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Angie Entwisle and FlexCare are the best!!

As my 4th travel year is wrapping up, I have to give mad love to my recruiter-Angie Entwisle, and the whole FlexCare family. Notice I said family because that’s how this company runs!
I’ve said it a million times, and I will continue to say it, Angie is a Rockstar! She has gotten me every single assignment I’ve wanted, and she is honestly there for me 24/7, 365. We instantly hit it off from that very first contact, and have since become great friends. I can not say enough good things about this chic. She is my ride or die, and has made my life simply amazing. She has also grown so much in her career, and I’m proud to be part of her team as she keeps moving up!
Angie, and FlexCare, you are AMAZING! Much love!

by Schneika Dixon on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Nicolette Grant

Nicolette Grant, my recruiter at Flexcare has made my decision to become a Travel RN one of the best decision in my new career. She is knowledgeable and very accommodating. She is clear, concise and upfront about all assignment details. Her swift resolve regarding any discrepancy brought to her attention is encouraging and puts me at ease. Her pleasant persistence and advocating tendencies reminds me she is on top of thing and reassures I'm in good hands. Nicolette welcomes all forms off communication day/night and very quick to respond. Thank You Nicolette, your very much appreciated. You make FlexCare look Great!

by Star Roberts on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Wonderful Recruiter !

Nicolette Grant with Flexcare Medical Staffing has been amazing ! I am new to traveling and ask LOTS of questions. She is always patient and thorough. She listens well and is proactive on my behalf. I feel like I can trust her to find what I am looking for and what fits best for my family.

Love Lonna Rose and Flexcare

Flexcare is my 3rd travel company and I appreciate Lonna Rose for her honesty and knowledge of the industry, even before I qas connected to Flexcare; she offered herself to answer questions, whether or not I would ever be a client and followed up with me consistently to evaluate my needs. Lonna hung in there with me sending jobs daily for every available day position in FL, and was honest in not submitting me if I didn't have ALL of the qualifications the position was requiring (and I have 24 years of experience). When we settled on a position, the onboarding process was painless and I received everything I needed to start the first day at the facility. She follows up to ensure everything is going smoothly and is available at all times for any questions. You will find that their pay system is different than other companies because they don't keep as much of your money; I would have made $200 more a week at my last assignment if I had used Flexcare. Insurance is first day and affordable. So if you want an honest individual in your corner, Lonna Rose is your girl.

by Brooke Blanchard on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My recruiter Taylor Harris is beyond amazing! She is so knowledgeable, kind, and highly organized. This has been my first travel assignment, and she has been there every step of the way. I feel that this company is straightforward, has realistic expectations, and offers a great pay package. I am so thrilled to have Taylor in my corner!


My recruiter Karl Jonczyk is wonderful and always has an answer to my questions. He's right on with what I need and is personal and professional! I have been a traveler for over a year and not only did he take the time to explain how the company works, he listened to where I wanted to go and work for me to achieve long and short goals. His knowledge of traveling, no matter what location I would bring up was vast and amazing. He's always working on the next leg of my journey, and still keeps up with my needs at my current location. Anytime I am in doubt he takes the time to reassure me no matter the time of day or night, even weekends! Flexcare isn't my first travel company but it may just be my last!

by Emily Frawley on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Amazing Company

I've been with three travel nurse companies in 3 years and Flexcare Staffing is the best by far! And out of all my recruiters, Chris Fisher is hands down the best recruiter I've had. He's been the most professional, will always get back to you in a timely manner, and can work through any sort of dilemma you might have. On top of that, he always has a great attitude! He honestly makes my job so much easier especially when it comes to signing up for a new contract and getting through compliance. Going forward, I will not work with another recruiter because he is just simply the best! I highly recommend requesting Chris Fisher!!

by Benjamin Rammer on FlexCare Medical Staffing
The best!!

I have been traveling with 'Flexcare Staffing' for about two years now and it has been a wonderful experience. Not only does 'Flexcare' topple other travel companies rates... they are a known company that has great nurses under their wing. My recruiter 'Sammy Aguilar' is an exceptional professional individual, who I also feel is my friend. No matter where I am in the country, I always know I have someone there who has my best interests at hand. He has brought a unique experience to every contract I've taken and I wholeheartedly appreciate this. Thank you Sammy!

Kristina would beat your recruiter in an arm wrestling match!

I just sat down and read through a handful of these reviews. Why has no one mentioned the amazing and super talented Kristina Berhenke?!
Much like a Bette Midler song, Kristina is "the wind beneath my wings". She makes herself available, maybe a little too much, and is a constant cheerleader for me. If Kristina were an X-Men, she would be Storm. Caring and charismatic, but a force to be reckoned with. Not a Marvel fan? Sorry, I can't think of any different references. Point being, Kristina is amazing to work with. She is professional and adaptable. She cares for you, not only as a healthcare professional, but as a person. Kristina incorporates you into her family, and lets you grow as an individual.

Oh, and she's funny too.

Nate, sch-mate! Q...who? Kristina, 2020!!!

by Jared Caster on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My wife and I have been traveling with Flexcare for over a year now, and I just wanted to say that it has been nothing but a pleasure. Our recruiter "Q" (Quang Phan) has always been there for a quick professional response and even goes above and beyond to keep us updated. Our pay has always been on-time, and contract details (hours/orientation times etc) are made clear. Great communication and professionalism. They come highly recommended by both my wife and I. Thank You!

by Tammy Strunk on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Travel Nurse

Getting back into traveling after several years has been exasperating. However I couldn’t have gone wrong with choosing Flexcare for my travel company. My recruiter Taylor Harris has gone above and beyond in guiding me and encouraging me throughout the process. She listened to my concerns and most importantly she listened to what I wanted and where I would like to go and worked diligently and patiently to get me there. Another big plus is she is available! I would highly recommend Taylor!

by Renee Goulding on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Honest and Reliable Company!

I have been traveling with Flexcare for over a year, and I can honestly say that they are the best! I consistently speak with other nurses that are traveling with different companies on the same unit, and while comparing contracts Flexcare has always beat others rates! My recruiter Kristi Koski is so fast at communicating and very reliable. Kristi has helped me find jobs in every place I have wanted to travel, and the process is always smooth and easy. It is so nice to have a company and wonderful recruiter on my side. I would highly recommend Flexcare to any nurse - no hesitation!

by Sharon Reynolds on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great company and Recruiter

I have only traveled with Flexcare with one assignment, but it won't be my last! From the company to my recruiter Josh Rosen, they are very professional and Josh is always there when I need him and he listens to me. If your looking for a great company with great benefits, pay package and a great recruiter, look no further than Flexcare and Josh Rosen!


Flexcare has been very helpful in my travel nurse career! I have used them intermittently with other companies. In addition, Nate Shanklin has been my recruiter with both Flexcare assignments. I usually travel alone, but both times with Nate I have gone with a friend from nursing school. Nate has always helped find the exact city and type of unit both my roommate and I have wanted. He responds very quickly to email and text. And follows up with managers if he doesn't know the answer. Flexcare has great pay packages as well!

Natalie is a fantastic recruiter!

I have always had great experiences with Flexcare. Natalie Pisciotta is my recruiter and I feel like she always has my back. Even when I take long breaks between assignments, I am able to pick right where I left off with her. She is awesome! I highly recommend Flexcare as a company and Natalie as a recruiter.

Nate is Great!

If you're thinking about diving into the world of travel nursing but have no idea where to begin, Nate is the man you're looking for! Every conversation, from day 1 to earlier today, Nate has taken the time to ask where I want to be, what I want to learn, and how I want this journey to play out. He's gone above and beyond to find jobs at reputable facilities, and takes a lot of stress out of the pre-employment process with his quick response to any question you may have. In addition to being a great recruiter, he's just an all around super friendly guy-really great and easy to work with!!
Bonus, the pay packages with FlexCare are amazing!

I just got into travel nursing and soon too complete my first assignment and haven't had one bad thing to say about flexcare as a company or my recruiter Nate Shanklin. Nate has been great was very patient with me at the beginning when I was full of questions and unsure to where I would like to go or if I even wanted to travel. He has had nothing but great advice for me and I hope and believe there is nothing but good things to come.

I have been working as a traveling nurse the last year and a half and worked with other companies that just were not fulfilling my needs, then I met my amazing recruiter Quang “Q” Phan. He works so hard to get me what I need when I need it. He is reliable, professional, understanding. He helps me pick the right jobs and is on top of everything at all times including me getting my checks, they are never late never short. Honestly he is the best recruiter I could have asked for.

I am new to the travel nurse career and my recruiter, Julio Castano, has been great in helping get me started. He has been awesome to work with ensuring that all my paperwork is in order and checks in often to make sure I'm doing well in my first assignment.

by PECULIAR NDULAKA on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Registered Nurse

I have been privileged to work with the best recruiter on the planet in the person of MEGAN O'CONNOR. She has been very professional, helpful, courteous, caring, easily and readily accessible and always gets back to me in a timely manner. As a new travel nurse, trying to navigate the fears, anxiety, and uncertainty of my first travel assignment, Mrs O'Connor helped alleviate all the fears and anxiety and made the process much more easier and smoother than I initially envisioned. I cannot be more grateful nor ask for a better recruiter. I would definitely recommend her and Flexcare to anyone who is looking to experience the adventure of travel nursing. Thank you, Megan O'Connor! You get an A+

Amanda Heple is my recruiter and she has been great! She took over for another recruiter I had who left and it has been a seamless transition. Amanda is always so friendly and easy to talk to and my questions are always answered promptly. Flexcare overall has been a good company to work for. Thanks!

All is good while the getting's good

I was initially very excited to work with Flexcare, due to their rankings as a company, and high pay, but my first assignment with them was disastrous. When the facility canceled a large portion of my contract last minute, they were not there to support me, and even had the audacity to support the hospital instead. Both my recruiter, and her supervisor could only think to praise the facility in that tense situation, and tell me how highly they are regarded, and how everyone wants to work there, etc. They had zero conflict resolution skills, and were not compassionate when I was trying to get them to understand that I had already signed a lease for the entire contract term, and the facility had cost me money. They told me that maybe traveling isn't for me because I expect a facility to uphold their agreement, just like I always uphold mine. Then they were very shady about the situation, and refused to put in writing that the hospital was canceling a part of my contract. I asked several times for this, but they would only call to discuss, so I had no actual written proof for my records. Instead, they sent a new contract with shorter dates and wanted me to sign it (which I did not). They did their best to then pressure and intimidate me into fulfilling the now void agreement, which I was going to do anyway as they literally called me to tell me this info as I was boarding my flight to be in the new city to start work the next day. I completed the contract up to the canceled portion, then went on my pre-planned trip. Later, I had applied up for some benefits, and listed my last employer, along with the reason I was no longer working, as asked. My benefits were approved, but then put on hold, and I had to complete an interview to verify the info that I provided about my last job. The interviewer told me that Flexcare had provided info that did not support my reason for ending work (contract ended early by facility). He then said that they provided info indicating that there was a new contract, and my previous one was now void, so the facility didn't technically cancel me early. I let him know that I did not sign that contract. Then he kept asking if I had requested time off (which I had and was already agreed upon by the facility in my contract, but they canceled that portion), and then at the end he let it slip that they had said that I had QUIT?!?!? I emailed the recruiter and supervisor, explaining the situation, and asking for clarification in case it was a misunderstanding, and the supervisor literally said "please file appeal and go through the appeals process to get this worked out". WHAT??? I emailed back expressing my shock and utter disgust that they had gotten their money from my contract, then discarded me like waste. Then she called. Only then would she acknowledge that my contract was canceled. She tried to say I had the opportunity to not accept the change, but that I did. She was really not acknowledging at all that if wasn't for the early cancelation, I would have still been on contract at that time, instead of struggling to land a new one in this rough market. I asked that she respond to my email and put this in writing so I have a leg to stand on as far as my interview, and she would not. I am shocked and horrified with how this company does business. All you represent is a check to them, and they will back the facility if things go down instead of you. AVOID.

by Meghan Blackall on FlexCare Medical Staffing
FlexCare Medical Staffing

Megan O'Connor is assigned as my recruiter, and she has been an absolute dream. I've been an RN for 3 years, and decided to transition from a staff nurse to a travel nurse. She made this transition so easy. I talked with multiple companies about locations and the reasons behind staying within a 3 hour radius from home. She was the only one that didn't make excuses. She found multiple contracts and I had a job within a few weeks. She contacted me daily to answer my numerous questions. Even after I started at my new facility she continued to contact me daily to make sure I was treated fairly and I will still liking my position. My first assignment went so well I even extended with this unit.

by Jennifer Frye on FlexCare Medical Staffing
My Recruiter Adrian H.

My recruiter Adrian Hillman at FlexCare is awesome. He is prompt and professional - ALWAYS. I feel I can rely on him to guide me through all processes and strategies for growth as a travel RN. Truly appreciate him.

by Toni Bouchard on FlexCare Medical Staffing

This was my first travel assignment and it has been a very positive experience. There are so many companies out there and I am glad I went with FlexCare. My recruiter, Quang "Q" Phan has been very kind, pleasant, patient and very efficient.

I was very nervous about this and very unsure about some things and he was with me every step of the way. He was available even on his days off and after hours and always willing to talk me through the process and encourage me.

I feel very confident that he is there to make sure that my assignments are going to be a good experience and I am well taken care of. He cares about me as a person and not only as a nurse who is a recruit.

I will be working with "Q" for many years to come.

Flexcare and my recruiter, Josh Rosen, have made my travel life much easier. I am very happy to have found them. No hassles and Josh is a great person to talk to. He always has time for my questions no matter when. I look forward to working with him and Flexcare for my future contracts.

by Timothy Mack on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Zoyah Kahn and Flexcare

I have been travelling off and on for about 7 years. Flexcare is the best company that I have travelled with. Zoyah Kahn is my recruiter, and honestly, it does not get any better than working with her. She is attentive, kind, and works so hard to make sure that my assignments have always gone well. She responds quickly always listens, handles issues quickly, provides excellent assignment information, and honestly is more like a friend who is looking out for me, than anything else. She keeps me from even looking at another company.


I currently resigned with FlexCare and I am so happy I made this decision. Julio Castano is the one of the best recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with. Julio is very professional,pleasant, and very knowledgeable. Julio gave 100 percent throughout the process of finding my perfect position. EVERY detail was taken care of. Comminication was excellent.Thank you so much Julio. A+++++++

I have been with Flexcare for approximately 4 months. As a first time traveler, I have to confess, I was nervous about embarking on this new and foreign aspect of nursing.

I filled out the application online at 6:30 AM and within minutes of submitting it, my first (and eternal) recruiter called me...DESPITE IT BEING ONLY 6:30 AM!!! Certainly he knew I was awake but undoubtedly, he was on his own time, not even in the office yet but none-the-less, he made the time and effort to call and talk to me right away!

Since then, I have found Nate Shanklin to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough and always accessible. He has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty for me, has been nurturing, supportive and encouraging, helping me navigate through every juncture, all of the questions and trepidation any new Traveler would experience. Nate is genuinely devoted to his RNs and makes significant efforts to know as much as possible about the facilities his RNs may be interested in and gives his Nurses honest, accurate information as well as moral support if and when it's needed.

Seemingly, but not incidentally, Nate also welcomes, encourages and utilizes feedback from his Nurses regarding their experiences at their various facilities which is another, invaluable asset to working with him, he listens and is able to practically apply his knowledge in ways that will best benefit his Nurses and their potential facilities. He is dedicated and passionate about both his profession and making successful matches between his Nurses and their facilities.

In closing and now, after having had the opportunity to speak with other Travel Nurses and their professional relationships with their Recruiters, I am keenly aware of how lucky I am to have found such an exceptional Recruiter as the one I have found in Nate Shanklin and I genuinely hope that Flexcare recognizes what a hard working, honest and devoted employee they are fortunate to have on their team.


After having issues with my first recruiter and agency, some fellow travelers recommended FlexCare. I went ahead and contacted them and was so relieved to find an honest, upfront agency that was able to offer better pay packages to boot!I had the pleasure of working with Quang "Q" Phan and he was very clear of how this agency worked as far as where money goes and pay packages and all of that important info.I was quite inflexible for my second assignment and Q never pressured me into other contracts that did not meet my requirements, which I very much appreciated.He was able to find me the perfect contract. He is everything one could hope for in a recruiter! He is patient, he checked in and kept me on track during the compliance process. We had a very strict facility that asked for very specific tests etc.. however Q proved his excellent problem solving skills when we ran into a few hiccups along the way. He was always available even on his days off and he went out of his way to make sure documents were received from other facilities and so forth. We had a crazy time with this compliance process but he made magic happen and it all worked out in the end. I don't think I could have stayed on top of everything without his help and his encouragement. He's so personable and easy to talk to, I highly recommend him and FlexCare!

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