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This is a great company to work for. My recruiter always had my best interest in mind. The pay was great and the housing was always very good. I traveled with my husband and daughter. The assignments were always good, I know that may not always be the case but the ones I had lead me to some great Hospitals and co workers. I have had a permanent job for 5 years now. If it were possible to travel again I would definitely go with CCTC.

by Cindy Conrad on Cross Country Trav Corps
Will only work with CCTC

I love this company. I worked with this company in a couple of different ways. First with 13 week assignments in the operating room. On-boarding was seamless. Each assignment was quick and set up weeks before the current one ended, so I was never waiting in between. I found a permanent job through them so I was not in need of agency work for several years. Now I work for them for local day work. Again, on-boarding was seamless. I love that they are nationwide, and should I decide to go back to 13 week assignments, I know the process will also go smoothly. I have had fantastic recruiters both times. I cannot say enough about this company. I will always work with them, and only them.

by frank p golden on Cross Country Trav Corps

Never managed to start my first contract. At first, the onboarding process was fine, just like any other agency but when I saw the contract itself it had a major red flag to me and I decided not to do it. Taxable hourly was $20, which is normal, but the OT rate was listed at $30. I called and questioned it because with other agencies the OT rate is generally between 55-65 an hour. This is due to the agency being able to bill the facility an OT rate and the agency does not have to give you any type of stipend for OT hours. Making the OT rate roughly $60 makes up the difference so you are not working at a much lower overall compensation. When I questioned it they repeatedly said "oh No it is always 1.5 your taxable rate that is all". I explained that I am not an idiot and did the math for them. I sent them a screen shot of my last contract with another agency at OT rate of $65/hour and said you can have a manager call me. Magically they matched it a few hours later. This honestly didn't sit well with me, I know the money is there, they know it is but unless the nurse complains then the agency pockets the money as a little bonus. Sorry that does not work for me, I expect fair compensation and don't nickel and dime me. Makes me question where else the company is pocketing extra money off the backs of workers

Don't take a contract with them!

Not only was my first recruiter horrible, the one they switched me to was not up to par either. No license reimbursement, losing paperwork(if I can go through emails to resend, why cant you). No full disclosures, no back up, no support...they do not care!!!! You are a number and a body. Direct quote from recruiter when I informed them I found next contract not with thier company. "Hey Ja Kee! We will not be able to cover the cost of your license this time but next contract we will! Enjoy your next assignment!!" That was the entire email. Written just like that. There will never be a next assignment, ever.


I made an appointment never called me

The worst

If you decide to use this company, be prepared. Multiple requests for personal information, which they misplace - never mind that all of your info (social security #, address, phone number, bank information, passport, drivers license) should all be protected and not thrown about. Recruiter clearly driven, verbally forceful. Found out at 6pm on Friday that I had a contract that started on Monday. Was told "go on and drive the 1000 miles, there is a high chance you have a contract." And for the final slap in the face, found out in hospital orientation that out of 9 other travel nurses, I was taking home $1,200 less a month than the lowest paid travel nurse of our group. Do not use this company, you will be VERY disappointed.

by David Pittman on Cross Country Trav Corps
Cross Country

I have been a traveler with CrossCountry for over a year now. I am not sure what everyone on this review board is talking about, when they claim CC doesn't pay for immunization shots or physicals, because they have paid all of mine. I truly believe it is the recruiter, who h andles each traveler that makes the impression. I have Jodi Rodriquez and Kahleigh Sawyer and I Love them. Now I do Negotiate toughly with both of them on contracts, but we usually come to an agreement about a contract. They by far have the best corporate housing to offer than competitors and have had moral support in stressful situation. The health insurance package is also attractive having a PPO plan with a Deductible of $1200 with blue cross blue shield. Nobody offers a Deductible like this in this industry.

Chaotic and unsupportive

This company can drive you crazy .They lost your vital and personal documents and they do not care what happens to you in the age of identity theft.They request for multiple documents over and over again.They do not st and up for you if anything happens at the facility .You left out to dry without support. Be ready for frustration if you sign up with them


They are cheap and take in too much personal information. When your information is lost it can also be stolen. Travel nursing needs a good company, the opposite of this one. When they float you a lot, you end up with heavy loads. They may give you patients only the Charge Nurse should h and le. Be careful and buy insurance to protect yourself and your identity. BEST money you can spend.

by elizabeth m on Cross Country Trav Corps
CCT review

I will never, NEVER, come back to this company. The absolute worst organizational skills that I have ever witnessed. I had t send documents in over and over again. When I'm on the phone with my recruiter, i can barely get a few words in and ways feel like im being rushed. I can hardly get a hold of my recruiter half the time. Just so very disappointing.

Horrible housing

I have been a travel nurse for several years with three different companies. My recruiter Lorraine is literally the best I have ever dealt with. She is supportive, prompt to get back to me, and in general a very nice person. She always looks out for my best interest and does whatever she can to work with me. My major complaint is with their housing department. All four of my assignments I've had issues. The first that their housing coordinator forgot to renew my lease when I renewed my contract - well over a month in advance, the second they had no idea where they would put me so I just got a stipend, luckily it was only four hours from where I live so I was able to drive up, the third was in an apartment complex that took section 8 and was literally dilapidated, even my recruiter couldn't believe they did that, another was over an hour away from the hospital we worked at because we had a dog and they waited until the week before my assignment started to find housing when I had that assignment secured for over six weeks and continually asked them to look. For this reason we no longer travel with them.

by Dont DO IT! on Cross Country Trav Corps

Very disappointed in this company, and they definitely do NOT have your best interest.

by Kathleen van wormer on Cross Country Trav Corps

Surprised at negative reviews.
Worked for them for almost four years and was a great experience.
Been traveling for 16 years . Some agencies merit criticism but they are not one.
Great housing for the most part.
Maybe things have changed but that's hard to believe.

by pissed off on Cross Country Trav Corps
Cross country

I finally completed all the paper work and cross country NEVER found or submitted me for any job.

after this experience I do not trust or have any faith in recruiters until proven other wise.

do not waste your time with cross country.

Disorganized dishonest unprofessional

For my first reavel assignment with cross country, I had a recruiter named Jessica. Jessica lost documents that I overnighted her. She asked for the same documents over and over. Finally, i got a new recruiter.

I appied to and accepted a position on a med surg tele unit. Then, 4 days before the start date I get an email from the hospital saying Im orienting to 4 different units. My scheduke was attavhed. I'm never in the same unit for more than 3 days. Additionally, I'm orienting in units I never would have agreed to, such as ortbo.

Neither my recruiter nor the assistant director will admit ots a float position. They keep saying it's not posted as a float position. They will not budge on it. They told me I need to be more flexible.
They baited and switched. They bullied me. First they said it's not a float position then they said they are floating ne so i can have a blocked schefule. But, my schedule is not blocked. They said they thought i coyld h and ke it because im an experienced nurse. I am an experienced nurse and i know when im beinhg lied to and deceived. They cant get their story straight. They make it up as they go.

I will never travel with them again. They will be lucky if i don't give a 2 weeks notice the first day.

Cross Country

So after I signed a contract for a hospital in the DC area I found out I had been "farmed" out to CC and I needed a hep
B shot. Got to the hospital tried to take my second shot receipt to HR and occupational health at the hospital and
found out the hospital does not require it. Why the heck am I getting shots for a facility that doesn't need it? Now I am told I need a physical and I can use my personal insurance to do this so I get the impression they are not going to pay. Am I crazy, I hear that right? I have asked for written instructions to be emailed to me but nothing so far. Anyone else had this curve ball thrown at them? Thanks


Well I just got crapped on BIG TIME by CrossCountry and Medical Staffing Network. Came from the west coast of Florida to Cedar Sinai in LA for a 13 week contract. I had worked off and on with Medical Staffing since 2002 but not since they were bought out by CrossCountry. WHAT A JOKE!!!! Contract was cancelled while I was still in orientation on the floor due to the staff RN I was covering for coming back from maternity leave per the unit manager who let it slip out while he was talking about possibly changing me to night shift. But that was not the reason given that the contract was cancelled. Was told I failed a PAPER (not computer now and not a st and ard test per the hospital) ECHO Program Critical Care Exam. This was on a telemetry floor (NOT ICU) and supposedly CrossCountry knew nothing about this exam I had to take two weeks after I got there. I have yet to be allowed to see the results of that test or what I missed. It was given to me by the unit manager who printed it off his printer. made me take it on a tiny desk in his office and talked on his phone the whole time I was taking the test. Made me stop the test and h and him the test because he had a meeting and rushed me out of his office so he could lock his door. Then he put me off for 5 days saying Clinical Education had still not told him my score. CrossCountry offered me two other positions that were 5 DAYS A WEEK-not the 3 twelve hour shifts and in clinics. That was over a week ago and the recruiter and the CrossCountry Liaison keep saying they will get back to me about those positions. AND even though contract plainly states I am to be paid, they are not paying me either..In LA with double rent and no job. ALSO, during orientation found out that travelers from other companies were making 800. to 1000. more per week than CrossCountry (includes me and a L&D RN also with CrossCountry). They are the main contractor for Cedars. Heading back to Florida from this travesty of justice and blatant show of no moral integrity and NEVER EVER working for Medical Staffing Network or CrossCountry again!!! They are CROOKS in every sense of the word!!!!! Spoke with an attorney in Florida who does Class Action Lawsuits and he stated very possible this could be a class action lawsuit. So all you nurses who have been screwed by these two companies keep checking and if this is the grounds for Class Action Lawsuit I will post. Medical Staffing has to settle a Class Action Lawsuit about a year ago ...look it up..I, myself, received a small check from it. So very possible this could happen again. These two companies SUCK!!!!! Where is the SUPER NEGATIVE star button?????

by Yolanda CNP on Cross Country Trav Corps

Very disappointed- institution I was contracted with had a lot of administration and financial issues, how is this my concern?! This agency wanted me to "bare" with them-WHAT?! How unprofessional then the 2nd contract was cut short due to 1 complaint -- no support and very unprofessional, I do not recommend CCTC!

Fooled me once!

They're lucky to even get a star from me!CCT is unreliable and a scam! Made me pay for my requirements (I.e. vaccines, physical exam, blood work). To top it off, the recruiter and specialist were hustling me on completing my documents and the hospital didn't even received it. So my starting date was pushed back. Unbelievable! In addition, i didnt received my full travel reimbursement which is supposedly 30 cents per mile, and i came from hawaii to NY. I've been doing traveling for 6 years and I've never run into these circumstances until I sign up with this agency. The sad part is, my friend referred me to them and Im very disappointed! To any nurses who wants to experience traveling, STAY AWAY from this one, or you will get shafted like I did.


Cross country was my 3rd traveling agency that I've worked for and sadly to say that I am very disappointed with this agency. I'm not sure if it's my recruiter or the company, but the pay wasn't good and I had to pay for my physical, MMR vaccines and not full travel reimbursement. ACLS and BLS renewal was also not reimbursed. Unbelievable... Never been shafted this hard before... But you live and you learn...

by Jennifer P. on Cross Country Trav Corps

I understood what I was getting into when I became a travel nurse, and finally l and ing on Cross Country was the best thing that happened to my career. After having a number of bad experiences they made it fun for me again. My recruiters were excellent, pay was great, and the housing was extremely nice. As there are a ton of travel nurses at different levels, I can see how some may have bad experiences here and there, thats business. I for one am all for Cross Country!!!

How Do They Stay In Business?

Unreliable and lying recruiters, lost documents, last minute testing and requirements, calls never returned.
The hospitals are pissed with Cross Country and take it out on us!


I recently signed on with MSN, part of cross country. I have been doing contracts for over 10+ years. I was initially given a contract, then the contract was changed( which I caught ). They changed areas of work, rates, no return emails and beyond rude. They lied about sign on bonus, orientation rate and the lies just kept going. Needless to say instead of the company rectifying the situation, they blamed it on me to the hospital! PLEASE SAVE YOUR REPUTATION!!! DO NOT USE MSN OR CROSS COUNTRY!! The recruiter and staff can do and say anything they want, and I realized the corporate office chooses to ignore issues instead of addressing them!

The Best!

Over the years I have worked with dozens of large and small travel nurse agencies, and Cross Country has been my favorite so far. None of them are completely perfect, but that is to be expected with anything. My recruiter has been helpful and helped find the jobs I was most interested in, and the locations I have always wanted to visit. I am writing this from the U.S. Virgin Isl and s! Does it get much better? Life is good.

by Ultrasound Tech on Cross Country Trav Corps
Never Again

I've been doing contract for over 20 years and this company ( MSN) is by far one of the worst h and s down. The recruiter does make a world of difference and if they're clueless, you're jobless.


They are now part of Medical Staffing Network so beware the alternate title. They will not st and behind you, the hospital is their paycheck.

Your just a number Cross Country is greedy

CCS wants to reach its 1 billion revenue goal on the backs of hard working people. You are just a number and nothing more.

and the hits just keep on coming

After reading these blogs I can tell you, it's all about a good recruiter. I've traveled consistently for the last 10+ years. I've used different agencies. In general, the big companies such as CCTC are greedy and have fat guts. To the nurse who has the tax incentive, you need a good accountant. What CCTC doesn't pay you, you can put against your taxes for a refund , so if the M&I is only $35/ day, have your tax accountant to add the extra $35/day that the government owes you ....This is your money! Plus extra mileage they don't pay you. It's 30 cents a mile for travel. Now for the really good news, right. There is a new testing curiculum CCTC bought called Prophacy that all nurses must take. I am learning that answers I submitted on my EKG were marked wrong when in fact they are correct. The Unit tests are the same. Watch your answers. They have several right answers. You have to guess which ones they want you to answer. This clearly isn't about honest testing to see what you know. It's something very different As I underst and , the complaints against this testing racket called Prophecy have been massive. It may be a good idea to get your CCRN or a refresher course before taking them...even then you have monitor them stealing points from you.....Just Beware.

by Kozfey Murray on Cross Country Trav Corps

My recruiter is Fawn and she has been fantastic, I travel when I'm feel a need to change from my regular full time position," a working vacation " of sorts. I love the Los Angeles area. I must confess that I've absolutely hated a couple of the assignments I've had. Many of the issues others have verbalized about floating, cancellations or early AM calls to come in at a time later than my scheduled shift...I cried and all but had a meltdown but Fawn listened to me and understood what I was going through, she has been a friend and counselor. I managed to get through those two Hospital assignments(whose names I try not to mention or even think about). Best advise: Have a open mind and be flexible, always consider patient safety because that's the way to protect them and your license.


I've been working with CCTC for just over a year now and I'm finishing up my 3rd assignment. I have to say I've had a fantastic experience so far. My recruiter is absolutely awesome (Carla) and she's always looking out for the best jobs for me. I always feel supported and my recruiter checks in with me pretty much every week. I've never had my contract cancelled and I've never had a problem with my paychecks, housing, travel expenses etc. I've truly had a great experience and will continue working with them.

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