Thank you LA !!!

by Holly K on Liquid Agents
Michelle McAfee is Awesome!

Thank you for having Michelle McAfee as a recruiter!! She is the BEST and very knowledgeable on hospitals when asking about the different assignments. She has always been helpful when I need assistance in finding housing or even with an assignment itself. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find it for you. If you want an amazing recruiter to work with, ask for her!

by Jenn on Liquid Agents
Michelle McAfee is the best

Michelle McAfee is the most delightful recruiter I’ve ever had. She always makes sure I’m happy with my assignments. Even now, I’m no longer traveling, we still keep in touch. Just in case I ever need a job or want to start traveling again, Michelle will be the one that gets me where I need to be. As much as I loved Liquid Agents, Michelle McAfee is the reason I stick around! She’s the best!

by Elizabeth D. on Liquid Agents

The entire team at Liquidagents have been awsome to work with, especially me recruiter Calvin Hoye. He has come through 100% pf the time in finding assignments that fit my need. He's always patient and understanding when i get frustrated
He always responds quickly when i have a concern or a question.

by Jai Guillory on Liquid Agents

This is my second assignment with Liquid Agents. I had other options (like most) but remember the amazing staff there. Calvin did not disappoint. He set everything up in record time and has been a great help through the process. I would recommend Liquid Agents to any of my friends. Thanks Calvin!!! You’re the best!!!

by Randy Martin on Liquid Agents
Great company

I've been with liquid agents for 2 years now. Calvin has been an excellent point of contact. Helped me get a job in Oklahoma so I could work west of the Mississippi river for the first time. Always fast turn around time with any questions I have. I plan on staying with this company for years to come

by D. Magee on Liquid Agents

As a first time traveler Liquid Agents has helped my experience tremendously!

by Jennifer Stevens on Liquid Agents

I love Liquidagents. My recruiter, Calvin, is the best. Calvin always finds the best fit for me. Calvin is always looking for my best interests including location and income. I have been with Liquidagents for over 5 years and haven’t had any issues. Try them out!!!

by Jana Vogel on Liquid Agents

Liquid Agents has been such a great company to work for. I cantbthink of one complaint about this company. They have been nithing but amazing to me. My recruiter, Richard Dunn, goes above and beyond helping with anything I need. I couldnt ask for a better person to work with. He is with me wvery step of the way and goes above and beyond to help with my every need.

by Sarah Stevens on Liquid Agents

I love my recruiter Allie Harrell! This is my first time working with her, and I have not been disappointed. She responds to my emails and texts very quickly. She is amazing and sends me reminders. I have bombarded her with so many questions, and yet she always answers in the same friendly way. I highly recommend Allie and this company!

by Aubree Fortenberry on Liquid Agents

I have worked for Liquid Agents Healthcare for 3 years now and love it!! I can't speak highly enough about this company or my recruiter, Alyssa Davis.

by Amy Munson on Liquid Agents
Made Travel Nursing a Reality

i have been very happy with Liquid Agents Healthcare & my current Senior Talent Advisor, Laura Frank. Laura has always been quick to respond to me & I feel she looks out for my best interest. I appreciate that she continually checks in with me to make sure everything is going well throughout my assignment. i would highly recommend both Liquid Agents Healthcare & Laura Frank.

by Tammy on Liquid Agents
Love LiquidAgents Healthcare

I absolutely enjoy my time with Liquid Agents Healthcare, especially Adele Hulse! She is one of the most kind and helpful people I have ever worked with in a travel agency! She makes sure she gets you exactly what you want, where you want to be, and the best pay! Highly recommend!!

by Denise Rozell on Liquid Agents
Travel RN

I have been with LiquidAgents Healthcare for over 6 years. Is. I have not been disappointed. They have treated me with professionalism and respect. My recruiter, Michelle McAfee is the amazing force behind my my wonderful experience. I highly recommend this company!

by Lorrie Hurst on Liquid Agents
Liquid Agent

Great company with A great Recruiter! Allyssa Davis is the best!

by Lorrie hurst on Liquid Agents

Need a nice knowledgable dependable recruiter.Call Allyssa Davis @ LAH

by Aubree Fortenberry on Liquid Agents

I met many staff members from Liquid Agents while at the Travel Convention in Las Vegas this year. They have been more than helpful while seeking my first travel opportunity. A huge thanks to my future recruiter, Alyssa Davis!

by Lorrie Hurst on Liquid Agents

Need a great recruiter? Pick Allyssa Davis.

by Lauren Hurst on Liquid Agents

I have traveled for over four years now and worked with several different companies. Liquid Agents Healthcare along with my recruiter, Alyssa Davis, have went beyond my expectations!

by Brenda Asher on Liquid Agents

I have been a travel nurse for a few years and I can say I finally found a recruiter that goes above and beyond for you! Calvin Hoye is the best he always works to put my needs first and find the right job for me. Thanks Calvin!

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