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I've had my fair share of relationships with travel nursing companies and Flexcare has by far been the best for me. They are always straight forward, have better pay packages than other agencies with the same hospital relationships, and they always seem to come through for me when its time for a new assignment. My recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been open and honest with me and has more knowledge of the travel nurse world than any other agencies/recruiter I've talked to before. She's been so great to me that I even referred a good friend to her when my friend was struggling to get a contract and within 48 hours after contacting her, she received a contract. Flexcare has taken the fear of getting the bad contract out of my head and I plan on working with them for many more contracts!

Travel RN

As a new travel nurse Deanna Donabedian is an excellent recruiter to work with. She’s made herself available to me 24/7 and I am able to go to her with any question I have. She has even helped me find housing! Would definitely recommend!

I've been a Traveling Nurse for over 2 years now and choosing an agency was really nerve racking in the beginning and many random sought me out when I first entered my contact in a general site for interest in Travel Nursing. I actually did my own research and found Flexcare and was able to work with 2 recruiters since then and they both have been wonderful. My current recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been amazing since I transitioned over to her from my previous recruiter. She has been very honest and supportive with me when It comes to looking and deciding on contracts. I have heard from other RN's that that their recruiters come off kind of pushy and at times nerve racking to communicate with, so I've realized and felt that I am really lucky Deanna has always felt supportive and even help me to take the time to make the proper decisions on my contracts, rather than just blindly pushing me into them. I usually here that it's normal to work with multiple agencies as a Travel RN, but I can honestly say my time with Flexcare has been very efficient, supportive, and fulfilling, that I never really needed to consider any others. I definitely plan con continuing working with them and Deanna

by Stephanie Thain on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare Medical Staffing

Flexcare has been my choice of Travel Nurse Agencies for the past 2 plus years. My Recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been wonderful, she is very helpful with all my needs and choices. Deanna makes sure she goes over all my contracts with me, we have great open communication always. I consider Deanna as a friend. Flexcare has been a great company to work for as they have contracts in all the places I want to go. I look forward to many more years of working together with Deanna and Flexcare.


I have been a travel nurse for about a year. I did my research on companies and I called a few before committing. I spoke to Deanna Donabedian at Flexcare, I just loved her bubbly personality. She made me feel at ease. She explained everything I would need to know as a new traveler. The pay has always been correct. She has called me during assignment just to check on how things were going, if I was ok and how was facility. I have no complaints at all.


I've been working with FlexCare Medical Staffing for two assignments now and cannot be more happy with choosing this company. My recruiter, Quang “Q” Phan, is absolutely fantastic. When deciding what company to go with, Q answered every question I could have possibly had about the traveling nurse process and made me feel extremely comfortable in taking the leap. He continues to work hard in finding me assignments in states and areas I want to explore and constantly checks in to make sure everything is going well and smoothly. I cannot stress enough how great of a recruiter he is and how easy and enjoyable he makes starting every assignment.

by Kenlee Wasurick on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Travel nurse

I have been a traveling nurse for under a year. I was nervous to start traveling, but Kory James has been an excellent recruiter. He is very knowledgeable and helps me understand the whole traveling experience. He is always available to me or let’s me know who to contact if he is unavailable at anytime. I chose flexcare because of the 1 on 1 contact. Being new I didn’t want to have a different person for every aspect of traveling. Flexcare has definitely delivered on everything I was told when choosing an agency and would highly recommend this agency to other nurses looking to travel.


I am a first time traveler on my first assignment with Flexcare. My recruiter Harrison has been very knowledgeable and helpful to me along the way. He responds promptly and is there to help me as I need. I chose Flexcare over another agency based on how quickly they got new assignments and their knowledge and time they gave me.

by Bonnie Baker on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have been a nurse for 45 years, retired from two different career paths ( US Army and Nursing Education) so the idea of a traveling nurse position was never on the radar - I can't say enough about the recruiter that I utilized, Joey Newton-- His determination and drive to get me the position I desired was unstoppable - though the process was riddled with slow downs (thru no fault of the company) Joey was always available and willing to do whatever was needed. His professionalism shines, the dedication to doing "the right thing" drives his committment to public service -- looking forward to working with Joey on future assignments

Q at FlexCare

I’m a first time traveler and I highly recommend my recruiter Quang “Q” Phan! Unlike recruiters at other companies he takes the time to get to know you, and the overall travel experience you’re looking for. Q will work hard to get you the position you want, and the best pay!

Rachel and FlexCare are wonderful!

I have really enjoyed working with Rachel and the Flexcare staff! I have had an amazing first assignment so far and plan on referring anyone considering travel nursing to work with them. I look forward to many more assignments with this amazing company!

Great company, great recruiter

Over the years I had companies i loved, recruiters i loved, but never together. Ian Grey and Flexcare have been the exception. Flexcare delivers on what many companies only claim, i have found everything they offer to be highly competitive with any company on the market, and they do more than offer, they deliver. Finding a great recruiter is tougher, they are the ones who can make or break your experience. Ian has been stellar, helped me tremendously, even taught me about finding my own housing, which is a real plus for some places i go. Supportive, reachable, no matter what i ask, if he doesn't know he finds out fast for me. Ian tailors his style to what you need, which is what a good recruiter has to do, and i am glad i have found the combo that makes any assignment far more enjoyable. We all know facilities vary, you never really know until you get there. But if your company and recruiter have your back, it will all be good.

by Rachel Simmerman on FlexCare Medical Staffing
FlexCare Medical Staffing

I am wrapping up my first travel assignment and starting to apply for my second contract. None of this would be possible with the help of my amazing recruiter Angie Entwisle. She is there for me all the time and will have my back in tough situations. She has made my decision to become a travel nurse a no brainer. She is so hardworking and talented at what she does, everyone deserves an awesome recruiter like her!!


My recruiter Deanna Donabedian has been amazing. This is my first assignment with Flexcare and it won’t be my last. I have used another agency before and my recruiter for that agency did not go above and beyond like Deanna does for me. I feel like a person and not just a number.

Angie Entwisle and FlexCare are the best!!

As my 4th travel year is wrapping up, I have to give mad love to my recruiter-Angie Entwisle, and the whole FlexCare family. Notice I said family because that’s how this company runs!
I’ve said it a million times, and I will continue to say it, Angie is a Rockstar! She has gotten me every single assignment I’ve wanted, and she is honestly there for me 24/7, 365. We instantly hit it off from that very first contact, and have since become great friends. I can not say enough good things about this chic. She is my ride or die, and has made my life simply amazing. She has also grown so much in her career, and I’m proud to be part of her team as she keeps moving up!
Angie, and FlexCare, you are AMAZING! Much love!

by Schneika Dixon on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Nicolette Grant

Nicolette Grant, my recruiter at Flexcare has made my decision to become a Travel RN one of the best decision in my new career. She is knowledgeable and very accommodating. She is clear, concise and upfront about all assignment details. Her swift resolve regarding any discrepancy brought to her attention is encouraging and puts me at ease. Her pleasant persistence and advocating tendencies reminds me she is on top of thing and reassures I'm in good hands. Nicolette welcomes all forms off communication day/night and very quick to respond. Thank You Nicolette, your very much appreciated. You make FlexCare look Great!

by Star Roberts on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Wonderful Recruiter !

Nicolette Grant with Flexcare Medical Staffing has been amazing ! I am new to traveling and ask LOTS of questions. She is always patient and thorough. She listens well and is proactive on my behalf. I feel like I can trust her to find what I am looking for and what fits best for my family.

Love Lonna Rose and Flexcare

Flexcare is my 3rd travel company and I appreciate Lonna Rose for her honesty and knowledge of the industry, even before I qas connected to Flexcare; she offered herself to answer questions, whether or not I would ever be a client and followed up with me consistently to evaluate my needs. Lonna hung in there with me sending jobs daily for every available day position in FL, and was honest in not submitting me if I didn't have ALL of the qualifications the position was requiring (and I have 24 years of experience). When we settled on a position, the onboarding process was painless and I received everything I needed to start the first day at the facility. She follows up to ensure everything is going smoothly and is available at all times for any questions. You will find that their pay system is different than other companies because they don't keep as much of your money; I would have made $200 more a week at my last assignment if I had used Flexcare. Insurance is first day and affordable. So if you want an honest individual in your corner, Lonna Rose is your girl.

by Brooke Blanchard on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My recruiter Taylor Harris is beyond amazing! She is so knowledgeable, kind, and highly organized. This has been my first travel assignment, and she has been there every step of the way. I feel that this company is straightforward, has realistic expectations, and offers a great pay package. I am so thrilled to have Taylor in my corner!


My recruiter Karl Jonczyk is wonderful and always has an answer to my questions. He's right on with what I need and is personal and professional! I have been a traveler for over a year and not only did he take the time to explain how the company works, he listened to where I wanted to go and work for me to achieve long and short goals. His knowledge of traveling, no matter what location I would bring up was vast and amazing. He's always working on the next leg of my journey, and still keeps up with my needs at my current location. Anytime I am in doubt he takes the time to reassure me no matter the time of day or night, even weekends! Flexcare isn't my first travel company but it may just be my last!

by Emily Frawley on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Amazing Company

I've been with three travel nurse companies in 3 years and Flexcare Staffing is the best by far! And out of all my recruiters, Chris Fisher is hands down the best recruiter I've had. He's been the most professional, will always get back to you in a timely manner, and can work through any sort of dilemma you might have. On top of that, he always has a great attitude! He honestly makes my job so much easier especially when it comes to signing up for a new contract and getting through compliance. Going forward, I will not work with another recruiter because he is just simply the best! I highly recommend requesting Chris Fisher!!

by Benjamin Rammer on FlexCare Medical Staffing
The best!!

I have been traveling with 'Flexcare Staffing' for about two years now and it has been a wonderful experience. Not only does 'Flexcare' topple other travel companies rates... they are a known company that has great nurses under their wing. My recruiter 'Sammy Aguilar' is an exceptional professional individual, who I also feel is my friend. No matter where I am in the country, I always know I have someone there who has my best interests at hand. He has brought a unique experience to every contract I've taken and I wholeheartedly appreciate this. Thank you Sammy!

Kristina would beat your recruiter in an arm wrestling match!

I just sat down and read through a handful of these reviews. Why has no one mentioned the amazing and super talented Kristina Berhenke?!
Much like a Bette Midler song, Kristina is "the wind beneath my wings". She makes herself available, maybe a little too much, and is a constant cheerleader for me. If Kristina were an X-Men, she would be Storm. Caring and charismatic, but a force to be reckoned with. Not a Marvel fan? Sorry, I can't think of any different references. Point being, Kristina is amazing to work with. She is professional and adaptable. She cares for you, not only as a healthcare professional, but as a person. Kristina incorporates you into her family, and lets you grow as an individual.

Oh, and she's funny too.

Nate, sch-mate! Q...who? Kristina, 2020!!!

by Jared Caster on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My wife and I have been traveling with Flexcare for over a year now, and I just wanted to say that it has been nothing but a pleasure. Our recruiter "Q" (Quang Phan) has always been there for a quick professional response and even goes above and beyond to keep us updated. Our pay has always been on-time, and contract details (hours/orientation times etc) are made clear. Great communication and professionalism. They come highly recommended by both my wife and I. Thank You!

by Tammy Strunk on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Travel Nurse

Getting back into traveling after several years has been exasperating. However I couldn’t have gone wrong with choosing Flexcare for my travel company. My recruiter Taylor Harris has gone above and beyond in guiding me and encouraging me throughout the process. She listened to my concerns and most importantly she listened to what I wanted and where I would like to go and worked diligently and patiently to get me there. Another big plus is she is available! I would highly recommend Taylor!

by Renee Goulding on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Honest and Reliable Company!

I have been traveling with Flexcare for over a year, and I can honestly say that they are the best! I consistently speak with other nurses that are traveling with different companies on the same unit, and while comparing contracts Flexcare has always beat others rates! My recruiter Kristi Koski is so fast at communicating and very reliable. Kristi has helped me find jobs in every place I have wanted to travel, and the process is always smooth and easy. It is so nice to have a company and wonderful recruiter on my side. I would highly recommend Flexcare to any nurse - no hesitation!

by Sharon Reynolds on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great company and Recruiter

I have only traveled with Flexcare with one assignment, but it won't be my last! From the company to my recruiter Josh Rosen, they are very professional and Josh is always there when I need him and he listens to me. If your looking for a great company with great benefits, pay package and a great recruiter, look no further than Flexcare and Josh Rosen!


Flexcare has been very helpful in my travel nurse career! I have used them intermittently with other companies. In addition, Nate Shanklin has been my recruiter with both Flexcare assignments. I usually travel alone, but both times with Nate I have gone with a friend from nursing school. Nate has always helped find the exact city and type of unit both my roommate and I have wanted. He responds very quickly to email and text. And follows up with managers if he doesn't know the answer. Flexcare has great pay packages as well!

Natalie is a fantastic recruiter!

I have always had great experiences with Flexcare. Natalie Pisciotta is my recruiter and I feel like she always has my back. Even when I take long breaks between assignments, I am able to pick right where I left off with her. She is awesome! I highly recommend Flexcare as a company and Natalie as a recruiter.

Nate is Great!

If you're thinking about diving into the world of travel nursing but have no idea where to begin, Nate is the man you're looking for! Every conversation, from day 1 to earlier today, Nate has taken the time to ask where I want to be, what I want to learn, and how I want this journey to play out. He's gone above and beyond to find jobs at reputable facilities, and takes a lot of stress out of the pre-employment process with his quick response to any question you may have. In addition to being a great recruiter, he's just an all around super friendly guy-really great and easy to work with!!
Bonus, the pay packages with FlexCare are amazing!

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