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Cirrus Medical Staffing


Cirrus Medical Staffing


Location: Charlotte, NC

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 7 reviews
by Glenda Parrish on Cirrus Medical Staffing
She always feels like home

My recruiter Heather Fortman, always feels like home! I had been going through a serious situation, when it was two days before my assignment was to start. I called Heather in a panic and told her I didn’t have a place to live! It was a Saturday and without hesitation she was on the phone with someone from housing even though the office was closed. I had a couple of other difficult issues and again without hesitation or drama, she listens intently to get the matter resolved. Heather is a source of stability, warmth and character. She makes me smile and laugh. She warms heart. She feels like home

Love working with my recruiter, Ryan

Ryan Wiley is my recruiter, and I can reach him thru text, phone, or email making it super convenient. He reminds me when I haven't turned in a timecard to make sure I get paid, and another contractor on my current assignment says she wishes her recruiter would do that! Ryan also helps me find the answer to all my questions, with anything from taxes to payroll to bonus pay, even if it's not his domain he will make sure I have the answers I need. I worked with a previous travel company before, and changed because I could not get a job in my hometown and a friend recommended Ryan who had open jobs and I got hired within the week. It's been over 2 years and I've never looked back!

by Jenni Freeman on Cirrus Medical Staffing
Very happy!

My recruiter, Jennifer Adams, is simply the best!!! I could not ask for anyone better!!! She treats me like I am her only travel nurse!!! She is always available, always makes my needs a priority, and is always looking out for my best interests!!! I haven't looked past Cirrus for a travel agency because of Jennifer!!!

by Melanie Witcher on Cirrus Medical Staffing
Thumbs up!

I have traveled with Cirrus off and on for 4 years and have nothing but great things to say about them and my recruiter Lauren Vause. They are very professional and offer a very decent pay. My recruiter always makes herself available and when she goes out of town she calls her nurses to let them know that a specific person will be covering for her. I have never had issues with my pay. I always received my bonuses as promised and my assignments have not been crap buckets. Very pleased with Cirrus I am.

by C J McIntyre Osterhaus on Cirrus Medical Staffing

Chad Davis is young, I first thought he can not help me, I had traveled for 20 years and he is a pup. He is the most involved recuirter I have ever had. I tell him what area and money I want to make and he calls me with every job and new job that is close. When I did not have housing he went to every source to find me get housing in areas that had none even for the locals. He is always available, returns calls immedicatey, and always calls weekly. He is young but he has my support as the best ever. C J McINtyre-Osterhaus RN

Best So Far

I have a wonderful recruiter who is there with me every step of the way, not just when I get the assignment.

It is my underst and ing that I am the first one sent to my present duty station chosen with that company so some of my experiences here have been unpleasant, but, that had nothing to do with CIRRUS. They are very interested in my input for further considerations in sending other nurses here and value my feedback. I appreciate that.

They are wonderful. My recruiter also responds after hours if I need him.

Good Company

I have been with Cirrus for several assignments. This is the third company I have been with and the best of the three. When getting ready to stat to work in Travel, I did a lot of reading about choosing a company. And I think part of picking a company for you will be in asking a lot of questions. Reading the fine print. And if you don't ask for something (like paying for your CPR, parking,etc) you may not get it at all. So I am not sure whether Cirrus is the best, I know that I have not had any issues with them. They seem to be fair, as far as pay. I have not used their housing division yet, but have asked for suggestions. And as typical for housing division from what I have read and experienced, they are not usually very good.
My recruiter is okay. Like many, she is attentive while getting you a job and then once you have the job, she doesn't seem to have much time for you. As long as I get a decent job, and fair pay, I can live with that.
I am happy with Cirrus and hope that I will be able to continue to work with them for a few more years.