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My favorite company for great pay

This company is not a hand holding company. If you can’t manage most of issues that come up during a contract this company is not for you. If you are a good nurse looking for good money this could very well be a good fit. If you think your company needs to call you every week to check on you this is not your company I myself simply needs a good company with great pay that will supply housing for me if I need it and give me numbers to call for emergencies. My recruiter Keith has always been there for me in any case of emergency or questions. I like the company because they will supply housing or stipend depending on what you need. I prefer 48 hour work weeks as I am out here on the road to make money not vacation. I’ll take time off when I decide and use the money I make on these better paying contracts for my vacation when I choose them. Again, Bestaff is not for beginners or those who need their hands held. If you want to make good money iAnd are a self-starter, this may be the company for you

Called to see what they paid and what their benefits were. NEVER got a call back. Thankfully i didn't wait on them and found another agency. Then got emails from them for months. Ugh

Excellent Company

I have been a travel nurse for nearly 4 years now. I go back and forth between Critical Care and ED/Trauma. Fastaff is one of the companies I created a profile with and was very satisfied with their services. Unfortunately many of the reviews are about the way nurses felt while on assignment versus the actually travel company. Fastaff specializes in placing staff in sometimes difficult or short term/ short staff facilities. This requires the ability to be able to hit the ground running. I made about 10K per month after taxes, because fastaff provides stipends in ADDITION to the salary quoted. Jackie Layton is the best...the best. She would text, call, go to bat for me and was easy to get a hold of. I would highly recommend.


Masters of the bully game. Don't play.

No pay for hard work, no hotel and still owe me gas fund 240.00

Well , where do I begin, you have to sleep in a hospital bed at the assignment, you drive 600 miles, no gas, and work 48 hrs nights. Jessica pretends you never gave your time sheet. You emailed it three times, to payroll, and Jessica x 2. Then A mean RN, Jes Russell. Thanks

Stay away! They are a greedy, lying agency that throw their travelers into nightmare situations with no support. Further, don’t refer them either because they don’t deliver what they promise.

There are so many other travel agencies that care and help their staff. I will never work with them again!

by Suzanne Martin on Fastaff Travel Nursing

This is the 2nd time I have tried to work with Fastaff. The 1st assignment, the credentialing was a nightmare. I sent all my labs in including titres but their "credentialing specialist" couldn't read them and sent me for a useless unneeded lab draw. She is no longer with them.
This last situation is totally unacceptable and unprofessional.
I have been waiting for a position in NICU. I have 30 yrs experience so not a novice. I was told I missed a lucrative contract in Ca. This position continued to show up on the site as available. I was told they would be vigilant and let me know as soon as one was available. I had not heard from them and so I continued to call and ask them to check. I called on Tuesday of this week. The recruiter checked and surprise the position was available. I had a complete profile and asked to be submitted. I received a call from the facility on Wednesday. They offered me the position. I agreed to be ready to fly out Sunday, tomorrow. I ordered scrubs since they wear navy. Then the credentially started again. 2 pages of requirements. One page specific to the facility, one page for Fastaff. My 1st question is WHY hadn't we been prepping my profile since apparently my tests and everything from last March was expired. I the took 2 days off work and obtained a drug screen. Then sat at the computer for well over 8 hours to complete pharmacological tests expired???
I had a PPD in Jan of 2017. The requirement was within the year AND within 30 days. I wrongly assumed it was 30 days from my start date. So at 630pm on Thursday I had to pay $50 at an urgent care to get my PPD. NO offer of reinbursement. I booked a rental car at the Sacramento airport because my assignment was an hour away. NO offer of reinbursement.
Friday I sat and tested for 8 hours. I had 2 more to do but had to stoo to go to a doctor appointment.
On my way at 330pm on Friday when I was flying out at 630am on Sunday I received a phone call from my recruiter saying..START DATE HAS BEEN PUSHED BACK 2 WEEKS!!!
I was crushed..not only was I out $100 for PPD and scrubs but 2 days of check next week will be short and I have NO shifts scheduled next week because I was going to be gone..
When asked WHY...oh it's a budget issue..
REALLY they had budget on Wednesday but not Friday!!!
I will reach out on Monday and see what type of compensation they offer OR I will reach out to the facility. I do not want to work for a company that abuses potential staff or operates on half truths. This is my reputaion...I told the facility I would be there. They are training staff for EMR so you know they have needs. Beware of Fastaff!!
Discusted in Michigan!!!

by C.Schiebel on Fastaff Travel Nursing

This is my first assignment and I can't say I'm overly impressed. This is my first contract with fastaff I'd have to say, "meh" I mean working 48hours a week isn't terrible. However, keep in mind you are in a higher tax bracket. Yes, they market pay for Step-Down $2400 plus a week. Did they mention, that is before taxes. If you thoroughly enjoy having the government take out anywhere from $600-700 a week, than I highly recommend. Otherwise, I'd go for the lesser and actually enjoy having four days off a week. To each there own, this solely my own opinion. Furthermore, if you enjoy having to fax and email payroll a minimum of three times a piece because they continually say they have t received your time card than here you go. That includes all three times having confirmation they were sent.

Love Fastaff!

I have worked 2 contracts with Fastaff and I have always had a great experience! The staff get back to you in a timely manner whenever I have called them (including on weekends) and I have always been paid on time. My recruiter stays on top of everything needed to get me to an assignment and stays in touch while I'm there - Thank you THAMPI MATHEWS for being the best recruiter at FASTAFF!

by Laura Silvey on Fastaff Travel Nursing
Travel Nursing

I just finished my first assignment with Faststaff, one in which I extended. The agency staff always gets back to me and h and les issues that may arise. My current agent, James Peros, has been personable and I really appreciate that.

by LeDonia Henry-Thomas on Fastaff Travel Nursing

I have worked for Fastaff on and off since 1999. I love it!!!! Many contracts. Some strikes, and currently renewed same location 3 times. Always had great responses to my calls. Many great friends I have meet coast to coast. I am now on 6 month contract and then must go home. Tax limit. Will have been here a year. I am currently working Petaluma Valley Hospital, but staying in Santa Rosa, CA. I love it. Mountains, Pacific, Yosemite, Redwoods, and tons more yet to see. If so been a super great location. I will have to wait, but will return to here. I have had great recruiters. Always on top of anything, friendly, and just as they say things are. Fastaff will always be my favorite company.

Travel nursing

I've been doing travel nursing for a little over a year and I've really enjoyed working with Fastaff! The only negative thing I would have to say about them is they don't have a s many job opportunities/assignments as other companies BUT they pay way better. My recruiter, Thampi Marhews has always been super helpful and encouraging. Sometimes the paperwork process of starting a new assignment can be frustrating and tedious but he's always been great about helping me every way he can. I hope they can infiltrate the NC/SC area soon!

by Erich Burkardt on Fastaff Travel Nursing
Fastaff and recruiter Taylor

Hi there! I have been an ICU travel nurse for Fastaff since July 2015. I couldn't ask for a better company and a better recruiter. The thing that I like about Fastaff the most is that I feel that they are honest. I have had very enjoyable contracts in Redding, CA where I extended for a whole year and in the Bronx, NY. The pay is awesome and what is advertised. Taylor has been an excellent recruiter and I trust her. She is always there if I need her and leaves me alone if I don't. I have been a Travel nurse for years and it is nice to have a recruiter who I don't feel is a used car salesman. I have a great opinion of Fastaff!

by Halie DeTray on Fastaff Travel Nursing

I have been a traveling nurse for two years now and have worked with four different agencies and I have been very pleased with fastaff and my recruiter Lisa Kohl who always has my back and does her very best to ensure my needs are met! I find it's not so much the agency that matters but your recruiter, and my recruiter goes above and beyond answering questions any time of the day and is very responsive/proactive! I have also worked with James Lanphier as well and he has exceeded my expectations by providing timely responses and meeting my request! I would definitely recommend Fastaff if you are looking for a high paying assignment and in need of a great recruiter!

I am a first time traveler. My first assignment didn't work out and the team at Fastaff was so supportive and helped me find the perfect assignment for my next assignment. As a travel nurse I have found myself working in some challenging situations. My recruiter is always there to listen and guide me. I am so thankful that it worked out that Britanny is my recruiter, she is the best!

by Michelle on Fastaff Travel Nursing
Great experience with fastaff

I am a first time traveler nurse, fastaff give me the chance to fulfilled my dream as a travel nurse. They were very considerate, patience, trustworthy people. I love how they make it sure that everything is taking care off.. Their professionalism exceeded my expectation. To my recruiter Jackie Layton, i like her a lot, she is very professional, kind, patience and considerate to me, most of the time i couldnt answer her calls and or email because i worked night shift but i didnt heard any bad comments from her. Miss Jackie thank you and i appreciated all you did for me.

by Bryan B. on Fastaff Travel Nursing
Fastaff.... The Return

I must say as a travel nurse, there are so many companies out there, I loved a lot of things about some, and not so many about others. Fastaff was a horse of a different color, my first recruiter was terrible, never had any contact with him whatsoever, I wish he did more. My assignment was okay, smooth no complications.

I took a break from them with hesitation. Couple years of passed, I requested a different recruiter, Taylor. She was great! She called me, was nice, much better than the one I had before. It's funny because once you sign on with Fastaff the seem very easy to let you go to the "back burner" I wish it weren't so, emails were days later, about questions I wanted, someone was always out of office or on vacay. It just seemed as though every time I needed something there was nobody, and when I didn't there was someone.

Call me crazy. Do I love em'.... mmm. Do I like them... YES! Three to be fair for the company. Could use some more customer service love. For us nurses that love the attention. Call me needy!

by Joe Illig on Fastaff Travel Nursing

First time I have traveled and thus far it's been amazing but I highly doubt it would be that great without an amazing recruiter, so to Suzanne, thank you for all your efforts and keep up the astounding work!

by Kristine Elder on Fastaff Travel Nursing
I have been able to meet and exceed my professional goals

Fastaff was my first travel agency two years ago. As a new traveler I was a bit unprepared for the amount of paperwork and documentation required. But everyone at Fastaff was very helpful and very patient. My recruiter has always taken my needs and desires into consideration for contracts, and they have been very forthcoming with information about some of the issues I might encounter and how to avoid them.

After two years of traveling I have particularly learned to appreciate the non-blended pay rates and the quality housing offered if I choose to take it. I usually don't need to because the per diem stipends are generous.

I particularly set out to gain specialized ICU experiences not available to me in my smaller hometown hospital. I have had no difficulties with obtaining many valuable ways to stretch and grow my skills and practice. Plus, in traveling I am learning to confront some of my own weaknesses in flexibility and adapting to variable management styles.

I am becoming the best possible nurse I can be and seeing the country while I do it. I could not imagine a better fit for my professional goals.

by Dawn Heberlein on Fastaff Travel Nursing
Dedicated Fastaff Employee

I have been traveling with Fastaff since 2013. Have had assignments in NY, Pa, Northern and Southern Ca, and Nv,.
My recruiter Rhieannon, has always tried to place me in the location that I wanted to be at. Housing is very important as my husb and always travels with me. If there is a problem they have always taken care of it to my satisfaction,

In the past I have traveled with other agencies but Fastaff is now my exclusive agency. In the 4 yrs with Fastaff I have never had a payroll issue. They have always done what they have promised.

I enjoy the excitement of a new assignment and making new friends. Since we always drive to our assignments we get to see the many wonders the United States has to offer.

I would recommend Fastaff to any of my friends or any new travelers, because they always keep there word.

by maureen aiken garrigan on Fastaff Travel Nursing

I have worked with Fastaff in the past and again in the fall of 2017. The housing has always been wonderful, the pay is fair, bonuses are paid as promised, airplane ticket paid for .I really wonder about the very negative reviews I am reading. I would work with Fastaff again anytime.

Dream Job

I am on my second assignment with Fastaff. I find this company to be professional and efficient. I was never promised bonuses except the $500 for working a holiday but got a $1000 for signing up for my first assignment and an additional $500 for working 3 holidays. The cost of acquiring my license was reimbursed as well as the cost of my checked luggages. They also took care of my airline ticket and will be flying me home after my assignment ends. They never limited the cost of travel. My paycheck was always deposited on time every Friday and never had issues. I had a very effective recruiter, John, who was promoted manager so I have been assigned to someone else. So far it has been satisfactory. I don't care for followup calls unless I have a problem. I like the h and s off approach and being treated like a responsible adult. I've dealt with payroll on taxes issues and IT for portal issues and they have always fixed my problems quickly. I love the myfreece perk where they pay for my membership. I will be using it to renew my licenses. The health insurance is more than adequate for me and my husb and and have a HSA to use for prescriptions. They are affiliated with Optum RX that saves a lot of money on medications plus they get mailed to us wherever we are. My assignment has been great. The hospital I work in is friendly to travelers and has a lot of overtime opportunities. I hope that Fastaff will broaden their assignment locations in the future. Please feel free to email me in LinkedIn if you have any questions. For nurses who want to work and get paid their worth, I highly recommend Fastaff.

by VICTORIA KLEYN on Fastaff Travel Nursing


Great First Travel Experience

I worked my first contract with this company in Beverly, MA in October 2016 and my wages were spot on, my bonuses were paid and my recruiter Rachel was great. I got my full holiday bonus that they talked about $500 per holiday that I was available (I didn't have to work) that was paid for me after my contract ended. My wages were never shorted and there was only a discrepancy if the hospital made one. The benefits were expensive $61/week for health. My recruiter Rachel always called me every week and made sure everything was going ok. They reimbursed me for my license and travel like they said they would. The only few problems that I ran into were: 1) they specialize in STAT nursing; which means they only have the hospitals that need nurses right now which limits how many choices and places you have; 2) they give you no leeway about missing a day; if you miss a day because you are sick not only are you out of the money you would've earned if you worked but they also take your housing out for that day as well; some agencies (like Onward Healthcare) allow you to bank any extra hours worked above your contracted hours and if you miss you won't get deducted; 3) most of your contracts are 48 hours per week; I found that if you don't have a good set schedule you could be sleeping most weeks instead of having quality time off. Housing was great they had us in the Towneplace Suites one town over; I was exactly what I needed. I didn't have to pay for cable or internet and like some travel agencies I didn't have a limit on my electricity (in which after $100 for both water and power I would have to pay the difference); I got free breakfast every morning (saves you money). It's all on how you make your experience and how much you pay attention to all the details. Everyone is not going to be pleased with every assignment or agency but if you do your homework ask where you will be staying before you sign and ask what hospital you will be working for and research them quickly you shouldn't run into any snags. The only reason I am not with them right now is they had limited ER jobs available with the licenses I had but as soon as this assignment is over I hope to be with them again. See my review for onward healthcare another great experience I had.

by Brittany on Fastaff Travel Nursing
always a good experience

I've had great experiences with Fastaff, not sure where all the hatred is coming from with other people. My recruiter, Thampi, is always so helpful and amazing. They pay the most, and even though they don't have as many opportunities as some other companies, I would take Fastaff's assignments over anyone else's. The hospitals aren't the biggest and best but they are nice and the people have always been welcoming and friendly to me. The assignments are always close to a big city so there is plenty to do. My assignment now let me choose if I wanted 36 or 48 hours....I chose 48 because the OT is so good, but I still have plenty of free time to explore the fun things to do around here! The insurance is pretty expensive, that would be my only negative. I think there are pros and cons to every agency, but Fastaff has been pretty good to me.

All her cronies

Why do these women think we nurses less than human? Gr and ma ethel frumpy as all get out from ky with her yall this and yall that..woman pulease sit down and shut up! You are irrelevant. As for alisha who thinks she owns the company, you too my dear are disposable and replaceable. BELIEVE IT. They are in no way friendly,play favourites and if she just doesn't like you, you'll be blacklisted. Alisha exudes pure evil and should be replaced.karma is coming for you

As Bad As It Gets

They say the right words, they do outright pay the most. That is bacause they are in fact very expensive and are specialist in despirate need hospitals...AKA: HORRIBLE PLACES. You will make a lot of money working 48-60 hours a week at a high rate. But, they ultimately are useless if you have a problem. The attitude is; go there-shut up- make a bunch of money. If you dont care WHERE you go, and dont care about living and working conditions, then you will make a lot of money. Its not the job you keep. its the jhob you do if you HAVE to to pay something off. You will have no life whatsoever, and to keep employment will have to go places you never wanted to. in this day and age where agencies are literally EVERYWHERE, go find one that pays almost as much, with more choices, and cares a little.

by pauvresmaison on Fastaff Travel Nursing
fraud, never got bonus

signed up for six weeks with completion bonus. renewed additional six, then they were like no bonus-- you have to wait until the end. This is the job you want if you want to spend every week on the phone pissed off and complaining until they quit calling you. i broke contract.

by lifeisunfair on Fastaff Travel Nursing
just say no

look. they are a pimp/prostitute organization. they want to use you for the money. they will so screw you, and are utterly pretty much can go anywhere else, earn a little less, have hundreds more locations...... these people do not want to hear your problems. go to work, shut up.

Simply the best!!!

I have to say I love Fastaff!! The pay is awesome. The only reason I travel is to make more money than I would on staff in Atlanta. Other companies have offered me ridiculously low rates, trying to sell me on their apartments. Who cares?? I have a home I need to pay for, pay me!! I don't mind staying in a hotel, I don't want to pay cable and internet while on the road so it works for me. I have completed 3 assignments with Fastaff and I can't imagine traveling with any other company.

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