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by Ernie Ondrias on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have been traveling since 2015.... currently on my 7th contract second with Flexcare. My experience has been, with Flexcare, and especially with Ian, outstanding. He has been the most proactive and helpful recruiter I have ever worked with..and I have been using 4 travel services over the last few years....He's the best...We're planning on meeting one day for beers:)

by Demetra Hampton on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Hello … I have been traveling as an ICU RN for almost 3 years. I have worked with about 4 companies, and, I must say that working with DEANNA DONABEDIAN has been great for me! Deanna has made sure that I have the assignment that fits me and that I fit. And, she is my extra eyes with reviewing my time sheets and ensuring that I am compensated for all of my hours worked. Thank you, Deanna, for helping to make my travel nurse career a positive experience!!

Great experience with Flexcare

I just wanted to take a minute and talk about my great experience with Flexcare. Flexcare was the first agency I decided to go with as a first time traveler and I have no regrets with that decision. My recruiter was Michelle LaRue and she made the process very easy. She was available whenever I needed her and was very prompt in her responses. She was very patient with me when deciding on the placement of my first assignment and i'm very thankful for that! I got paid every week, on time. Overall a really good experience and I recommend Michelle and Flexcare to anyone looking for a great company and recruiter.

by Darlene Pascuzzo on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have been working with Deanna Donabedian for over 2 years now. She is the best recruiter, she works hard to find me the best assignments in the area I want to be in. She makes sure to keep me complaint with requirements so the transitions between assignments are easier.

by Monique Martell on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare is awesome

Beginning to plunge into the travel nurse world is terrifying to say the least. I am so happy with flexcare. It was a smooth transition from staff to travel RN. I have 4 years under my belt as an ED nurse and Geoff made sure that I got a position I wanted. I love trauma and he got me into a trauma center for my first contract. Unfortunately, as a travel RN you can't be in trauma due to them wanting you to train with their trauma team, but the overall acuity of the hospital was what I was looking for. I found an amazing facility to work for and even extended a contract. I am overall so pleased with Flexcare and if I decide to travel it would be through them.

by Maria Jaramillo on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare is the best

Natalie is simply the best. She has been with me through every step of the way starting my journey as a traveling nurse. She answered every question I've had honestly and in a timely matter. She is patient with me nd gave me a lot of options which I really like. Now that I'm 5 weeks into my first contract, she checks up on me weekly. I just can't say enough good things bout my experience this far with Natalie nd Flexcare.

by Jenna Musgrove on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Melissa Perez

I worked with Flexcare and had Melissa Perez as my recruiter for two assignments that spanned a little over one year. Melissa was so great to work with from the beginning, and she was eager to help me get an assignment quickly when another company had left me in a bind. She is efficient, kind, and always available. I can’t recommemd her enough!

by Suzanna Nikirk, BSN on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare makes it happen

I have been traveling with Flexcare, and my recruiter Alicia Keith, for almost 4 years, off and on. Alicia and I have become good friends over that time. I know that I can trust her to deliver the information that I need to make traveling a dream instead of a nightmare. I have traveled with other agencies before, but I was abandoned by them during an extremely vulnerable time, and I am once bitten - twice shy, now. I always recommend Flexcare to other travel nurses when I meet them because I know they make my travel career happen for me. Alicia is amazing, thoughtful, almost always available to me - day or night. She doesn't just nag me about compliance. She gives me the support, tools and information to make compliance a breeze. I know that I can trust her to give me the real truth about a facility before I commit to a contact. I would seriously be lost without her.

Samantha Taylor is Amazing!

I’ve been with Flexcare for about a year now, they’ve been nothing but amazing in every way! My recruiter, Samantha Taylor, is very informative, personable, and helpful when it comes to every step of the process. She helped me get my very first travel assignment, extend 3 times, and land an assignment in a location I wanted on DAY shift. Traveling has its ups and it’s downs, and Samantha helped me through every step of the way and has advocated for me from the beginning. Thanks for such a great experience!

Flexcare Travel

I have no complains about Flexcare! I give a lot of credit to my recruiter Geoff Krieger for always helping me find great assignments. Geoff has been in the travel nurse arena for many years and It is obvious. He is knowledgeable and realistic and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a travel assignment.

by Emily Hylton on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Registered Nurse

I have been with Flexcare for four years never had any major issues. The company overall is friendly and goes above and beyond to make sure you have a job. Paychecks generally are on time if you submit your timesheets when they are due.

Recruiter-Melissa Perez

Melissa was amazing!! As a new and inexperienced travel nurse Melissa took the time to explain in full detail all of my questions and made finding my first assignment easy. Thank you for always being available when I needed you!!

I’ve been very satisfied with FlexCare and my recruiter, Geoff Krieger. They are very responsive to any issue you have, offered good options and pay. The only thing is that sometimes they call early in the morning, forgetting that I work night shifts and am often asleep at that hour.

by A. Richmond on FlexCare Medical Staffing
One of the best

I use 5 travel agencies total. Geoff Krieger of Flexcare is one of the most reliable recruiters I know. The pay packages are usually the highest available and it’s no nonsense for submitting me to hospitals. Geoff has also gone to bat for me when I have any issues in logistics or with the hospitals. Right now I have a little over 3 years under my belt travel nursing and I can’t recommend Geoff enough.

Good company

My recruiter Melissa Perez is great, very responsive to all my questions via either email or text. She makes sure she explains everything thoroughly so you get a good understanding of everything. I’m almost done my first travel assignment and it’s been a great experience working with Melissa, and FlexCare in general. No complaints.

Geoff Krieger at Flexcare

Geoff Krieger is awesome. He is always immediately available for any questions or advice, even when he was out on paternity leave. I have always felt well supported by Geoff and Flexcare.


I would recommend Geoff Krieger to any nurse looking to travel! He got me placed on a new assignment very quickly . He is a great communicator - on top of things, responds quickly, makes him self available, stays in contact after contract starts, and an awesome advocate !

Melissa Perez is amazing!!!

Melissa went above and beyond to help me with my first assignment as a travel nurse! I was picky with my location and she worked her magic to get me the job I wanted. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work. And she was always on top of things and responded right away!

by Sean Masse on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Melissa Perez ~ One incredible recruiter!

I worked with Melissa Perez for two years. She was so easy to work with, got me great jobs, and her communication was impeccable! She kept me up to date on everything concerning my assignments, documents, and any issue that arrived. I highly recommend working with Melissa if you want a seamless, amazing contract with a great recruiter and a great company!

Deanna is Amazing!

Deanna Donabedian is amazing! Since our first conversation, she has been open and honest, available whenever I need her, and continues to search for amazing contracts! Being a new travel RN, I was a bit weary of contracts but she has helped me every step of the way! Keep it up!

Love FlexCare!

Same as my review on Facebook, mostly because all the credit goes to my recruiter: “Megan O’Connor is my recruiter and has been nothing short of fantastic. This was my first assignment and I’m sure I’ve been kind of a whiner, but she’s been very patient, incredibly encouraging, always available to help me find a solution to whatever comes up, and makes me feel heard and more confident - both as a nurse and as a traveler. 10/10 would recommend to anyone (and especially first-timers).”

I've had my fair share of relationships with travel nursing companies and Flexcare has by far been the best for me. They are always straight forward, have better pay packages than other agencies with the same hospital relationships, and they always seem to come through for me when its time for a new assignment. My recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been open and honest with me and has more knowledge of the travel nurse world than any other agencies/recruiter I've talked to before. She's been so great to me that I even referred a good friend to her when my friend was struggling to get a contract and within 48 hours after contacting her, she received a contract. Flexcare has taken the fear of getting the bad contract out of my head and I plan on working with them for many more contracts!

Travel RN

As a new travel nurse Deanna Donabedian is an excellent recruiter to work with. She’s made herself available to me 24/7 and I am able to go to her with any question I have. She has even helped me find housing! Would definitely recommend!

I've been a Traveling Nurse for over 2 years now and choosing an agency was really nerve racking in the beginning and many random sought me out when I first entered my contact in a general site for interest in Travel Nursing. I actually did my own research and found Flexcare and was able to work with 2 recruiters since then and they both have been wonderful. My current recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been amazing since I transitioned over to her from my previous recruiter. She has been very honest and supportive with me when It comes to looking and deciding on contracts. I have heard from other RN's that that their recruiters come off kind of pushy and at times nerve racking to communicate with, so I've realized and felt that I am really lucky Deanna has always felt supportive and even help me to take the time to make the proper decisions on my contracts, rather than just blindly pushing me into them. I usually here that it's normal to work with multiple agencies as a Travel RN, but I can honestly say my time with Flexcare has been very efficient, supportive, and fulfilling, that I never really needed to consider any others. I definitely plan con continuing working with them and Deanna

by Stephanie Thain on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare Medical Staffing

Flexcare has been my choice of Travel Nurse Agencies for the past 2 plus years. My Recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been wonderful, she is very helpful with all my needs and choices. Deanna makes sure she goes over all my contracts with me, we have great open communication always. I consider Deanna as a friend. Flexcare has been a great company to work for as they have contracts in all the places I want to go. I look forward to many more years of working together with Deanna and Flexcare.


I have been a travel nurse for about a year. I did my research on companies and I called a few before committing. I spoke to Deanna Donabedian at Flexcare, I just loved her bubbly personality. She made me feel at ease. She explained everything I would need to know as a new traveler. The pay has always been correct. She has called me during assignment just to check on how things were going, if I was ok and how was facility. I have no complaints at all.


I've been working with FlexCare Medical Staffing for two assignments now and cannot be more happy with choosing this company. My recruiter, Quang “Q” Phan, is absolutely fantastic. When deciding what company to go with, Q answered every question I could have possibly had about the traveling nurse process and made me feel extremely comfortable in taking the leap. He continues to work hard in finding me assignments in states and areas I want to explore and constantly checks in to make sure everything is going well and smoothly. I cannot stress enough how great of a recruiter he is and how easy and enjoyable he makes starting every assignment.

by Kenlee Wasurick on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Travel nurse

I have been a traveling nurse for under a year. I was nervous to start traveling, but Kory James has been an excellent recruiter. He is very knowledgeable and helps me understand the whole traveling experience. He is always available to me or let’s me know who to contact if he is unavailable at anytime. I chose flexcare because of the 1 on 1 contact. Being new I didn’t want to have a different person for every aspect of traveling. Flexcare has definitely delivered on everything I was told when choosing an agency and would highly recommend this agency to other nurses looking to travel.


I am a first time traveler on my first assignment with Flexcare. My recruiter Harrison has been very knowledgeable and helpful to me along the way. He responds promptly and is there to help me as I need. I chose Flexcare over another agency based on how quickly they got new assignments and their knowledge and time they gave me.

by Bonnie Baker on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have been a nurse for 45 years, retired from two different career paths ( US Army and Nursing Education) so the idea of a traveling nurse position was never on the radar - I can't say enough about the recruiter that I utilized, Joey Newton-- His determination and drive to get me the position I desired was unstoppable - though the process was riddled with slow downs (thru no fault of the company) Joey was always available and willing to do whatever was needed. His professionalism shines, the dedication to doing "the right thing" drives his committment to public service -- looking forward to working with Joey on future assignments

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