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Location: San Diego, CA

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by Janie on American Moblie

Filing a labor board complaint agaibst them Monday morning for over $10000, unpaid wages, ot, wage rechacterization, and i fot the supporting documents proving, not even a month of them settling a $20million class action lawsuit for unpaid wages to Travel Nurses in California, Kaiser, they continue their bad bahivor and do even worse.

by Ella on American Moblie
Don’t make the mistake I made

I won’t even wish that my enemy sign with AMN and its sister companies. I wish I read this reviews before signing with them. I can relate to the cheating, taking out of your pay check every week, saying you have missing shifts even though you clock in and out . Taking out of your stipend if you call in sick but no pay if the hospital cancels your shift. The most shocking part is that they pay you less that nurses from other agencies with the same job responsibilities.
Don’t let them sweat talk you. Extremely dishonest. My recruiters was timothy and Adriana.

by CST on American Moblie

If I could give 0 stars I would ... bottom line AMN sucks! Horrible and also dishonest!

by Lilly on American Moblie
Any place but here!

Canceled my contract 1 week before I started after making me wait 4 weeks with no pay. Worked for the company for just shy of 2 years and out of 5 contracts worked there was ALWAYS an issue. Drove all the way to Washington state from Ohio just to find my recruiter was on vacation and hadnt secured housing for one contract. Failed to give facilities the information they needed which delayed start dates. I stayed thinking it would get better and it never did.

by Eva E Cameron on American Moblie

Kendall is a fast toxic talker she said specialty unit is ICU in LTAC and when I got there this was LTAC for a new grad , the she threatens me UT won’t like me for her doings. So I told her I left for no ART lines here and this in not the assignment I was supposed to be matched as well the CVICU experience I have was not even connected. She was just trying to work me into any job with a Bls when I have Acls Pals Bls Nihss and CLNC. She was a 20 something with zero recruiter experience and she is Kendall.

by Anderson on American Moblie

They should allow a rating of no stars because this company is unbelievably unethical! They canceled my wife's contract with no reason, 2 days prior to her departure from Florida to California. We just shipped our car 2 days ago. Now we have no car, and my wife loses out on the plane ticket, as well as losing the security deposit for having to cancel the apartment she reserved. American Mobile, unless you pay restitution, I am going to sue!!!

by Gayle Hornung on American Moblie
BE CAUTIOUS signing with this Travel agency

I wish I had checked reviews before spending $6000 to relocate twice in a month because the first assignment was a threat to my license and possibly my life. The second one I was terminated 18 hours into an Orientation.
Yes. My recruiter was conveniently reassigned and I'm out in the cold, 2400 miles from home.
I worked with Emerald Health Services for 5 years and they were very professional and caring for their nurses.
I'm asking for compensation for being terminated without cause!!! My first firing in 43 years of nursing!
Let's see if Kevin actually responds with a check of compensation. I'll let you know.

by Brenda Fritz on American Moblie
Travel nurse

American Mobile has many sister companies. They are all the same. They are suppose to be the largest nurse travel company. It’s by far the worst company in the world; hands down. I am a 21 year experienced travel nurse. All of the vendors continue to use them, why? because they underbid to get the contracts, pay the nurses crap and also treat us like crap. Their PR is horrible. They leave you out in the cold or up the creek without a paddle. They targeted younger nurses or mostly inexperienced nurses to pay them the pennies. When you desire to work in a certain facility that they have exclusive contracts, you attempt to give them the benefit of doubt but it never fail, they find a way to screw your over. They suck money from you and screw up your check and always find a way not to pay you. It’s horrible. I have tried them on 3 occasions with 3 different companies. Same shit different day. So many of my colleagues beg me to stay away. After this last episode, I have learned my lesson. They have been sued on several occasions but as I mentioned earlier, vendors continue to use them because they under bid and then treat nurses like shit. They start out communicating with you making sure you are good the beginning of your contract. After your first pay, all hell break loose. You’re stuck in a contract dealing with the sorry recruiters, poor PR, missy dollars on your check. One person say one thing and another person say some thing else. It’s a mess. I say RUN. They’re horrible. To the hospitals or any other health sectors, there are so many other companies out there that are much better and more professional. Do your research!!!! Stop using this company.

by Debbie on American Moblie
Worst Company EVER

I start my contract tomorrow and yet they’ve given me no onboard instructions and just 1 day of orientation. I received an attachment to an email that showed a schematic of the hospital, ER, and parking lots but gave no guidance as to which unit I am to report to or manager’s name. Communication is horrible and expectations from RN are high. I signed my contract 3 weeks ago. They said all my requirements were complete. Then 5 days before my contract started they assigned over 75 modules that were mandatory to complete before the start of my shift. This took over 10hrs to do. If I could get out of this contact I would. AMN does not give a damn about their nurses.

by Alisa Patterson on American Moblie

If I could give NO stars I would. They took over the Nursefinders office I worked for a couple years ago and it’s been downhill ever since! Bad enough my recruiter is lazy but the AMN office in California is even worse! They barely speak English and I had to spell a reference TWICE. I’ve been doing agency 12 years and had worked with NF for the past 9. They had contracted me in the past for a good amount. Well, I tried to go back to a facility I was JUST at last month with another agency and credentialed a MONTH ago with AMN. They were awful! I gave them the reference and drug test and all my records. A month later, no start date!! No contract to sign and rate of pay offered was $2 LESS than 8 years ago when the nurse manager I know stated that AMN wanted to raise rates for nurses. No they want to line their pockets. Told my recruiter I’M NOT TAKING LESS! She then says she can do my base pay from 8 years ago. Then today, says she told me even more which she didn’t and that HR is “on vacation” until Tues. the whole HR?! I doubt the whole HR is on vacation at a Level 1 Trauma Center!! I know the place and management. I went back to my other agency and get tax free stipends which AMN didn’t offer even though it’s 50 miles away. Benefits also suck in Ny and are low rent bare minimum benefits with no vision or dental and no hospitalization. So don’t get sick!! They also don’t reimburse for certifications or licenses like Supplemental does. With them, I sent a receipt and get reimbursed up to $200 a class. Also benefits are $30 a week for me full benefits. DONT use AMN. Even the hospital complains about them!!

by Heather Smith on American Moblie

I began working with kaitlyn at AMN 9/2018. At first the company seemed awesome until they asked you to resign. They fail to inform you that you are getting a bonus BUT they are reducing your stipend which is tax free. When I reported that the company i was contracted to (Sentara in Chesapeake, VA) was having me work ungodly hours (31 out of 34), 20 hours straight with no break, etc. I was told by Kaitlyn that they should not be doing this and she referred me to their liason personnel that discuss issues with the facility. By this time i refused to work more then 50 hours per week. The liason person I was referred to never returned my phone calls or emails. They did nothing at all to stop the abuse of their employees or threat of harm to the patients. I was then asked again to resign with the company. I had reservations and told Kaitlyn I had not had anytime to even look at my schedule to determine when I was taking off. This apparently didnt matter bc AMN sent a contract to the facility saying i was staying on and there was no time off. I called Kaitlyn and she said that i could work it out with the company. I informed her i was not going to sign any contract bc Sentara could not give me specific hours to work and i was refusing to work anymore then 12 hours per day with 50 hour max weekly. Overall i had 99 emails sent to Kaitlyn and these supposed liason people that were worthless. They do not care about their employees or the patients safety.

by Cordney on American Moblie
Travel RN

Please take my word for this. I have been travel nursing on and off for over 3 years and AMN is the worst company I have ever traveled with. They lie to you about everything, pay and contract wise. I should have went with my first mind and refused this contract that I am on but they made it seem like the facility that I work with now would never hire me as permanent because I never answered their calls for interviews in the past. I should've taken that as my red flag. After I finish this contract I am done with them forever!

by Jack on American Moblie

I have had my own gripes with AMN, and other agencies but nothing makes me crazier than when a Recruiter gives me the whole "The hospital is only paying this much for housing"..."The hospital is not willing to pay for that". THE HOSPITALS PAY THE AGENCY AN HOURLY RATE FOR A NURSE....average is around $75/hr and could be as high as $100/hr. The agencies then decide how to allocate this $$ to ensure their cut is profitable. The hospitals DO NOT directly pay for parking, housing, ect. I had the pleasure of working with a Nurse on assignment who had just resigned as Nurse Manager of an ICU; she decided to take a travel contract. She explained it all to me and gave me the most valuable info. I have since had this confirmed by other Nurse Managers as well. $75-100/hr seem to be the average billing rate for an agency RN around the country. Dont let your Recruiters BS you...there is usually wiggle room, however, there are also more unsuspecting Nurses who will settle for less. Always get the contact info for the person interviewing you as well. If your agency doesnt come through as promised, let them know that you will contact the Nurse Manager directly and apologise for the inconvenience which the agency has caused both of you and explain why you will not be following through with the assignment. Protect your professional reputation.

by Ariana on American Moblie

I finished a travel assignment through AMN, and its been one nightmare after the next. My main complaint is their dishonesty. They tell you one pay rate to get you on, and then switch it and say "oh this is after taxes" yet the pay rate they hooked me in with was before taxes! Very tricky. I now work for a wonderful registry called ERN Services which I highly recommend. What a change! A registry that actually cares about their nurses, goes to bat for them and is HONEST! I wish I would have gone to them sooner!

by Christina on American Moblie

I thought I was wanting to travel at one point over a year ago. I received 7-8 phone calls daily, followed by immediate text messages, followed by immediate emails. The harassment is worse than a call center. I have sent numerous emails and text messages to stop contacting me. I will never use this company is I ever do decide to travel again. Ever!!

by Stephanie LaChapelle on American Moblie
They gave me a reason not to

So I wrote another review where I was fairly happy with AMN. That has changed. Some of this is on me; I should have asked more questions and I didn't. I did not realize my pay was going from weekly to biweekly. I did not realize that I didn't have guaranteed hours (my contract said minimum required hours). I did not realize that I would not get paid for three weeks - and that paycheck would only be for a miniscule amount of money and no one NO ONE got back to me until I raised hell. I am done with them after this contract.

I've worked in Orlando for several contracts with extensions at the same hospital. I'm happy here. But they come in and take over from the previous agency and all of a sudden reduce my paycheck by $300 from my weekly pay. I've heard several bad things about this company by other travel nurses. They WILL NOT PAY FAIRLY!!! Beware of them. Other companies take better care of their nurses.

by Sharon on American Moblie
AMN Travel

Just received a letter regarding a class action against AMN regarding overtime. Like most travel companies they are only interested in their bottom line. I would not work for them again.

AMN is dishonest and greedy

AMN is the greediest and coldest staffing you can ever find. The recruiter can email you one rate saying it's post-tax, and then lower it and say it's pre-tax when it's time to sign contract. The start date can change at their will at last minute and no compensation for the loss of time working. The reimbursement can be cut at their will. It views doctors, nurses, technologists all like working horse for them. Truth is the clinicians work to feed them. Hope this company and the similar goes down to bankrupt and the internet creates a good match between hospital and clinicians.

by Anonymous on American Moblie

This is address to AMN & other travel nursing agencies; The recruiter cant get ur name right, they call u by another name. They dont know that NOC means Night. Why are they in their occupation when they dont anything abt Nursing ? They think that Nurses got their diploma thru a bingo game ? They will throw u to the wolves & pretend to listen to your side of the story but always believe the hospital lies ! But of course, the Hospital is their client ! The credentialing analyst keep asking for your documents when it is in their file. Outright Laziness !! All they have to do is check. They have NO CLUE abt Nurses Work ! Its hard to find a good recruiter! One who really CARES abt U & HONEST !! They look at U as their meal ticket. Its like looking for a diamond in a s and ! If u find one, hold on tight bcoz GOOD ones are hard to find !!

by Stephanie LaChapelle on American Moblie
So far, so good!

I started with AMN last November, and extended where I am currently. I got exactly what I was told I would get, and my recruiter also got me a little extra money. Whenever I had an issue she was right on top of it! I have a new recruiter, whom I also like very much, although she is not as fast to get back to me. Still, she is working hard to get me into a position where I want to go. The pay is great, the benefits are much better than I have seen in the past, and they seem pretty well organized. They have a huge selection of jobs. I'm sticking with them at this point, until they give me a reason not to! I'm sure there will be pros and cons no matter where I am, and not all assignments will be perfect, but that just comes with the territory. As a traveler you learn to be flexible and go with the flow.

by Jessica on American Moblie


by w.c. on American Moblie

RUN....JUST the opposite direction.

This is one of the most greedy, unprofessional companies I’ve ever worked with.They have made my travel experience one filled with stress and frustration. On my first contractI found out parking was going to be an extra 110 dollars a month at the facility I was assigned to;so I asked if I could get reimbursed or partially reimbursed for that money. My recruiter (who is one of the top recuiters at AMN) tried to inquire about it with the facility, but in the end said nothing could be done. After being escalated to the director; the director suggested I take tax free stipends to increase my take home pay. I was doing a local assignment and not outside of the 50 mile radius to receive this benefit. She suggested I use a friend or family’s address. After I refused to do something illegal I was insulted. I was recording the conversation on my phone app and let her know that I was and she quickly hung up. I asked to get transferred to a different recruiter and team after a lot of trouble. When I got my new recruiter, he worked with me and we found a solution to parking. He arranged for it to be paid for the first month while I was able to get a parking pass from the security dept. Why couldn’t the last team arrange to do this? Why did I have to go through so much hoopla and headache? Prior to that, two different recruiters had quoted me 2 different take home pays and I sent them both the emails as proof. They honored the higher take home pay without giving me any apology, and it was like pulling teeth to have them honor that. On this pending assignment I was quoted a take home pay and a reimbursement from my recruiter (who was awesome) but I found out 2 days later he was quitting to accept a director position somewhere else. Of course I get transferred to a different team and the director is my interim recruiter and tells me I was misquoted. And she tells me what my last recruiter promised to reimburse is usually never reimbursed. I’m furious. I go through another headache with her while she “asks her VP” if everything already promised to me could be approved. She comes back the next day and tells me I will be “very happy” with my quote. She quotes my take home pay and it’s in the same ball park but a little lower than what the previous recruiter had quoted me. I find it more than insulting to say I would be “very happy”. Why would I be very happy about something I was already promised and then taken away, then promised again. It’s clear that these people are fake and like to play games with you. They knew all along that could of honored the previous recruiters request and did not have to put me through these games and a bait and switch. So so unprofessional and I haven’t even told you other unethical things they have said..i honestly don’t know if I will sign this pending contract with them. I am a nurse with a critical care background with 9 years of experience working at level 1 teaching facilities at at 2 of the largest cities in the United States. No Nurse should be put through this. It’s insulting

by John C on American Moblie
2 years and still happy

I have been with AMN fir over 2 years. I have talked extensively with over 6 other companies, but I have always chosen AMN for 4 reasons: 1. My recruiters go above and beyond. Molly is amazing and goes above and beyond. 2. They pay me better than the competitors. I do know that often this is a complaint; however, I negotiate my contracts and we always talk. If you can do this with a good recruiter, you will be happy. 3. To insure a family of 4 it relatively inexpensive - although the insurance plan is very, very basic. 4. Open jobs - AMN has by far one of the largest (if not the largest) number of jobs posted across the country. Contact Molly if you need a good recruiter and tell her John C. sent you.

by None on American Moblie
Can I give ZERO STARS?

I got screwed by AMN in 2013 when the recruiter worded my contract just so that I did not get what I requested be included in my contract. Nine months later, I got notices that I was “overpaid” by $40-something I chucked it up when my friend told me about her AMN recruiter this year and gave them another chance. BIG MISTAKE. I have been fighting, so far, for nearly a month about 2 incorrect time cards and not being paid correctly. Now, my payroll contact and my recruiter aren’t answering my emails. JUST. RUN.

by Anonymus on American Moblie

I was submitted for an assignment that I had already told my recruiter that I did NOT want to take. Only way I found out was because I started getting emails from credentialing in regards to the assignment I was submitted to. When brought to the attention of my recruiter, she states, "Well the facility is expecting you to be there and if you refuse, it will be hard for you to find another contract with us". Unbelievable. DO NOT st and for these hard tactics. It's unethical, and immoral. Run from AMN or any of there subsidiary company's.

by Rebecca on American Moblie
POS Company with POS Morals

Decided to go with this company after multiple warnings not to. I am so easy to please that I just assumed it was hard to please people giving me advice. My first contract was at a Kaiser location. It was during the holiday season. I worked every holiday but did not receive holiday pay due to some hidden holiday rules that are not in your contract but hidden somewhere. Now upon arrival I was given my orientation instructions with less than 24 hours to spare. I found out it was in a different city so had to plan ahead for a longer drive. After orientation I tried to get a schedule. No luck, no matter who I talked to I would get a few days at a time and sometimes didn't know if I was to be there the next day. The management was unaware of my contracted days off and was still scheduling me to work on them. No matter what I would tell them they didn't listen. This had nothing to do with company but they backed me up 0% in the struggle I was having. A lot of smooth talking and I'm sorry I can't help you's is all I got. So this being my first contract with them I give them a second chance. Along comes the next contract. I was told I was going to work for a very busy level 3 NICU. I arrived and again with 24 hours notice see my orientation is in another city and have to get up before daylight to even make it there. The orientation was run by AMN and was a joke. I received nothing I needed. Upon arrival at the hospital I am signed up for a different department and it had to be fixed. The NICU turns out to barely be a level 2 and only had one baby. I did the majority of my contract working as the "baby nurse" in the L&D dept. I was called off so many times. Per contract they had 3 call offs they could use and I was receive pay for the others. Again, AMN has something somewhere in a secret policy that is not written in your contract at all that if you have a requested day off in the week of the call offs that you don't get any of your guaranteed pay. Not sure were all of these secret clauses are but I do intent to find out. Be on the look out for a lawsuit as it is for sure soon to happen. All of this and the various times they tried to cheat me and I found out about it makes me feel bad for every nurse currently working with them and stuck working with them and their monopoly. STAY FAR AWAY!! Fast talking and lies are what keeps this company afloat! RUN KAISER!! RUN FAST!

by Chanel on American Moblie
Stay away

I was told on three different conversations, by the same person what my rate would be. I am a very detailed person. I wrote down and confirmed exactly what the conversation was each time. My contract comes, COMPLETLY different. I called my recruiter, I literally thought it was a typo and she screamed at me saying "no, I told you this is what it was" not sure where the hostility came from. She goes as far as telling me that I would never make the kind of money I was asking for. My rebuttal, I was already making more than what that contract was gonna give me, in the same area. She also went as far to tell me "I'm just a tech" wow! I have an associates degree. I can do a recruiters job, but trust me, she can not do my job. Alot of disrespect. The contract your company was trying to pay me would have had me flagged with the IRS. Trying to pay me less than the areas minimum wage on my taxable portion. No thank you. I do work with people hired by your company, and they are always fighting for correct pay. I will not recommend your company to someone looking.

by Jackie Barnes on American Moblie
Waste of Time

Please don't waste you precious time with this agency. I worked really hard to get everything in quickly. The recruiter (Kaitlyn) called , texted and e-mailed me daily. I was assigned to a position in Houston. My Mother past away 4 days before my contract was to begin. The next start date would be 15 days later. Kaitlyn called , texted and e-mailed me during my mourning period to ask if I was going to start at the later date and she even had me call the hiring manager to let her know that I was going to start. The position was given to another RN from AMN which is fine but don't waste my time. After that, no more calls or texts just an email asking me to call. I tried 3 times but my call was never returned. I've been hearing from Nurse Friends that this conpany is a POS. Nurses do talk to one another and word on the street is "STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHAM"

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