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Atlas Medstaff


Atlas Medstaff


Location: Omaha, NE

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by travel RN on Atlas Medstaff
Atlas medstaff

My experience with Atlas was much less than ideal. The main issue that I experienced was that my recruiter straight out lied to me. When interviewing different companies I asked if I couldn’t find my own housing if my housing would be provided for me. The answer I got at the time was yes, however when the time came I was told they absolutely did not provide housing only the stipend. My recruiter also insisted they would help me find housing. In reality I was just given information of other travelers that had been to the area. I was never presented with a position in any of the cities I asked for and as a result did not extend my contract or accept any other positions they presented.

by Cathy Hilton on Atlas Medstaff

I am more than impressed with Atlas. Atlas seems to be one of the most traveler friendly companies out there. They have your back, and they genuinely seem to care about their nurses. Their pay runs towards the higher end and the only complaint I have about the benefits is they aren't day one. They thr to get to know you and make your experience positive. In addition, when I once went on a cruise with friends who are Atlas travelers, one of them asked for money to donate to an orphanage near one of our ports of call. Atlas came through with a generous check.

by Experienced RN on Atlas Medstaff
Just say NO to this agency

I am am experienced RN who had travelled for over 3 years now. This company is one to stay away from. I should've known something was wrong when I had to call my recruiter at 6pm the night before my assignment was supposed to start to get the final confirmation of time and place. When there was an issue with the facility, this company completely left me out to dry. My recruiter flat out LIED to me on three separate occasions. He also would text me over and over for the most minute things. I think his expertise is micromanagement. The worst was when they held part of my pay for absolutely no legitimate reason. I have never not extended a contract, but this was one I couldn't wait to get out of.