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by Ali Cheri on Aya Healthcare
Travel Nursing

Much like most of the eighty gazillion other travel companies that popped up over the past 12 years, AYA is up there with AMN in putting the least amount of money into the pockets of the RN's, & the most amount of $ in the pockets of those positioned on the top of the pyramid (scheme). AYA is as lame or lamer than most when it comes to RN support, finding housing, etc.They can't handle the realities of travel nursing & they don't want to know. That might cause a frowny face to happen! Oh, my!!!
The quality assurance staff, in particular, perform in a homogeneously anxious, uber-compensated manner; as if they are constantly being observed, judged, & rated by the big brother, & their job status is constantly threatened. Indoctrinated into the sanguine AYA "cult"ture,they speak & act with the limited AYA vocabulary of exclusively happy words & with the pervasive, condescending & superficial passive-aggressive approach, with the goal of getting the nurses to a place where the staff will be remunerated for the RN's work. No thanks,respect or gratitude to the nurses, just vacuous smiley faces. No true validation that the RN provides the work for which they & their company receive the majority of the financial reward. This is not a healthy or sustainable relationship. Only a masochistic chump would invite such exploitation once they realized the true nature of the relationship.Smiley face pimps.
Perhaps the most salient observation is of the staff, most of whom project naivete, inexperience, cluelessness in regard to the nurses' experiences. In regard to the proprieties of doing business in a way that would promote a true & lasting (business) relationship, AYA corporate has made an effort not to convey this knowledge to their staff, AYA corporate tactics are to make the nurses and staff feel beholden only to AYA. Creepy.

by AYA sucks and pure greed on Aya Healthcare

They suck, they want to drain all the hard work of the nurses. They would give you flat stipends that change only if you missed hours and does not go up when you work overtime. They are aware of this since they say that it is the max stipend allowed as their excuse.
They don’t even want to write the base regular hourly rate and stipend rate in your contract.
So whatever you see as positive reviews in here are clones hired by AyA

by Doody Face on Aya Healthcare
Stay away from Aya

They’re terrible. They take forever to get your credentials together and call you ten times a day looking for forms. They even try and steal nurses from other agencies. They really stink.

by Greg on Aya Healthcare

I Love working for AYA Healthcare. I Love my Recruiter Kevin and all the staff in their office. Everyone has excellent follow through and always respond to my phone calls and emails, promptly. Also, AYA provides RN's the best Medical Insurance in the Industry. It's free. It's right up there with what Hospitals offer their staff-nurses. That right there is an AMAZING part of the overall package.

by Leon Smith on Aya Healthcare
From bad to great

Started with Aya and the absolute worst recruiter a young girl with an attitude, empty promises and no idea what she was talking about. I called her manager to complain and leave the company, he asked for one chance to make it right and I gave it to him. Now I am on my fourth assignment with him and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He follows through, makes good with his promises and jumps to help out. All though he is a manager we still deal directly with him. Someone said it all, it’s all in the recruiter.

by Jill on Aya Healthcare

This will be my first assignment as a travel nurse after 4 years of nursing. I've had a million agencies contacting me and instead of going w one I let several begin working for me. My recruiter Kevin sold himself in 20 min and made good on his promises. Where it took other agencies days to call back w 1 interview Kevin talked w me an hour about what I was wanting and where I was willing to go. I got thrown into traveling unexpectedly for forswear circumstances and Kevin has made my transition as easy as it could be. In one day, yes 1 day I had 5 interviews and 5 offers. I say again 1 day. I did my app we talked about different options he submitted them the next day I had 5 offers. Ive had a lot to deal w bc of on foreseen life circumstances and Kevin has answered or called back w every question I've had whether it was stupid small or not even in his area of work. He has gone above and beyond so far and has made good on every promise up to this point. It took 3 days total to fill out an app, talk about options to signing a contact w every single place I asked for. So far so good. Other agencies Are just now calling me seeing if I received a call for 1 place and by the way they were same listings so that tells me something about whose working harder. I haven't started yet so there's still much to look forward to and experience for myself but as of right now I couldn't have asked for a better recruiter or company to back me especially w all that has personally going on that led me to choose traveling. I'm excited to see what happens next and hope for the best!

by Kelly Clark on Aya Healthcare

I've completed 4 assignments with Aya and I couldn't be happier with the company. Neal Chan worked his magic throughout my first assignment! I had a huge issue with housing (I used airbnb) and he was able to secure me a sweet apartment within 48 hours. He really stresses long term vision and listens to what I want. The company offers a ton of perks and even delivered a pizza on my birthday!!! I'm sure there are a ton of great agencies out there but I'll be sticking with Aya and Neal until I settle down!

by T Lynne on Aya Healthcare
Thanks for the opportunity

Travel nursing is a business and the recruiters and company only make money when nurses are working however, do not be fooled by the fake phone conversation from your recruiter because they do not care about you as a person only as a pay check. My recruiter R (I will only use his initial) may be a nice person but once I had my contract cancelled early because I did an ethical act and did not turn my back on unsafe practices. My recruiter promised to find me other work, but I have not heard from him in 8 weeks, I was notified that I am able to get Cobra which means my employment was terminated. I am not upset but I did not pay attention to the warning signs: 1) it took over a month for the recruiter to reach out to me when I first applied, 2) my recruiter made a larger mistake on my extension contract and expected me to just deal with it. 3) when I had issues with the site my recruiter took 2 weeks to respond to me. 4) my pay was messed up twice. I can be anger if I want but that is a waste of energy instead the roles are reversed AYA was my stepping stone for other better opportunities. R the recruiter ab and on me but I underst and and I wish him all the best, but recruiters must remember we reap what we sow and leaving nurses high and dry isn't professional. AYA provided a great benchmark to help me be a better advocate for myself as a travel nurse and only work for the best organization.

by Edna F. on Aya Healthcare

I chose Aya to get me to Arizona where my son and wife lived to witness the birth of twin girls, and my recruiter Alisha was awesome. Kiya got me compliant on all paperwork and the housing team secured very good housing in Bear Canyon 10 minutes away from the hospital. The hospital was very good to me as a traveler and I have no complaints regarding pay and housing. I was paid on time and reimbursed for license and relocation to and from my home state of Florida. Alisha checked in periodically and I just want to say thank you Aya Healthcare for such a positive experience.

by Eva E Cameron on Aya Healthcare
Steve Schuster

He was nice at first, then dragging me to the desert. I am the third nurse he did a bit and switch to. Then he tells Kelli to compliance me for the wrong dates, the cart before the race horse the entire way. She tells me to call Victorville CA, CEO to relay the news of all of Steve poor choices. So, you end up.doing their job, they have no backbone to back you. They live with rose colored fantasy glasses on. Wrong dates on the contract, no travel expenses on the DocuSign, a real joke! Steve twists all your words, a big liar on the icing of the ?.

by Jose Sanchez on Aya Healthcare
Poor Service and horrible of pay

I have been working with a recruiter of this agency for just over 3 weeks and cannot believe how they run their operation. They ooze all over you at first, then they mislead you on the pay for the assignments. They don't even let you know what they are submitting you to to get your approval! Once you interview... it really gets bad. The "rate" then becomes "confusing" somehow... like it changes real quickly all of a sudden. Bait and switch. The actual compensation is super-low compared to other companies.

I have dumped them, for good. I have over 20 years of experience and hold a compact-state license. I have travel agencies calling me daily. I have moved on.

by John S. on Aya Healthcare
Bad Company

This company completely lies! I have been a travel nurse for over 10 years and have never been treated so badly like I was with them. They don't have a clue about recruiting or travel nursing in general. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. As I underst and it, they do their best to steal nurses away from real companies that actually know what they are doing and try to pull them into their fold. One big problem... they lie, cheat, and steal from their travelers. Low-ball pay, charges around every corner, and misleading info. Way too many other choices out there. You've been warned!

by Witty Kitty on Aya Healthcare
This review may seem premature BUT...

I am a first time Travel RN and AYA was the first and only Agency which I signed on with after they were referred to me by another Traveler whom I had worked with while employed as a Staff Nurse in NYC.

Without getting into too many details, my recruiter, Steve obtained several interviews and ultimately secured me a position with a County Hospital here in CA. It felt like a perfect fit. He had been consistently forthright and available throughout the entire process, throughout the various facility interviews, in response to my questions, Steve was able to relay his cumulative knowledge of the various facilities via feedback from previous RNs whom had worked there, etc. All valuable information.

Anyway, after signing the contract and choosing to find my own housing, after completing the inevitable but formidable volume of compliance requirements (a daunting, preliminary task during any Travel Nurse's initiation to an Agency who has never worked with you) as well as relocating (all within three short weeks) in order to meet the Facility's needs, the Facility cancelled my contract on the Friday before my Monday start date!


Steve called me with the devastating news and I could tell by his voice that it was probably one of the hardest professional calls he had, at that point, had to make. He was beside himself. His sorrowfulness was palpable as he solemnly relayed that this has/had never happened before. He was so sincere, I knew he was telling me the truth. The Hospital was solely responsible and it was very evident that AYA, my Agency, did not take this lightly.

After my initial shock and before I had even had time to process all of the repercussions of this news, Steve was assuring me that I was not alone. He ensured me that not only were all of the other recruiters working on finding me immediate placement in another facility but AYA's Leadership were also personally involved with my case.

Shortly, within an hour, AYA's Team had procured two interviews for me with two separate facilities, both of which offered me immediate positions and in fact, one of the Nurse Managers who interviewed me on that Friday afternoon at 5 pm was interviewing me while she was on her vacation! Both Nurse Managers were so kind, it was difficult to decide between the two.

Now I know this all sounds very 'Kumbaya' but let me remind you....I am not generally (or probably have ever been) known as a warm, fuzzy person. I am an ER Nurse who gained my experience in the South Bronx, NY, one of the three busiest ERs in the country, in a hospital I can only describe as "the belly of the beast"....hard core to say the least... However, I have to give recognition where recognition is due. Every single member of my Team expressed their empathy for my circumstance upon being reunited in preparation for my (new) re-assignment.

AYA Healthcare went to bat for me and had my back every inch of the way through this unprecedented situation despite being a br and -new traveler with no previous track record with their company.... and THAT, my friends, is meritorious of a 5 star review.

BTW, I start my first assignment on Wednesday.

Thank you AYA, you have earned my gratitude and respect.


Tammy, RN

by Paul on Aya Healthcare

Maybe this is all just about recruiters. But I did my homework on this company. They are a paper company. They seek out new nurses who have no very little experience in travel nursing. Maybe it's possible that they have a few recruiters that actually know what they're doing but I doubt it. They definitely have the lowest rates of any company I've ever seen. They're taking about 65 to 70% of what they're charging the hospital. They will not negotiate with you and you're lucky if you'll get $24 an hour. If you are foolish enough to take a job with this company stay away from a recruiter named kaisa. She is very sweet and a very nice person but she doesn't have a clue of what it is to be a recruiter. This company is very fragmented. You will be contacted by like six or seven different sub contractors that work for this paper company. I don't even think they have any nurses that actually work for that company with any experience at all. They're all about them getting all the money . And if you try to negotiate with them they'll just tell you They will just get somebody else. This is becoming an increasingly more complex problem with the nurses. New nurses with little experience two or three years are getting sucked into these companies that are taking the lion share of the money. They're not the one saving people's lives and they really don't care about that .
I read some of these for star ratings and was shocked. Maybe they just got lucky and had a really great recruiter. But I suspect that there are more likely inexperienced nurses that are just willing to travel someplace and take whatever money is offered to them. If that is the case they are doing the whole profession a great disservice . Look at the statistics. Travel nurses are in more dem and than ever. If we don't share a common unity these companies will control our pay and our futures.
AYA is making a ton of money off of their nurses. We are the ones that have the power over our pay and our futures. Don't let these companies conning you in two believing that they are doing you some kind of a favor. It is you that are doing them a favor by providing your expertise compassion and flexibility to provide nursing services to hospitals all over the country. And you deserve the respect and the pay appropriate to your profession. You won't see doctors getting cheap pay. Why is that. It's because doctors have a sense of unity. We nurses lack that unity. Positions have the American Medical Association to back them up. We don't even have a comment forum.
Just think about that.

by Susan on Aya Healthcare
Great team!

Very helpful & resourceful to a somewhat new nurse, attempting travel nursing for the 1st time!! I'm really looking forward to working with them!

by Stephanie Thomas on Aya Healthcare
Best Recruiter Ever!

I've been traveling for a few years now and have worked with multiple agencies (Aureus, Cross Country, AMN, Advantage RN, and some smaller ones I forget)...I will never work with anybody other than Dan Nadel at Aya ever again. He has worked tireless on my behalf, really understood what I was looking for, and has now set me up with my last 4 assignments with fantastic hospitals in Denver, Boise, Maryl and , Texas...He has also helped me with long-term planning, and I have my next few assignments already planned out! He gets me great pay packages, but even moreso my experience has been second to none. I highly recommend Dan Nadel at Aya Healthcare...tell him Stephanie from Ohio sent you!

by Ketoya on Aya Healthcare
Amazing recruiter!

Solena was very helpful and informative about everything. She made me feel comfortable and confident about my new big move from NY to CO. I am super excited to work for this agency and continue to talk with Solena about this big new chapter in my life.

by Joy on Aya Healthcare
5 stars

Jennifer is awesome. She is very patient, underst and ing and never over aggressive. She goes out of her way to address your concerns and she always makes sure you are happy. I love hearing her bubbly, cheerful voice when I talk to her. Jennifer is definitely a five-star recruiter!

by Sean on Aya Healthcare
Positive experience!

Perry was AWESOME!! He was a wealth of information. I am looking forward to working with him.

by cary on Aya Healthcare

I would never use Aya again. My recruiter secured housing at my new assignment before I began my journey across the country for this travel assignment. I was assured if I had any problems with my housing situation, a different one would be found by my recruiter. When i arrived at my new "home," problems did arise within a week and I had safety concerns. My recruiter left me high and dry to find my own place, which was difficult at this particular assignment. I trusted my recruiter and assumed my recruiter would always have my back and put words into action, yet when I was alone and didnt know a soul and far from home, my recruiter definitely wasnt there. Would never use them again.

by Margarita on Aya Healthcare
Great company!

Tayor Kirk is an asset to your company. He is fast, friendly, and efficient and I appreciate him always being there to support me in my travels. Give this man a raise!

by Rashad P. on Aya Healthcare
The best

AYA was so wonderful to me prior to, during, and after my travel position. I'm so thankful for all of them, especially my recruiter. He's amazing!!

by Lynn Lai on Aya Healthcare
#1 Agency!

Always attentive and puts my needs as number one priority! I recommend Aya to all my travel friends looking for a great company to work for!

by Rosy Gonzalez on Aya Healthcare
Awesome staff!

Very thorough with the explanation of packages and very friendly!

by Brad G. on Aya Healthcare
I love Aya!

My recruiter is wonderful! She answered all my questions and did a great job of explaining the entire process.

by Jill freyensee on Aya Healthcare

Christy is my compliance analyst and has been nothing but short of amazing for my first experience. This wasn't something that I chose it kind of fell into my lap w crappy circumstances and it was people like Kevin (recruiter) and christy that made me feel like family and that my life could be trusted in their h and s. They worked their magic in a matter of days. I had 5 offers a job and got walked through what process was best for me in a matter of days. I treat them like family/friends which is who I want on my back taking care of me. They've been nothing short of AMAZING and I hope any other new travelers consider this wonderful company before committing elsewhere. They will not be disappointed! New travel gypsy!

by Reba on Aya Healthcare
Couldn't have possibly asked for better

Aya went out of their way to find me housing downtown in Austin for my assignment. I LOVE IT! The other nurses at this hospital that travel with other agencies are SO jealous of my housing that they now want to travel with Aya Healthcare! They sure took care of me!

by Paula on Aya Healthcare
Great for first timers!!!

Ive always wanted to be a travel nurse ever since i graduated. I paid my dues and got my needed experience, and signed up with Aya Healthcare. My recruiter, Ashley has been so wonderful! I almost backed out a few times before I started because I was scared that I couldn't do It since I was staring out in one of Texas' toughest Hospitals, Parkl and . Ashley has given me so much confidence and assured me that I would be well taken care of and fought to get me a higher pay than what was originally agreed upon! Now I am enjoying being a travel nurse!! Ayaw took care of all of my needs and I had no problem finding my n ext contract, It was all laid out in front of me and all I had to do was choose!!! Great company! A+

by Capps on Aya Healthcare

This company is dishonest and incompetent. My recruiter Kelly lied to me multiple times about housing, benefits, and hospital of contract. She stated this company was known for exceptional housing. I was walked into an apartment in Skid Row at Los Angeles (Which is the ghetto/homeless territory. There were concrete floors in this apartment, no furniture, and no refrigerator. She assured me this was the first time this had ever happened. Another traveler of Kelly's had the same problem I did. Since these conditions were not acceptable to live in, the company placed me in a "4-star" hotel until other housing was found. This hotel was filthy and in a high-crime area on sunset blvd. Also Kelly promised I would be using EMR but it was actual paper charting. I drove from Illinois to LA by the way. I was not reimbursed for any travels whatsoever. I talked to my recruiter's supervisor, Megan, and she was very rude and not helpful at all. She would not answer my calls or return them. I then spoke to Sophia, Megan's supervisor and again, nothing was done. Please reconsider using another company. This company is not concerned about you, the nurse.

by Reba M on Aya Healthcare
They've got my back

My travel operations contact, Emily has been a dream to work with. She is extremely professional, easy to communicate with and efficient. She also is very organized. Using her gifts, Emily makes a complex information exchange fun and easy and less stressful. I took the housing with Aya for the first time this contract and she made the process easy, even fun. I am so grateful to have her on my team. I know her and Aya have my back!

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