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Location: Omaha, NE

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by Done with this company on Aureus Medical
Nope nope nope. G.

I started with Aureus 2 years ago. Things were pretty decent for about a minute. At first they put me at some hospitals that of course had their share if problem children and you worked your 13 weeks and moved on. Recently, the company had been putting me in problem areas with huge employee problems in their hospitals. Bullying, doctors who were not only disrespectful the employees but to their patients. The situations were increasingly becoming uncomfortable. When i was fismissed for voicing this issue this company did not only NOT stand behind me, even though i had zero issues for 2 years, but forced me to sign a paper stating that basically it was my fault and i wouldnt do it again. I was extremely disturbed by this and voiced my concerns. They basically told me if i didnt sign it, even though it was false and that wasnt what happened at the facility, i wouldnt work again. I signed it reluctantly. And if that happens and you try to apply for unemployment to cover this issue, they will lie and say you were offered jobs even if you didnt take something or never offered an interview. Beware. They will bully you into assignments as well.

by Traverlers Husband on Aureus Medical
Other reviews are made by salty people!

Hi my name is Joe, my wife is a traveling nurse, and i travel with her, we both love Aureus. Yes sometimes the managers are hard to get into contact with, but thats becaise they have many other people to talk to also. We are on my wifes 2nd assigent, the first was supposed to be only 8 weeks but turned into 9 months because they kept extending her contract, no the location was not great, it was in the middle of nowhere but it was beautiful, we were in a log cabin in the woods beside a lake, whats better than that. Now we are in VT, and she loves it here too because she doesnt have a huge workload and the pay is great. No the appartment we're in isnt great but its peaceful and quiet. The moral of the story is that, youre a worker working for a company the employs hundreds if not thousands of other healthcare professionals, some jobs may not be great but others will be, give them a chance! Ps, what other traveling companies will let a husband travel with you? Not many.

by Sasha on Aureus Medical
Don't do it

I don't know where to start , but please don't do it !

1. They didn't honor my housing contract , put me in a completely different city In the middle of nowhere , next to abandoned houses
2. My workplace was stressful , people were quitting left and right and another traveler with them was unHappy as well , we would call Aureus to get it straightened out , once the manager for the area knew we were leaving , forget about it , her response time was slow . Sometimes wouldn't respond until 3 days later ... I was put in a workplace situation that was very stressful and I tried getting aureus to step in because my manager gave me a hard time when I tried telling her I was given a very high workload.. it was useless , areus didn't advocate for me whatsoever and kinda ignored my requests for help

3 . My manager with aureus made errors with my paperwork and I was left to deal with the consequences , she input some data incorrectly which left me with less sick time and told me there was nothing she could do about it . I basically had to take that as a loss on my end

by Word of warning on Aureus Medical
Stay clear

I would score them lower than a one if that's possible. They have no loyalty to you as a worker. Once you've worn out your usefulness they will cast you aside . They want you to suck it up and do whatever the customer wants! If the customer does not like you they're there to please the customer and they will throw you aside!

by RUN AWAY! on Aureus Medical

Aureus is a horrible and inauthentic company focused on ensuring they get their pockets filled. They will not advocate for you on behalf of their clients. If a job interview didn't work out and they said they will find out why but never called back. This happened many times and when there is a new opening, they call. Manipulative greedy people!

by linda on Aureus Medical
stay away!

Stay away from Aureus! Especially Josh B. He does not honor his word. Their health insurance policy is horrific! Read very carefully before you agree to work for them. I can't say anything good about them except they found me a job in Hawaii once with nice housing. But there are better companies out there.

by RUN LIKE HELL on Aureus Medical


by Ashley on Aureus Medical
Expect you to put your license in jeopardy

I left a assignment last minute due to the facility illegally running a Epilepsy unit. They hospital administrators had started a investigation into the matter and the unit was on the verge of weekly threats to be shut down. I was the only registered tech in the whole hospital and the unit was only open because of my registry. Along with inappropriate patient care practices I told my account manager I would not be returning and was told after an investigation that I had to sign at consuling form stating I would not end a assignment early again and follow hospital policies if I wanted other assignments with them. It was disheartening that I was being punished for protecting my registration from being misused by a facility who practices where in question by its own administration. We have ethical and legal obligations of our own as healthcare professionals but it seems this company does not respect that.

by TMcGee on Aureus Medical
Do Your Research

I feel that Aureus advisors are only looking out for themselves. They will not defend you or have your back in any way. I did an assignment in an area where there was zero wireless service and my advisor would get very angry with me for not being able to take her calls. However the only time they were available to chat was when I was at work. So then she would call me on the landline at work and get me into trouble for using the phones at work. It has been several months since I’ve worked for them and I am still trying to get paid some of the money they owe me. Also, believe the reviews that say that the living arrangements are sketchy at best. At first I was placed in a hotel that was in a horrible part of town not to mention that it was filthy. Then they put me in a duplex type of housing the furniture and carpets were disgusting to put it lightly. It was directly across the street from a halfway house. Again, horrible part of town. My first night there at 3:00am someone aggressively tried to enter my home. From that point on I made sure I was armed. They didn’t care that I was absolutely terrified being there on my own. The advisors I spoke with about this made up excuses for whoever tried to break in saying that perhaps they thought they were at someone else’s house. As if that makes it any better at all. I told the managers at the facility I was working at and they were so nice and extremely concerned about it, unlike Aureus. Just know what you are getting into when you sign a contract with them. They will not care or advocate for you. Watch your paychecks they will cut corners wherever they can. Do not work a minute of overtime as you will not be paid for it, you’ll only get a response of, it’s only 13 weeks. Just be a team player and suck it up. The only reason I gave even one star is because it won’t let you leave a review with no stars.

by Rachel on Aureus Medical

Horrible company. Unreliable and unsupportive to their nurses. Aureus is only concerned with their profits. They treat nurses as disposable goods. Warning to all nurses, RUN.

by Amy on Aureus Medical
Happy RN

I was referred to Aureus by a previous assistant director at a hospital we both use to work for. She spoke highly of them.
I am entering my third contract and so far no issues. My Michigan recruiter, Nick is amazing. Have had a great experience with the Florida team, Emily has amazing. Talked to recruiters from South Carolina, Texas, and Arizona when I was trying to decide where to go for the winter and my choices were amazing, from management to clinical care at Mayo, to staff nurse. Impressed thus far! I would definitely recommend!
I set-up my own housing so I can not speak on that. So far no issues.

by Tracie on Aureus Medical

I sadly can’t recommend this company based on my experience. If it changes I will update.

by Sally on Aureus Medical
Traveling Microbiologist

RUN from this company. It is a self-serving, self aggr and izing company which only operates to augment the performance of their own company. They have a scripted response to everything one asks, they do NOT consummate their promises and they leave tyou with very many of your own expenses. I have been screwed over by them twice now; fool me once shame on you;fool me twice shame on me!Their converstaions with you are suggestive of a conspicuous performance and they WILL NEVER BE YOUR ADVOCATE. They can't because they have to make the "company" look skilled and polished. If any of them have a college education, I would be surprised. They are like the Sirens in Greek mythology. Remember, "The siren sings so sweetly that she lulls the mariners to sleep; then she climbs upon the ships and kills the sleeping mariners." They will lure you in with their enchanting script and then you're hooked.
Like I said "RUN"!
Oh and BTW and just FYI, they RECORD all of your phone calls and conversations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by CNA Nightmare on Aureus Medical

So this is my first assignment ever and what a mistake. My recruiter is awesome, it's the account manager Penny who does nothing but lie. If you don't answer your phone, she sends a text then an email. My assignment was horrible. I was told Id be in a hospital but I'm in nursing home. I can't put my hours in the website so have to email them to her. She won't rwply to emails but Penny expects you to be her begging call. I've only been here a week and will not finish my contract!!

by veronica on Aureus Medical

My first assessment has been great, my recruiter make sure I am ok and check in regularly. Thanks not bad for the first time traveler nurse assignment.

by Donna on Aureus Medical

This Was my first travel assignment with this company, and I'm going to have to say , I am not impressed and would not recommend them to anybody, I feel it they immediately ab and oned me in a situation NE where it was a personality issue with the nurse , and My Contract was canceled by a lie with my Orientee, and Aureus did not immediately back me up, don't recommend them to anyone !!

by MICHELLE on Aureus Medical


by Terri on Aureus Medical
Speech Pathologist

I've had three assignments with them and have never had a problem. I've even worked with different recruiters. I'm shocked by the really negative reviews. I had one housing issue, and they fixed it promptly. Any pay errors were fixed quickly. I'd highly recommend them.

by Jess on Aureus Medical
No complaints yet

I had decided to go with Aureus before reading these reviews... so now I am a little worried. However my recruiter, Veronica, is THE BEST. She is in constant contact with me, emails me on the weekends. Has been very upfront about pay, costs, etc. I went to reviews written about 2 years ago, and maybe things have changed. My recruiter does not change based on the location. They do have "managers" that you talk to to explain a job in a certain area, but after that my recruiter h and les all the day-to-day stuff! I have no complaints. Hopefully my experience goes like the other 5-stars here and not like the 1s 🙁

by lavonna on Aureus Medical
Traveling SLP

I am a traveling Speech therapist in the southeast region. I have to say I'm shocked by any negative review. My Aureus case managers have been diligent, supportive, pleasant. I love my placement and always feel I can turn to the company if I have any issues. Give them a try!

by Lauren on Aureus Medical

Every pay check had something missing I would have to pay very close attention to my hours and pay because they will cut corners where they can.

by Stewart Hood on Aureus Medical
always great!

I have worked for several travel companies over the years and most recently with Aureus. I never had any issues with them. My recruiter was great and everyone was always very friendly. Nothing negative to say about Aureus.

by Jason on Aureus Medical
Almost signed up, thankful I didn't

I had my resume up for another career when I was contacted by a recruiter from Aureus. I decided I might try one more travel assignment. The first recruiter was really helpful. Then I was contacted by a woman named Tara. She tried to pressure me into hours I didn't want. I detected a bit of an attitude from this woman which started putting me off. Later I interviewed with a hospital that I decided not to go with and "Tara" got pretty rude on the phone asking me what the problem was and how I shouldn't interview if I don't want to take it. So I looked this company up online and started reading all the negative reviews. Glad I listened to my gut on this company. Thanks, Tara, I've been around long enough to detect pushy used car salesmen and bully tactics don't work on me.

by Chuck on Aureus Medical
Do not care for the Traveler

Once you accept an assignment; they will hang you out to dry. Their concern will always be for the "Client" and will always side on their behalf. Expect unprofessionalism. Degradation and disrespect. Other positive reviews may be propag and a on behalf of the company. Imaging professionals beware.

by Loraine Weers on Aureus Medical
stable, low pressure company

I have been traveling with them for the last 4-5 years and always find them very helpful, communicative, honest and responsive. what we do is stressful and hard. It is a convoluted living that we choose to participate in. I have made a decent wage and any discrepancies that arise are resolved by their attention and willingness to look at the situation honestly. Several times they have had my back when unexpected situations arise and help me navigate to the best possible outcome. They always respond to my phone calls, e-mails or texts. Just when I feel the situation is hopeless, they come through. Really love them

by Pius on Aureus Medical

I have completed 3 contracts with this company and I have nothing to say except how stress-free my contracts with them have been. My expectations were realistic from the beginning, my account manager/s have far exceeded them. I am about to re-sign for a 4th contract and have turned down better financial offers in favor of a stress-free contract.

by Danielle Maslen on Aureus Medical
Do it yourself

Aureus has some really great people working for them. But those great people sit behind a desk and make money off of us. We work hard and we are the ones who are making the sacrifice. Everything we ask for should at least be considered and NEVER flat out refused. Every company you staff with or work for has guidelines in every area that help with per-diem stats. The government sets daily perdiem amounts of housing and meal limits based off the are you are in. The hospitals and states already comply and expect this much. Skimming off tax free perdiems is like robbing not just the worker but the government as well. You can do all this stuff yourself. It is not that complicated and I have began steps to break this maddening cycle. If you think your not being robbed, look up your perdiems yourself at: Compare what you are actually getting to what is suppose to be. Because somebody is getting it! They will tell you they do not comply with GSA. But that is untrue. It is government regulated and they have to comply with this. How they get away with only paying me 1/2 of what I am suppose to get, is what I plan on finding out and avoiding in the future. Pimp yourself out people. You'll make better money and its really not that difficult.

by Kathleen Rad tech on Aureus Medical
Great company to work for

Have been been traveling for 16 years.
Have at times worked for four other agencies, not because I was unhappy
but because of job availability.
Surprised at negative reviews.
Aureus is by far the best.

by Michelle on Aureus Medical

Have been working with them almost a year, several assignments. Never had a problem, very attentive, great pay.

by Gypsy on Aureus Medical
Aureus medical allied health

Everyone experience will be different. I will say Aureus have the potential to be a good company to work for but in my opinion they need a better system. I have had an okay experience with them. I don't want to blame the account managers or in essence say they are at fault for everything that has been going wrong but they are the only person I've had contact with so it just happened they get the blames. All the facilities I've work with has been awesome the people were nice and always willing to help. My biggest problem with Aureus is that they could not get my check correct, it was always something and I will have to wait days and sometime week before it is fixed. And when it's time for them to get you housing it takes forever and the hotels they put you in while waiting are not always in good condition. They have a tendencies to agree to a lot and don't deliver.

I don't normally take time to do review, but I thought someone need to know what they are getting themselves into, because I did read the others reviews before starting with them but chose to ignored them and now I learned my lesson. Do your research.

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