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Location: Boca Raton, FL

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by BRENDA DECKARD on American Travele
So far, so good

This is my first travel nurse experience. I have been very pleased thus far and my recruiter, Annie calls me weekly and has been very helpful...I'm into my 4th week. I will say the onboarding process seemed cumbersome but that might just be the norm. I'm looking forward to more assignments!

by colleen murray on American Travele

Poor experience with American Traveler. I quit a job of 10 yrs to start traveling with this company. It was my first assignment. I arrived in Arizona to receive a phone call I had to retake the math test and pass with a 100 percent and I only received a 96 percent. If I didn't pass my contract would be canceled. I took the test and pass but I was so upset because this company should have inform me of this before I quit my job and traveled 2000 miles from my home. The math test I took approximately 4 weeks before the assignment and they told me I had to retake it one week before my contract started. Then my contract was delayed by another week. As A result I had to live off my savings. Also I discovered talking to other travel nurses the pay is very low compared to other companies. I started talking to other companies and they offered me over 300 dollars more per week. I would never refer a nurse to this company or encourage nurses to work for American Traveler. I tell nurses to stay away from this company and look at a better company to work for. My recruiter stunk compared to the current one I have now. The credentialing department stinks. I felt taking advantage of and I did learn that this company is not caring towards the nurses they are recruiting. Nurses beware of American Traveler they are a wolves in sheep's clothing.

by Pookie on American Travele
I am so disappointed

This is my first assignment, and I am on the verge of tears. I'm stuck in a slum-like, cat pee smelling apartment, without proper cooling. The bedroom carpet, etc. is so filthy that I am forced to sleep on the couch. I am located almost one hour from my assignment, where, as it turns out, there is probably housing for a travel nurse on the hospital campus. I'm guessing that they found the cheapest place they could, so the company (A.T.) benefits, financially. The meager pay isn’t even close to what one should be compensated for to put up with this. I will NEVER work with this company again. My contact person/recruiter was less than honest, and it felt like I was dealing with a used car sales person. I received no call to make sure I arrived safely, no concern, and I'm stuck in the middle of no man's l and with zero support. To the recruiter I am referring to (if you are readying this you know who you are), you should be ashamed of yourself!!! If I get through this safely, I promise to NEVER work with this company, and DON'T recommend it for anyone. I feel like I was taken advantage of, as a first time traveler. RUN AWAY from this company!!!!

by Jocelyn on American Travele

As a new traveling nurse, I was thrilled to have such a supportive staff at American Traveler. My recruiter, Kelly, was kind, patient, informative, and 100% honest with me. She was always only a phone call or email away. She answered my questions promptly, and help me underst and anything I needed to know about the process. I could not have asked to have a better person in my corner.

by Brooke Cherney on American Travele
I highly recommend Amercan Traveler to any nurse who wants to travel!

American Traveler has truly made travel nursing fun and easy! With the help of my consultant, it only took 48 hours for me to get multiple job interviews and offers.
I was also able to get the job I wanted in the location I requested. My consultant at American Traveler communicated with me everyday to keep me updated on job postings and offers. I was also happy about the pay and housing allowance Ameican Traveler offers. I highly recommend American Traveler to any nurse who wants to travel!

by Ebony S. on American Travele
American Traveler Experience

Currently I am on my third assignment with American Traveler and I must say that I am very pleased with my decision, journey, as well as my fabulous recruiter Michele R.. Michele has been nothing but patient with me. I'm sure I bug the heck out of her with each new assignment selection, but we've seemed to have worked out a system that works for us; which is also great because it's very evident that even though we've never met in person she pays attention to what I'm looking for in my assignment selections. I can go on, but with all that being said I am very happy with Michele R. and American Traveler.......Life's a journey, just enjoy the ride!!!

by Jenn on American Travele

Would anyone be willing to contact me at to tell me more about these jobs? I am interested in travel nursing but honestly have no id a what it entails and if it would be a good fit.
Thank you kindly.

by Mindy Whitaker on American Travele
I love American Traveler

I have been working with American Traveler as a NICU RN for almost two years now and I am very happy with my experience. My consultant is always responsive and she is great at finding me the perfect assignment. This is a fabulous company to work for!

by Frank on American Travele
Good experience.

I have never had any problems and I have had a very good experience.

by Lana on American Travele
Best travel recruiter experience

Joined this company for a travel assignment in central Florida. Everything a traveler would want and expect from a recruiter; this company has it

by Seasoned Nurse on American Travele
What a joke!

I had a horrible experience with this company from the beginning. My housing was not available the first night I got there and NO ONE at the company answered the 24/7 hotline and I ended up sleeping in my car and showering at a truck stop because their housing dept failed. Through out the assignment the recruiter made it sound as if she was doing me a favor and was very condescending. Nearing the end of the assignment, I had a medical emergency where I had to be hospitalized and the first and only thing the recruiter kept telling me was "you're gonna have to pay us back." Not once did she call to check on me or ask how I was. I wouldnt work for this company if they were the last travel company on earth. RUN FAR FAR AWAY.

by Kelly Brockman on American Travele
American Traveler

This is the company to work for! My recruiter, Mikala, is a very professional and personable member of their staff. She makes me feel as though my needs are a priority. Mikala works very hard to ensure my family and I are happy with our assignments.
Everyone I have been in touch with at American Traveler have been very accommodating and caring.
The assignments are varied and exciting! Our previous job was in Lafayette, Louisiana, which is rich in culture and friendly people.
We are now in Ocala, Florida, and are extremely happy here. As always, it will be hard to leave, but we are excited to see what the future brings!

by Amanda Boston on American Travele
Travel RN

American traveler has been a fantastic company to work with. They are very quick and efficient. They always respond in a timely manner and help to negotiate higher wages and completion bonuses. I am on my second contract with them and excited to sign a third contract within the next few weeks. I highly recommend American traveler to all nurses. They are truly wonderful to work with!

by Sandra Velez on American Travele

Want to thanks everyone in Amercan Traveler, for being so prefesional and nice!!


Horrible. This is my first assignment and last. They will put you in horrible situations and not care. They care more about you finishing assignment than your safety. If your license is at jeopardy they dont care. Stay away!!!!

by Rubiela Barnes on American Travele
Love my recruiter Monic

This is my second assignment and I am very happy with American Traveler. My recruiter, Monic, has done an excellent job and always follows through on all details.

by Dougsma on American Travele

As has been said quite a few times RUN do Not associate with them, had difficulty with the facility and recruiter tells me that yes "I WILL HAVE YOUR BACK" no way no. Nance as soon as issue came a up and I wanted her input - she became short minded OH! No I must have been wrong...I did continue with American Traveller and the only HUMAN associated with company was/is Nancy in housing. Good luck future nurses

Horrible Company

I have never worked with such an unprofessional group of people. You expect there to be a friendship and bond between you and your recruiter but they are all out to make a quick buck. No one cares how hard you work or what you have to offer. All they care about is how to screw their nurses and make more money for themselves. NEVER would i recommend them to anyone unless I want to see that person suffer. The management is extremely rude and will lie to you about anything they can to make you believe you are doing well. I found many other companies that offered to pay 300$ more a week take home with a bonus, while American traveler denied to negotiate at all. They left threatening voice mails and I will never work with them again. SAVE YOURSELF FROM THE HEADACHE.

by Nance R.N. on American Travele
American Traveler Review

I have a great recruiter and have had the BEST assignments! If you want a company that cares and goes the extra mile, sign up here. My recruiter has been there over ten years, top notch client service. Now on my 7th job, I love it!


They put new grad recruits with no medical knowledge in charge of placing decades long, skilled nurses? Joke. They also do zero research before telling you to get up and go to the location. I was sent across the country with a promise of a contract. I get there, it's cancelled, they kick me out of the hotel (the apartment wasn't yet prepared), and I have zero dollars to haul my things back home. Not so much as an apology. Not to mention, they do pay a few hundred dollars less per week than other companies. Needless to say, steer clear.

by Disapointed on American Travele

They claim to be on tour side but when unforseen things happen they threatened me and were verbally aggressive in addition to calling me 20 times per day. Do yourself a favor and go with another company!

by Rico trazzii on American Travele

Run and run fast. They are horrible, liars, cheaters and they hide money from you. Yep Kristen you lied

by BxGal on American Travele
They pay garbage

All the agencies pretty much pay the same but this one pays 350 a week less than the others. "This is a lot of money I am offering you." Are you kidding me? Do I look stupid to you?