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by Rebecca on American Moblie
POS Company with POS Morals

Decided to go with this company after multiple warnings not to. I am so easy to please that I just assumed it was hard to please people giving me advice. My first contract was at a Kaiser location. It was during the holiday season. I worked every holiday but did not receive holiday pay due to some hidden holiday rules that are not in your contract but hidden somewhere. Now upon arrival I was given my orientation instructions with less than 24 hours to spare. I found out it was in a different city so had to plan ahead for a longer drive. After orientation I tried to get a schedule. No luck, no matter who I talked to I would get a few days at a time and sometimes didn't know if I was to be there the next day. The management was unaware of my contracted days off and was still scheduling me to work on them. No matter what I would tell them they didn't listen. This had nothing to do with company but they backed me up 0% in the struggle I was having. A lot of smooth talking and I'm sorry I can't help you's is all I got. So this being my first contract with them I give them a second chance. Along comes the next contract. I was told I was going to work for a very busy level 3 NICU. I arrived and again with 24 hours notice see my orientation is in another city and have to get up before daylight to even make it there. The orientation was run by AMN and was a joke. I received nothing I needed. Upon arrival at the hospital I am signed up for a different department and it had to be fixed. The NICU turns out to barely be a level 2 and only had one baby. I did the majority of my contract working as the "baby nurse" in the L&D dept. I was called off so many times. Per contract they had 3 call offs they could use and I was receive pay for the others. Again, AMN has something somewhere in a secret policy that is not written in your contract at all that if you have a requested day off in the week of the call offs that you don't get any of your guaranteed pay. Not sure were all of these secret clauses are but I do intent to find out. Be on the look out for a lawsuit as it is for sure soon to happen. All of this and the various times they tried to cheat me and I found out about it makes me feel bad for every nurse currently working with them and stuck working with them and their monopoly. STAY FAR AWAY!! Fast talking and lies are what keeps this company afloat! RUN KAISER!! RUN FAST!

by Chanel on American Moblie
Stay away

I was told on three different conversations, by the same person what my rate would be. I am a very detailed person. I wrote down and confirmed exactly what the conversation was each time. My contract comes, COMPLETLY different. I called my recruiter, I literally thought it was a typo and she screamed at me saying "no, I told you this is what it was" not sure where the hostility came from. She goes as far as telling me that I would never make the kind of money I was asking for. My rebuttal, I was already making more than what that contract was gonna give me, in the same area. She also went as far to tell me "I'm just a tech" wow! I have an associates degree. I can do a recruiters job, but trust me, she can not do my job. Alot of disrespect. The contract your company was trying to pay me would have had me flagged with the IRS. Trying to pay me less than the areas minimum wage on my taxable portion. No thank you. I do work with people hired by your company, and they are always fighting for correct pay. I will not recommend your company to someone looking.

by Jackie Barnes on American Moblie
Waste of Time

Please don't waste you precious time with this agency. I worked really hard to get everything in quickly. The recruiter (Kaitlyn) called , texted and e-mailed me daily. I was assigned to a position in Houston. My Mother past away 4 days before my contract was to begin. The next start date would be 15 days later. Kaitlyn called , texted and e-mailed me during my mourning period to ask if I was going to start at the later date and she even had me call the hiring manager to let her know that I was going to start. The position was given to another RN from AMN which is fine but don't waste my time. After that, no more calls or texts just an email asking me to call. I tried 3 times but my call was never returned. I've been hearing from Nurse Friends that this conpany is a POS. Nurses do talk to one another and word on the street is "STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHAM"

by Anna on American Moblie
Get Lindsey Lax

These reviews are pretty shocking. I loved my last assignment even though it was a bit crazy. Management treated me VERY well and I would go back in a heart beat. The assignment after that was a bad one. They were a very great facility (nationally ranked, magnet facility) but management was catty and unpleasant to work for. I ended up leaving the assignment for multiple reasons but Lindsey is working hard to find me another one. She's supportive, responsive , honest, fast, and she is always looking out for me! I was so bummed when she went out for maternity leave but thankfully she's back.

When finding my own housing fell through last minute, AMN found me housing within about 4 days. They put me up in a hotel in between. The hotel was just okay but the apartment I ended up in was absolutely stunning!

Your experience really just depends on who you work with. Lindsey is hands down the best I've ever worked with or even heard of amongst fellow travelers. Victoria from payroll is also great as is Benita in housing.

Switch your recruiter before you think of leaving this company. . It could make all the difference!

by Veniece smith on American Moblie
American mobile

The company is ok...if you choose to use them...the best recruiter is Vim. He really cares about his travelers and he is genuine.

by Anonymous on American Moblie

I had worked w/ AMN recenrtly & was jipped by a recruiter, Jason . He got me a position in Queen of the Valley Hospital wherein the night supervisor would put me on standby for 10 hrs , till 5:00 am ,out of a 12 hr shift, saying, I have to wait to be called, Can't fall asleep, have to keep awake Till the AM. Now we all know , that THAT is INHUMANE & NOT Right !!! The Supervisor couldn't decide if they need me or not ; to wait frm 7:00 pm to 5:00 am because it's their policy for STANDBY !! They did this to me 3 consecutive times . Sooo, you can only sleep 2 1/2 hrs before the end of your shift & get paid only for those hours ! Forget about their Guaranteed Hours recruiter spill. It's a SCAM. There are criterias to be met , before u get there. The Recruiter, JASON, promised me a pay rate that didn't happen. I was paid Much LESS ; $400 . Less each pay period . I complained to their MGT but all they said was to take it up w/ the recruiter. This Recruiter NEVER responded to my emails. JASON never f/u on things that I needed. INCOMPETENT is the word !!!

by Janice on American Moblie


by NoName on American Moblie

I had traveled with them for a while and was never very happy. But they got you into assignments quick and relatively painless. That being said you went to all the terrible places i.e. My last assignment with them I was working with a full time employee who came to work under the influence of narcotics. She had a prescription which is what AMN stood behind when I called to say I was concerned for patient safety and my proffesion all safety. What they did see was how this staff memeber was completely abusing them. Falling down stairs at work, passing out in the OR rooms ect. I was told to just finish out my contract. Well when I reported the person to management all hell broke loose as far as hospital employees retaliating against me so I quit my contract. Needless to say AMN took the hospitals side. The fact of the matter is if you loose ur nursing licens it doesn't affect them at all. U are just a warm body making them money. I wish I had taken the advice of other fellow travels who warned me AMN is terrible. The company is working for u as well as u working for them. Don't forget that! Never let them jeopardize ur standard of practice just so they can get a bonus for u finishing.

by Sierra on American Moblie

I worked with AMN/Onward for a year because I liked my location and frankly I didn't want to go through the process of filling out all the paperwork to switch to another agency. My recruiter changed in the middle of my contract without a heads up. The company also changed names and everything that I had been doing (how I sent in my time, etc.) changed as well. They kept key information from me like the fact that I could be reimbursed once each contract for a trip back to my home of record. The pay was horrible and my recruiter wasn't available unless it was time to renew my contract. I learned a lot of what I don't want in an agency & recruiter from them.

by Confidential on American Moblie
You are on your own

I had worked 6 months with AMN, at the same location, with a few issues here and there but they were easily sorted out. The facility I was contracted with had many issues and when I started feeling unsafe I took the concerns to my recruiter who then forwarded me to the AMN Clinical Manager. Ultimately I was told to keep my head down and do my best. AMN made no effort to speak to the facility or to withdraw my contract, although I had clearly expressed concern for my personal and professional safety. Before all was said and done, the facility cancelled my contract 4 shifts before my contract expired and I found myself answering to AMN for things I had never done. I felt abandoned and terribly disrespected. To make things worse, AMN then tells me they have to review my file to determine if I'm eligible to travel with them again. I'm heart broken and currently unemployed. I asked for help for nearly 3 months before this happened and my pleas fell on deaf ears.

by Adrienne on American Moblie

Awful company! I was planning to travel to Austin TX with them until i saw the contract and refused to sign it. First of all, they refused to pay any extra for holidays. I would have been at the hospital for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and didn't mind working them, but not for my base pay of $18 an hour (she claimed she didn't know if she could get money from the hospital to pay me time and a half for holidays). The recruiter also took days to get back to me and never seemed to remember my name. Then when I finally said that I found another company to work with, my recruiter never told the hospital in Austin that I didn't sign the contract and wasn't going, which delayed my next job at another hospital in the HCA health system because my new company had to sort out the mess and provide proof that I was no longer with AMN. Bottom line, DON'T TRAVEL WITH AMERICAN MOBILE! THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER IN ANY WAY THAT THEY CAN!

by Anonymous on American Moblie

This is address to AMN & ALL other travel nursing agencies. These companies DONT RESPECT the NURSES. They THINK u got ur credentials by LUCK. They cant understand the meaning of NOC, Recruiter cant say ur name right or calls u diffrent names.They wWILL Throw U under the bus, even w/out fault. Assume its ur fault & blieves the hospital. But of course; theyre the client. They have NO CLUE abt the Nursing Work that u do. The recruiter DONT Follow-Up on ur concerns & issues. Their Compliance Dept ask frm u documnts that u already have on file but their so LAZY to check. Their ILLITERATE abt the job that u do. They better go to class abt NURSING 101. If u FIND a good recruiter who cares abt u as a Nurse, HONEST, hold on to her tight. Shes a GOLD MINE !!!

by Anonymous on American Moblie

Ive workd w/ them bfore @ Alta Bates Summit & their Compliance Officer said they cant pay me for last weeks pay bcoz the hospital didnt submit my hours. So I told her that I will bring her to court togethr w/ AMN. As far as Im concerned the work was tendered , so I should be paid. Also they have contracts w/ other hosp so they give low rates to the nurses, & of course the hosp will give them the contract bcoz they charge the hosp low price !

by annonymous on American Moblie

horrible horrible company! stay far far away! They do not back you up when hospitals accuse you of ridiculous things even if you have been a loyal employee with them for three years. Will NOT be working for them again.

by Shane on American Moblie

I have had a great recruiter (Zach) and enjoyed my first year with AMN tremendously. They have got me the specialty and locations I've wanted and call weekly to check on how things are going. I have nothing but good things to say. Everything has fallen into place for me and I am loving my contract sites. I travel with my husband and we stay in our RV and arrange our own RV parks. I have found the housing allowance to be adequate. I'm looking forward to my next assignment in San Diego for the winter!

by Erinn on American Moblie
Incompetent and Careless

Oh how I wish I'd read these reviews first! I have traveled for several years with cross country, Advantage RN and American traveler. There's usually one thing about each company I didn't like but, American mobile had positions in Burlington Vermont, a place I've always wanted to go and the pay is good so we jumped. We start our contracts on Monday but so far our recruiter, who sounds like a ditzier version of Tara Reid on the phone, still can't spell my name right and is does not follow up as she should. She's quick to respond but always refers me to somebody else to answer my question, what the hell is she there for them? I'm talking simple things like, when is my first paycheck? The documents analyst has misplaced several things I have sent him via email and keeps requesting the same copies. So far I am not impressed at all. I hope this assignment is much better than what I'm expecting at the moment.

by Veronica on American Moblie
Believe these reviews...

Please PLEASE Please believe what you read here! I wish that I would have done more research before I signed with AMN. Lesson learned. They will lure you in and then cut you loose and throw you under the bus for their own benefit. I just had my contract cancelled in the 5th week. The accusations are all lies and to top it off, the only person that will speak to me is the Clinical Liaison and she just keeps threatening me and insulting me. Recruiter won't answer the phone or call back. Bullies and liars!!

by Steph on American Moblie
it's obvious why...

Their big pitch is that they work with Kaiser hospitals, but rumor has it that Kaiser is going to be opening up to other agencies soon because they aren't happy with AMN. They don't support their nurses, they don't respect the nurse manager's desires, and from experience the AMN nurses are CONSTANTLY canceling for any number of reasons. Stay away!

by NurseBud on American Moblie
Don't go near AMB

They're Awful. They're to big and have way to many people managing you. They constantly get the pay checks wrong and will never stick up for you if a hospital treats you terribly. Run. Don't work here.

by Kelsey M. on American Moblie
Don't use AMN or affiliates

I've been traveling with onward, an affiliate of AMN since last August (but never will again!) I have spent countless hours on the phone getting paychecks corrected, and have been passed around for a number of weeks to get a simple form filled out for a new job. They once took money out of one of my paychecks for an "adjustment" from a paycheck 6 months before without telling me beforehand-I had to look at my pay stub to figure it out. I've been misquoted multiple times about pay and guaranteed work weeks and overtime pay in California, and was told GWWs don't go in the contrac-- then later found out that wasn't true after getting cancelled multiple times on an assignment and not getting paid. So much disconnect between departments, one of the lowest paying companies, and you don't feel valued. I would highly recommend avoiding this company and their affiliates!!!

by Word of Warning on American Moblie
Be very Careful

I would NEVER recommend this company to any nurse that I felt was a friend, or wished well in their careers. AMN is a very large company, and as such the treatment you get does depend much on your recruiter. IF your recruiter is on top of things and has your back, you will do alright. If you have an average or less recruiter you can forget about having any kind of customer service. You are a number in a long list of numbers, they will not pay you if there is any way possible for them not too, and any company that operates like that, you should stay away from. I feel like the policies are dishonest, keeping the nurse in the dark. The way I was treated was dismal, one example being they did not pay my travel money till 2 months into a 3 month contract, and that was only after NUMEROUS phone calls. It was terrible, you may want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but don't, save yourself the headache.

by Fed Up - Annonymous on American Moblie
BEWARE of ALL AMN & Subsidiaries

AMN and now all subsidiaries are really the pits. Working through them as a subcontractor has been a horrible experience. They are theives and most of their staff is rude, dishonest and they do not treat their Nurses or anyone who subcontracts through them with respect. They are BULLIES in every sense of the word. They have a high turnover rate internally and many of their nurses jump to other companies once they have had a taste of their bad business practices. They are not attentive, properly trained and do not follow up until you harrass them. They are pushy and rude when being called out on their many mistakes. Keep all your communications written because you will have to use this later to fight for your staff. BEWARE of this company! Once you sign up with them they make it very difficult for you to switch companies and continue working at the same facility. They are slow to pay force agencies to dispute for months and partial pay bills!!! Run while you still have legs, they will steal them right off your body!!

by Disappointed on American Moblie

I have been doing contracts for this company, same recruiter since 2008. After I signed a contract with the company that was not honoring the contract I reached out to my recruiter for a listening ear and some support and guidance. Not only did they ignore me, during one particular illegal issue she responded by instructing me to stop contacting her. She also threatened me that I had to finish the contract. I knew my rights- she acted like I was their slave. Regardless I finished the contract and ironically got more support from the facility I was working for. I have not heard from the agency since and they are ignoring all my calls regarding a referral bonus 1500 that was promised. A year ago I would have sworn by this company- now they took my money and ran! I am disappointed! My advice- have EVERYTHING in writing and referral bonuses are just bait and lures!

by Ginger Sudillo on American Moblie
Deceitful company

I had worked for AMN through one of their sister companies, Nurse Choice, for several years. In 2011 I was supposed to work a contract for them in CA. My recruiter and I and I had discussed the money, etc. But, when it came time to sign the contract it showed a much lower rate. We went back and forth for about a week, they wouldn't change the number for the rate I was told, just kept saying,"If that's what you were told, then that's what you will be paid." Really??? Long story short, I didn't take the contract. Now here we are 5 years later. I'm supposed to take a contract with them in RI. Several things happened but, the most telling one is the dog deposit. I had always had to pay a dog deposit. They always insisted on taking it out of my pay. So, now I want to know why, every where I go with them it is always $300 dog deposit? Now they also want me to pay an additional $100/month for pet rent. So, I called the place I was supposed to be staying. The pet rent is only$80/month and there is no pet deposit......... yet, I have an addendum to my contract they want me to sign saying they can take the $300 out over 6 weeks. NOW I am pissed. AMN is a crooked organization, they take all they can and give the nurse very little. A company that pays 1099 has the same contract, the pay rate with them is $69/hour, I would have made $40/hr with AMN. And they would have taken $75/week from me when it really should have been $20.

by BronzeTheBaptist on American Moblie
Worst job ever!

Why do they even deserve this one star is beyond me. They are the worst company I have ever worked for, lied about a contract to me, now im stuck for 6 months. Beware, they dont care about their staff just about making money and looking good. Time to lawyer up!

by Anonymous on American Moblie
AMN is not as bad as people say ...

Ignore all the bad reviews and make your own decision. I am glad I did not listen to popular opinion and went with AMN for my first travel assignment. I was referred to my current recruiter by my former preceptor at my first staff job and I have no regrets. I have actually worked exclusively with AMN for 2 years now with the same recruiter, Heather Murray. She is incredibly sweet and looks out for my interests every single time. If I was not happy with this company, I certainly would have continued traveling with another company as there are 400+ of them out there. However, Heather is awesome and I would hate to break that relationship needlessly. If you are looking for a recruiter that has your back, she is it. Despite the fact that she is with a company that frequently gets a bad rap in the industry, she is one of the best out there and I have been extremely happy with all of my assignments. By the way, I have also never had bad experiences with other AMN personnel (payroll, housing, etc). If I ever had any issues, they have been resolved VERY quickly. Like I said, ignore popular opinion and evaluate AMN on your own. There are still good people working for them, and Heather is one of them! Oh, BTW, I AM a real AMN traveler with a real experience, not an AMN employee puffing up ratings. AMN deserves my 5-star rating.

by Anonymous on American Moblie


by Anonymous on American Moblie

They haven't properly paid their nurses in over 5 weeks. They owe some will over $5000. They have no solution to resolve this.

by anonymous on American Moblie
Malificient business

DO NOT EVEN TAKE A SUBCONTRACTOR POSITION WITH THEM. I work for a different company that is amazing, took a subcontract through AMN, specifically had a "no float" clause written into contract after speaking with director about it. Every week the hospital kept trying to float me, and every week I said I have a no float clasuse. AMN knew this from the get go, and then supported the hospital's decision to terminate my contract 3/4 of the way through because I wanted both the hospital and AMN to honor their agreement that was legally binding. AMN is deceitful and shady, so even though you get it in writing don't expect them to honor it. I would give them negative stars if it were possible.

by Anonymous on American Moblie

Ever since they took over Onward Healthcare things have been way downhill. This company is only concerned for their best interests and could care less about their nurses. They will squeeze every Nicole out of the employee to put in their own pockets. Some of their clients (Kaiser) refuse to pay their travelers if they clock out just15 minutes late , even when their relief doesn't show up on time. This needs to be addressed with California's Industrial Labor Board. What they are doing is Illegal. Don't ever work for this company. They are slow to respond and are thieves!

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