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by Ruth Boone on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have done multiple assignments with Flexcare. Michael Lupia is my recruiter and he is awesome. He always listens. He replies quickly at any time of day or night. He always has my back. I have sent several nurses his way and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Flexcare and highly recommend Michael Lupia.

I’ve been with Flexcare for almost a year now. My recruiter Mikayla Is wonderful! Right from the beginning she made the process easy. Very driven on finding me an assignment. She always calls or texts back when I reach out to her, honestly the best experience I’ve had with a recruiter and a company. I would highly recommend her and the company!!

by Robert Ramsay on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Poor company, anti nurse

Do not EVER work for this company. After nearly 20 years traveling, this is by far the worst travel company I have had the unfortunate experience to work for. Stipends are week to week. If you work 38 hours one week and then you work 50 hours a week for the next 5 weeks, they still take away stipends for those 2 hours lost. It is not 520 hour an assignment, only one week at a time. You can work 600 hours for assignment, they will still dock you for stipends for that 2 hours. Their explanation. We are a different kinda company. One of a dozen problems with this company. BEWARE. Pass them over. There are plenty of other companies. You will be disappointed especially with recruiter Nate

by Melissa Hess on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Amazing recruiter! Spoke to several other agencies before choosing Flexcare for my first traveler assignment. Once I talked to Q I knew I was ready to travel with Flexcare with him as my recruiter. We had a very quick turn around from my interest, to my interview, to becoming compliant with all of the hospitals requirements. He was in contact with me every step of the way going way above and beyond his job duties. I felt like I was in good hand s and it was easy to trust him. He was upfront about everything, this company has no gimmicks and I fully recommend Flexcare and be sure to ask for Q because he is the best!!

by Kelly Johnson on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I have been working with Zoyah since my first contract as a traveling nurse. She is by far the best recruiter I've had. She treats you like family and she doesn't hide anything or push you in any way you don't feel comfortable with. I have sent MANY of my own coworkers to her and they are just as happy. She's always available and definitely gets things done. I give Zoyah all the credit for me staying with Flexcare- I think im on contract number 6 with her.

Travel RN

I have been working with Nicole Sinceros for the past 2 assignments. She has been such a pleasure to work with! She's very patient with me and gives me with advice to help me navigate my decisions with travel nursing. I highly recommend her as a travel agent! She always keeps me in the loop with everything and she's honest. You will need a recruiter who is efficient and supportive! Nothing but great experiences with Flexcare and Nicole. =)

by Stephanie Thain on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flexcare Medical Staffing

Working on my first contract with Flexcare, the process was fast and its great working with my recruiter Deanna Donabedian. I like the way I'm kept up to date with my credentials and anything needing my attention. Its very easy to keep in contact with my recruiter for any issue at all, and things are open and honest. Looking forward to my next assignment.

Great Recruiter

I worked with Quang "Q" Phan and he has just been amazing. I worked with two other travel agencies prior to this and never had as great an experience as with Q and flexcare. All my questions have been answered quickly and I feel very well taken care of. I received a job offer within 2 days of working with this company. I am so glad that I started using this company and got Q as my recruiter. Will definitely continue using them as my primary travel nurse agency!

by Darlene Pascuzzo on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Flexcare and Deanna Donabedian have helped to make sure I have had the assignments where I want to be. I am very happy with Deanna. I can't imagine taking this journey without her by my side. Thank you Deanna

I am on my second assignment with Geoff Krieger as my recruiter. I am relatively new to traveling and Geoff has helped make it the best experience possible. He ensures i am paid on time if I turn in my timecard late. He is always keeping me up to speed on the latest in the biz'. Highly recommend Geoff and Flexcare!!

by Alexandra Grodzicki on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Love FlexCare!

I am so glad that I switched to Flexcare. I really feel like they look out for what is best for me and champion my rights as a nurse and employee. Dan Gallagher is the absolute best. He is trustworthy, friendly, and extremely accessible. If I ever have any problems or issues, he resolves them immediately. He's even fixed issues for me over the weekend. He submits me to positions that other nurses have rated highly. As a result I have worked at some amazing places and made great friends. I would recommend Dan and FlexCare to any nurses out there considering traveling.

by Tanya Smith on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Best Recruiter EVER!

Daniel Gallagher with Flexcare Medical Staffing has been a wonderful recruiter to work with during my travel assignment. He is very professional and has a go to spirit that makes working with Daniel enjoyable and the only time I had one issue, it was settled in about an hour. He is always available to answer questions and looks ahead to the long run to ensure that the next transition is set up and in play. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for dependability!

by Dani Caster on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Flexcare Medical Staffing has been such an amazing company to work with. Our recruiter is Quang Phan "Q", and he has been a huge help to my husband and I. He has gone above and beyond, staying late trying to get things in for us, and spending hours on the phone walking us through different steps! He's easy to talk to, and very available, answering our texts and calls quickly. Everyone in the office was super welcoming when we went to go visit, and they are all super supportive of their nurses. I would totally recommend this travel company, and when you sign up with them, ask for Q!

by Jared Caster on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Flexcare and Quang Phan (Q) have made my first traveling experience as simple and smooth as possible. Choosing a travel agency to work with can be overwhelming with so many options, but if possible I would highly recommend Flexcare and one of their top recruiters Quang Phan.

by Molly McCormick on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Great Experience

As a first time traveler, I was overwhelmed with the amount of travel companies out there. I spoke with many recruiters before I made the decision to work with FlexCare. I'm so thankful I chose to work with this company, specifically my recruiter Lindsay Mason. She has been supportive throughout this process, frequently checking in with me, and always responds via text/call/email in a timely manner! I was really nervous to quit my job, move across the country, and start this journey- Lindsay honestly made it such a smooth transition. I'm three weeks into my first assignment and couldn't be happier. Best decision I've made!

by Kelly Masula on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Sammy Aguilar at Flexcare is a great recruiter! He was always easy to reach and answered all of my questions promptly. He is professional and hard working. I got set up quickly with my travel spot and had a great position.

great company

amand a norton is a great recruiter. she keeps things very professional and is always keeping tabs on me. I'm awful at remembering to enter my hours or I accidentally send in the wrong week. She's always on top of it. I like how the company gives you a flat rate. there's no bargaining, as much as I love it, it's nice to know that that number is what I'm getting. I don't have to wonder.


I hit GOLD when fate placed ASHLEY LAWSON as my recruiter with Flexcare. ASHLEY is proactive and shows great initiative when locating my assignments. She keeps me informed and up to date without being intrusive. We formulate a game plan together and adjust the plan as I need.She utilizes all resources available to her to my advantage. Who doesn't want that?! If you are looking for a recruiter with YOUR best interest look no further than ASHLEY LAWSON at Flexcare!

Great recruiter

Kyle Carr has been the best recruiter! I liked him from day one. He asked me my preferences on facilities that I was interested in and looked for them. He only looked at states that I really wanted to go to. He was honest about everything the company had to offer. He walked me through the steps to complete all the requirements and now I'm working at an absolutely fabulous facility! I've received my paychecks on time, as well as insurance.
I love travel nursing! Thanks Kyle!!

Great Experience

I had the opportunity to work with my recruiter Land on Montenegro. This was my first travel assignment as a nurse and Land on made everything possible without any hassle. Land on is very friendly and personable. He treated me with respect and was open to discuss any of my questions or concerns which I often had since this was my first assignment. He was honest and I could tell that he was there for my best interest. He never left me hanging with anything and his response rate was timely. I have had a great time with Flexcare Medical Staffing and I would recommend Land on to anyone!!!

Awful Experience.

I had a recruiter named Kristin and she seemed very friendly and easy going at first. Answered my questions in a timely manner and seemed really on the ball with everything. However, she became really aggressive and pushy when it came to finding me jobs. To the point she would send me multiple jobs for states I was not licensed in/ had no desire to go to. Or would send my jobs outside my specialty. Then had the audacity to tell me I was not flexible enough. The cherry on the cake was when I finally expressed interest in a job she thought my current contract was up a month earlier than it was (even though I told her multiple times when it was up) and told me that I was so inflexible that I would end up jobless. Safe to say I have since ceased all communication with her and the company. I totally understand as a travel nurse you have to be flexible, but to take a job just to take a job is bs to me. Lost all respect for the agency. I have a friend with Kristin who is going through a similar situation.

Solid Start

I submitted my information to the Flexcare site, and within 24 hours recruiter Quang "Q" Phan contacted me. This was my first Travel Nursing experience, and Q was patient and answered all my questions. He also respected all of my travel preferences and wishes without pushing me into contracts I was not 100% comfortable with. The best part was his timeliness. He would contact me within minutes of a contract being posted, and made sure that I was one of if not the first applicant submitted, which helped due to my lack of travel experience.

by Terry Strain on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Review for

I am a first time Travel Nurse so I begin diligently searching for a Travel Companyto sign with. After much research I contacted Flexcare. My recruiter that I spoke with was "Q" Phan. He has been amazing . He has been so responsive in returning my calls and answering questions no matter how how many times I ask them or how insignificant they may seem. I had an unusual travel situation and he has gone above and beyond to help get the job done. I appreciated all of his efforts to help make the situation work out for me so much

by Alice Anderson on FlexCare Medical Staffing
An Amazing Experience!

Working with this company has been amazing! My recruiter Kyle Carr has been amazing every step of the way. He's always full of great advice, suggestions, and is so supportive! Anytime I've had a question or issue (never company-related, usually regarding certs and things like that), he's ALWAYS there for answers and works hard for quick resolutions. He's extremely genuine, passionate, and personable. I still cannot believe how hard he worked to find me the perfect assignment in my specialty! The pay and benefits were some of the best I could find as well!

I researched companies for months prior to contacting Flexcare. Most recruiters I spoke to made me feel like I was talking to a used car salesman/woman; always a lot of pressure and roundabout answers that made me feel like they were hiding something. From the moment I called Flexcare and first spoke with Kyle, I sensed nothing but honesty and competence. It was extremely important to me to find a company and a recruiter that I could trust. A close friend of mine who has travelled for years gave me the fantastic advice, "find a recruiter who you could see yourself working on the floor with, someone you can trust and click with". That really resonated with me, and really became a large factor in finding the right recruiter! I'm so thankful I found Kyle Carr at Flexcare!

by Janah Bower on FlexCare Medical Staffing

My first time talking with someone about the possibility of me working for them was a wonderful experience. I have had nothing but success with this company so far and my recruiter Kelly Tynes is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! The way she answers ALL of my questions, is completely straight forward,honest and quick to respond to emails, text or phone calls is unbelievable. My goal is to do the best in my profession and I can tell from the way flexcare staff is they believe in doing the same. Want an excellent recruiter, ask for Kelly Tynes, she will get the job done so you can do your job. Thanks Kelly for all of your hard work.

by Jeff Bower on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Kelly Tynes with Flexcare is someone I recommend either to a new traveler or someone that has been at this for years. My wife and I were cancelled for an assignment with another company and Kelly literally care to the rescue, making calls, putting our requests in and Flexcare stepped up to the challenge and got us a wonderful travel assignment. The way this company and the employees work are WONDERFUL. Thanks guys for doing your job so I can literally do mine. Choose this company, you won't regret it.

by Delicia johnson on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Just starting an assignment with flexcare. Lindsay Mason worked hard to get me an assignment in the area I wanted, calling me with updates daily. Once I obtained the assignment I had difficulty with the I9 process and Lindsay went out of her way helping me resolve the issue and saving me some money also. Highly recommended Lindsay and flexcare.

by Madeline Y on FlexCare Medical Staffing

I highly recommend FlexCare in general and Geoff Krieger in specific. Geoff is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and responds quickly. He found me exactly the assignment I was looking for. Pay is straightforward and timely. I have had no issues whatsoever.

by Nikki McCarthy on FlexCare Medical Staffing
Flex Care /Recruiters

I have had nothing but a good experience with Flex Care largely due to my wonderful recruiter JENNIFER WILKINSON. I have found her to be very professional, supportive and readily available should I have a question or concern. Jennifer honesty and caring nature is an assist .... I feel like more than a number and she has my back.... Highly recommend her if you are looking for an above average recruiter!,

by Catherine Greer on FlexCare Medical Staffing

Flexcare is a very competive, professional,well paying agency with good benifits. Kristi Zimmerman is one of thier best recruters. She listens to your needs and does her best to make it work. She is professional but also a very easy person to talk to. Love her!

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