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by Stephen Larlee on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Tagen Davis at Flexcare

I have been working with Tagen Davis for a while now and I honestly just feel fortunate I found a great recruiter from the beginning. Flexcare's pay packages, benefits, and availability of jobs are great, but having a recruiter that is easy to work with makes a huge difference. I would highly recommend working with Tagen whether you are new to travel nursing or have been traveling for years.

by Sarah Pfeil on FlexCare Medical Staffing

When I first began looking to Travel nurse, I signed up for information with many recruiters and companies--just exploring around. It became overwhelming, and I felt like I was getting nowhere. I was recommended to Tagen Davis by a friend, reached out to her, and honestly never looked back! She is so knowledgable about the field and truly cares about her team of nurses! I never felt concerned about signing a contract or preparing to go to another hospital--thats how much I trust her, and I know she wouldn't put me at a facility just to put me there. She provides information and feedback in a timely manner as well as all of your compliance for different hospitals so you are not stressing last minute! You can tell she is organized, honest, dedicated and committed to her nurses!

At the beginning of my first assignment, I went through a little road bump in my personal life. Tagen was there to get me through that and encouraged me. She didn't treat me like a nurse, she treated me like I was her friend. She checked up on me constantly, and that said a lot about how personable she is! When I thought I couldn't continue to do this, I did, and have been a travel nurse for almost a year now. ITS TRULY LIFE CHANGING and I thank Tagen for that!

I know of travel nurses who jump from agency to agency for many reasons, but I feel so comfortable with Flexcare and my recruiter that I believe that I will be with them for as long as I travel!

You can't find that anywhere, only Flexcare! Tagen ROCKS!

by Roman Leal on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Deanna Donabedian

Deanna Donabedian, my recruiter, was amazing! She guided me through the steps of becoming a travel nurse and followed up with me from the very beginning. She always returned my calls and emails and she was easy to come to.I would wholeheartedly recommend her for nurses looking for a recruiter.

by Annah LaJoy on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My friend recommended Flexcare to me and shared her recruiter Lonna Rose with me and I am so grateful she did. I know there are a ton of travel agencies for nurses and it can be overwhelming. I could not be happier with the company and especially Lonna my recruiter. We first communicated about assignments and it took about 8 months til I actually left my full time job and took an assignment. She never made me feel pressured but genuinely wanted me to be ready and make the best choices for myself. She never became impatient sending me assignment after assignment. She is always honest, always advocates for me, has pushed for interviews when it needed to be done and things were being delayed on the hospitals end. She is always easy to get a hold of and responds so quickly. She's so easy to talk to and I can't say enough about her. She even helped one of my friends get an assignment when she was having trouble with another agency and she also speaks very highly of Lonna. She works her butt off and is just a wonderful person all around. She always has my best interest in mind and is sincere with every word and action. I highly highly highly recommend this agency and Lonna. You will not be disappointed.

by Katrina Webster on FlexCare Medical Staffing

As a first time traveler, Deanna was everything she promised and I expected: transparent, honest, and supportive. She was knowledgeable and patient answering all my first-timer questions, and I love how this company is a one-person go-to for all your needs. Deanna has gone above and beyond to help me find and secure the assignment I want, and has been organized in keeping all my files in line. I can’t say enough good things about Deanna and they amazing recruiter she has been!

by Sara Scott on FlexCare Medical Staffing
FlexCare travel nursing

As a first time travel nurse shopping around for a company/recruiter, Nicole Beck, was the only recruiter who was honest and straightforward about realistic expectations getting positions in my specialty. She has been super helpful throughout my first assignment and has not been overbearing, but also intermittently checks in to make sure my experience is going well. For my next assignment, she listened to my needs and dedicated herself to finding the job that fit my preferences and ultimately got me the job I wanted. I look forward to working with Nicole in the future!

by Agustin Rico on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Pretty sure my previous agents from earlier company’s I worked with gave up on me to come back. Once I started working with Tagen Davis I haven’t felt the need to work with anybody else. Sometimes I forget she’s my agent because we have developed a friendship and know she has my back when starting a new assignment. I know exactly what I’m getting into when I sign a contract and have a sense of security before every contract. Very excited for another year with this company and Tagen Davis.

by Brittney Conley on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare Medical Staffing

I have worked with Flexcare for just over a year. I have worked specifically with Tagen Davis who is amazing! Tagen is great at communicating and is always available whenever I have questions/ issues. She is very honest about taking new assignments, pay, locations and other travel nurses reviews about a specific hospital. She advocates for her traveling nurses and she reaches out on current assignments to make sure everything is running smoothly. I look forward to her phone calls because she is such a big sweet heart! She has made my past year of traveling nursing amazing and I Look forward to working with her this year! Thank you Tagen Davis!

by Veronica S. on FlexCare Medical Staffing
FlexCare Medical Staffing

Special shoutout to Mike Arroyo. He's my recruiter and he's outstanding. Last year, I left my full-time job to try out travel nursing. I was so nervous to leave home, my comfort zone, and just the uncertainty of the future. When I first contacted Flexcare, through their online site, two recruiters reached out, but they never followed through with me. I almost thought it was a sign that maybe Travel Nursing wasn't meant for me. Then one day, Mike Arroyo, called to see if I was still interested in Travel Nursing. He explained to me everything about Travel Nursing from stipends, assignments, to housing. He answered all my questions and I never felt rushed over the phone. I'm now finishing off my second assignment and I couldn't be more appreciate of this whole Travel experience. I just landed a third assignment in my ideal location. I'm so grateful for this whole experience. I honestly think a recruiter plays a big part in the travel nursing experience. I feel very supported by my recruiter, Mike. He checks in on me to see how things are going. Mike's on top of things and he makes sure I meet deadlines. He has great communication. I feel very comfortable talking to him and I don't feel like I'm ever judged.
He also sends me lots of Job opportunities and listens to where I'm interested in going to next. I can't say enough good things about Mike. He's just simply the best and I look forward to continue working with this agency and Mike.

by Maged Eissa on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great Recruiter

Esteban Heredia !! he is honest, patient in explaining everything for you, and giving you time and follow up as you are the only employee in this company. The VIP treatment with Esteban makes you feel like you are unique. He knows what he is doing, and we should put in your application, even small detail, but will produce different in your application overall look. Honestly, I recommend him 100%. I want to thank him for the pleasant experience as a new travel nurse and thank him for the great advice all the time. By the way, he never pushes you in something you do not like 100%; he only gives advice. Esteban, you are wonderful, thanks!!

by Maged Eissa on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great Recruiter

Esteban Heredia !! he is honest, patient in explaining everything for you, and giving you time and fallen up as you are the only employee in this company. The VIP treatment with Esteban makes you feel like you are unique. He knows what he is doing, and we should put in your application, even small detail, but will produce different in your application overall look. Honestly, I recommend him 100%. I want to thank him for the pleasant experience as a new travel nurse and thank him for the great advice all the time. By the way, he never pushes you in something you do not like 100%; he only gives advice. Esteban, you are wonderful, thanks!!

by Anna Casten on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have worked with Flexcare for almost a year now and they have been great. The only complaint I have with Flexcare is that when I asked about housing for an assignment they were not very helpful. I typically take the stipend anyway, however, in this particular area it is difficult to find housing and I was told to "look on sites like Facebook" which I do not have. Other than that the pay rates have been on par with other agencies.

For my first assignment I worked with a recruiter who was terrible. However, I expressed my complaints to the company and they placed me with my current recruiter Heather Bierwirth who is outstanding. She has worked incredibly hard to find jobs for me. I've been a nurse for 6 years and was getting burned out working in the ICU. Other companies pushed me to continue to work in the ICU/PACU because it was easier for them to find me jobs. Heather was on top of it and found jobs for me when others ignored my requests. The job I have now (in clinic, which I love!) was actually subcontracted through a larger company I was already working with as well. The "big company" failed to mention this job to me, but Heather jumped on it and got me in. I am so thankful for her hard work and dedication. I am now enjoying my job and life much more because she was willing to listen and take time out for me. She is always gently reminding me of deadlines and checks in to make sure I am doing OK. I feel like I am treated as an individual with Flexcare rather than just a money maker.

by Lauren Lindberg on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Heather Bierwirth is my recruiter at flexcare and she has been great. She always checks in to make sure things are going okay. She’s persistent and is always on the look out for great assignments. I’m almost done with my first travel assignment and she has made it a great experience and is great at explaining things because it can definitely be confusing and overwhelming at first! I’ve been overall very happy with my experience and with Flexcare!

by ernest ondrias on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My third contract with Flexcare.... and Ian Gray... I also have secured positions with other agencies/recruiters but NONE have been as proactive, supportive, and there when needed than Ian!!!!!

by Jennifer R on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I started my travel nurse search on a Saturday in October 2018! I entered my information on Saturday morning and a hour or so later Esteban Heredia from flexcare contacted me! That alone speaks to his work ethic! He did an awesome job explaining the “travel nurse world” to me. I was so clueless. Even when I thought of backing out and made excuses he gave me the push I needed to take my first assignment. I’m currently on my third assignment with him and I’ve already extended my contract here. He is someone who will advocate for me and communicates often, there aren’t any surprises! I have spoken with other recruiters at different companies, but I enjoy working with Esteban

First Contract.

First contract with FC.
Have worked with other Travel companies before....
Geoff Krieger has ben great!! Wonderful communication, treats their employees great! Will be working with him again!

by Daniel Molleda on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I am so thankful I have had the chance to work with Christina Impellizeri. She is persistent and works extremely hard to make sure I am happy with my assignment. I've enjoyed our working relationship so much I have extended my contract. She did not even shy away from making sure my current facility updated my contract with winter rates. She listens to what I am looking for in a job assignment and makes sure to accommodate me. Thanks to her, I am always in the know with whats going on and what I need to update in my profile. I am grateful to have her and the flexcare team with me on this journey.

by Sonia roper on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare Travel

Marcus Wheeler. The best travel nurse recruiter there is. A Travel company that actually cares about their nurses and treats you like a person. Marcus always answers his calls regardless. Even on his vacation he will find some one to help you.The best pay rates, they won't cheat you out of of your stipends.


I am currently on my third assignment with flexcare. My recruiter Erin has been a godsend. From the beginning she has made sure that my experience was a smooth transition. Even when things got bumpy, she was there to lift me up and guide me forward! I couldn’t get through the travel life without her and he positive energy and encouragement. I’m proud to have Erin behind me every step of the way and honored to represent flexcare!

This is my second company, second assignment and second recruiter. To say I am happy with my assignment and recruiter would be an understatement!! Kristen McKnight has been so supportive And kind. She’s available when I need her but not overly contacting me as I’ve previously experienced. The facility I work in is well organized, traveler friendly and safe. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience!

by Gilbert Aspirin on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great company with awesome recruiter

I am 2 days away from my year anniversary with Flexcare and the best recruiter Ian Gray. I can tell you he has made my transition to travel nursing so very easy. Ian is consistently prompt and through when it comes to getting my stuff in order for facility compliance. He always answers my calls and text when I have questions or issues. He knows exactly what I want in assignments and has BRILLIANT alternative suggestions/solutions when I'm unsure. Ian does go above and beyond and I also consider him a friend! I reccomend visiting the campus I was surprised at how open, friendly, and energetic the staff and work place are.

by Kelly Moore on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great experience

This is my second company and second assignment. I thought first recruiter was amazing, but Taylor T. has proven me wrong. She has been with me every step of the way. I was hurt on the job and she checked on daily either with a call or text. I even received a SWEET treat !!! I am beyond happy with Flexcare and Taylor. I’m looking forward to our next adventure!!!

by Kelly Sullivan on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Travel nursing experience

I have recently started working with Ian Gray with Flexcare going to be starting a second contract with him. I have had nothing but a positive experience. Ian makes you feel supported, and taken care of. He is always communicating with you which is so important. He is a great asset to Flexcare. I would recommend this agency and working with Ian to any nurse that is doing, or wants to do travel nursing.

by Jennifer Gaunt on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Highly Recommend!!

Starting out as a travel nurse this summer was intimidating but has been a great experience thus far. Andrew Pink, my recruiter, was super helpful when starting the process and guided through the requirements of the facility. His attentiveness to how I’ve been doing on my assignment has made me know that if I had any issues I can definitely bring them to his attention to deal with as soon as possible. I started with many travel nurses on this assignment who are not getting paid as much as I am. Definitely worth the risk if you are on the fence with starting travel nursing!!

by Abigail Lilla on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great Traveling Agency

I have had such a great experience with FlexCare Medical Staffing! My recruiter Deanna Donabedian has been so helpful in making every aspect of this job fun and easy. I am only just starting my second travel assignment and my biggest fear was that it would be a difficult transition, but the staff at FlexCare, especially Deanna, have made it a very relaxed process. I am always notified of things in a timely manner so I don't feel rushed, and as far as paychecks, I have always received them on time with no discrepancies. I would definitely recommend this agency to any nurse asking about traveling!

Great experience!

Deanna Donabedian has been my recruiter for the last 1.5 years. She has always worked to find the contracts that are a good fit for me and been very patient when I'm a little slow getting my competencies finished (you other travelers know the deal). I've never considered finding another recruiter. She's been great!

by Ralph Farley on FlexCare Medical Staffing

So to clarify. I had the chance to speak with flexcare again after my whole ordeal. They are beyond willing to work with me to ensure my new experience will be far different than my first. People are human, and im impressed with the fact they are saying sorry and willing to work with me.

It has changed my opininons of them, and has given me new hope about the future of being a traveling nurse.

by Wendy Edmonds on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Thank you Kristin and FlexCare

My experience with FlexCare and my recruiter Kristin McKnight have been 100% positive. She simplified the details of traveling and went to bat for me to get a position that would meet my needs. Anytime I texted, emailed or called Kristin she got back to me within minutes. I highly recommend both Kristin McKnight and FlexCare if you are thinking about traveling.

by Ralph Farley on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My recruiter Robert Johnson from the get-go was on a different dimension than myself. I told him what I was looking for and he gave me the exact opposite. But I was willing to trust him due to his experience, but its neither here or there. The major screw up with this company is that they only care about their bottom dollar. I brought forth major illegal practices the hospital I was at was doing his response?

"Keep your nose to the grindstone and don't make waves. You are a guest in their house, Ralph."

But the major sin came in this form.

I saw a TB patient out of their reverse Isolation room. I informed both primary and charge and they said, "Oh she came back from CT, She should have had a mask"... I informed my agency, they told me the hospital denied it happened and to go back to work. So I told Robert I quit if there was no bar of accountability, I won't work for a facility that hides a possible TB outbreak/an agency that doesn't back their nurses.

He said I was, "being too idealistic"

People die from having no sense of standards and money being the only thing that matters. So I will forever hold on to my ideas...

-5 of 5 stars

Quang- Flexcare

From the get-go when I began travel nursing Quang “Q” Phan was straight forward, informative, and most of all very helpful. After talking with several recruiters from other companies I just didn't vibe with them and questioned travelling until I was able to talk with Q. It turned out to be one of the best things to happen, travelling with Flexcare with Q as my recruiter, as I was given opportunity for the assignments I wanted that met my financial and skill goals. I highly recommend Q as a recruiter and Flexcare to travel with !

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