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Host Healthcare


Location: San Diego, CA

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 8 reviews
by Neil G on Host Healthcare
Travel RN

My agent Sky Woroszylo at Host Healthcare is awesome! Great company, strong work ethic, honest and trustworthy. Would highly recommend!

by Sarah G on Host Healthcare

Excellent experience as a first time traveler with Host Healthcare and my agent Sky Woroszylo! Great company, honest and transparent. Would highly recommend!

by Cynthia on Host Healthcare
Major Loss

I came in search of reviews of this company-like you- and I read only good. I jumped, took a job and ended up loosing so much money.

The company booked me a job in California. I rented a trailer, hired movers, put down a holding deposit on an apartment.

I was halfway there, one hotel night, and $300 in gas, when the company called and said they had made a mistake and the job was canceled two weeks earlier.

I figured it would be OK since we agreed on a certain amount upon arrival, and I could use it to cover what I had lost, and the time I would have to stay in hotel rooms waiting for a new job.

The company promised me everything I originally signed up for, but couldn’t find me a job outside of the boondocks.

I asked for some sort of compensation for their mistake. They said, it’s unfortunate, but they can only give me an undesirable job I don’t want.

When I called to speak to management, I was hung up on, or left voicemails that they never returned though they were polite.

All of the reviews are saying that this company is different because of their customer service. I would just like to warn that people might be given incentive to post this, or it might be the employees themselves trying to recruit people.

What I experienced was terrible customer service. They took absolutely no responsibility for the mistake they made and I had to suffer for it.

I would consider the reviews cautiously.

by Julie Malroy on Host Healthcare
Host Healthcare - Travel Nursing

I've been a travel nurse with Host Healthcare on and off for a few years. My recruiter is exceptional - honest, transparent, and genuinely cares about my interests. Host will always partner with me when I am looking for my next assignment to ensure that I get the best job and pay. Over the course of my assignments, I've become friendly with various people at Host who have helped me with housing, payroll, and benefits. I really feel like I am part of their company, not just another number.

by Kelly Sanders on Host Healthcare
Host Healthcare - Great Company

I have been a travel nurse with Host Healthcare for 2 years now. Before getting started as a travel nurse, I was very nervous. So many recruiters calling daily. I was drawn instantly to Host Healthcare and my recruiter Michael. He was not only friendly, but he was also very knowledgeable. He listened to what I said and did not push me down a specific direction like I felt other recruiters did. Now fast forward two years and my experience has been great. Host Healthcare is a fantastic company and I recommend them to all nurses I know. If you are interested in travel or have tried it and not been pleased, do yourself a favor and reach out to Host Healthcare. They will take care of you.

by Balane on Host Healthcare

I love working with this company! I'm only required to work 36 hrs/wk and then everything else is OT. My OT rate is high and I get it for anything worked after 36 hrs so I don't have to pick up a full shift and get a "shift bonus" like I did with my last agency. In addition, they will cover all cost of your insurance as long as the gap is less than 30 days so I always take off 3 wks between assignments. Lots of jobs and the company is privately owned so pay is on the higher end.

by Jessie Carlson on Host Healthcare

Great company!!! I've worked for several companies, and Host is the most honest and transparent. My recruiter went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of my assignment was perfect. I am now on my third assignment, and I still feel like I am treated like a very special person with Host. I would recommend them h and s down!

by Kylie Tedlock on Host Healthcare

First travel assignment with this company in North Austin. Would not recommend them. They deducted 2days from my stipend week one as I started work on Wednesday not Monday. (I worked 42.5 hours that week. Guaranteed hours 36). Management was out of the office until Wednesday so I was not scheduled earlier. Not honest about pay & deductions.