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Advantage RN


Location: West Chester, OH

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by DeeDee on Advantage RN
Advantage RN?RUN!!

Do not try this company, there are hundreds out there, make sure you avoid them if you don`t want to get screwed over. Housing department is like a ghost, you think it`s there, but there is no evidence really. They will put in a ghetto place, do not fall for any of their tactics. Lack of professionalism on every side. Finishing my first assignment with them and never want to have anything to do with them again!

by Darmela on Advantage RN
Do not use this agency

First assignment went okay second assignment was a nightmare and advantage RN flubbed in many ways . To sum it up they are a money hungry company that really doesn't care about the well being of their travelers who make them the money. No one takes responsibility for issues that are the company's fault and only make excuses . Nothing gets resolved . They do not honor contracts or bonuses and make you work like a horse before any pto is offered. Housing department is a joke; don't pay rent on time . And try to book you housing from Craigslist adds . No ethics no professionalism

by deck on Advantage RN

As an experienced travel RN, this company is not one I would recommend. Save yourself a mega headache and use another company.

by NO on Advantage RN


by upset on Advantage RN
very upset with recruiter

I have about 8 weeks left in my contract. I would like to renew at this hospital. the recruiter basically told me he will not ask for more money unless I get a contract from another traveler outlying how much they get paid. He just not fighting for what I want. He wants me to go to small towns where I really don't want to go... I think I may have to get out of traveling because I am having a horrible experience with this recruiter. I don't know what to do...

by Sabrina Young on Advantage RN
Rip Off

2 weeks left in contract ARN changed contract on a days notice to fully taxed . After hurricane Matthew in Florida I moved all of my belongings from the house I rented in Jacksonville Fl. Commuted 55 miles oneway everyday to my assignment in NC...Need I say more. Straight bull crap! Never again! And just who did that maneuver help!...definitely not the recruited....

by Mary Marcus on Advantage RN

I am a 20 year ICU RN. I have traveled extensively with several companies over the years as well as been a staff RN. Advantage RN is truly the worst company I have ever dealt with. The only one getting any "Advantage" is THEM!! It sure is NOT the RN!! My miserable story with them began as I was driving to one assignment which I had accepted from them, from Idaho to Texas...over half way there, got a call that assignment had been canceled due to the fact I had asked for a certain three days off during the contract (which I had discussed this request with recruiter, even told her it was not a big deal if they said no and maybe even that I should just work it out with them on the schedule instead but she had advised me this would be no problem, to go ahead and ask for the three days off!) NOW, supposedly, they canceled my contract because I FAILED to ask for the days off BEFORE signing the contract, and had requested them AFTER the contract was signed?! What a load of crap! So much for the recruiters advise! Thank God I had family in Texas, because I was almost there when they canceled my assignment enroute! I begged them NOT to, saying I didn't have to have the days off. NO good! They still canceled. And all this crappy company did was say.."OH well".
Now, after that, like an idiot, I hung on, and because I wouldn't take an assignment just anywhere, they got irritated, dem and ing that I just TAKE ANY assignment ANYwhere to just "take a job". And they were bad mouthing me on top of that to other recruiters, I found out later. So, I finally stopped dealing with them and in the meantime, did a successful assignment with another company. THEN, THEY CALLED ME BACK...said they had a great opportunity for me in Nashville, TN. So, again, like an idiot, went ahead again with them...had the interview, accepted the assignment, and because I did not turn my paperwork in as FAST as they wanted, they CANCELED THIS CONTRACT also!! I had a week and a half to get everything in to them and because I needed to wait til the weekend to get the papers in as I was out of town, they called me up middle of week and said..canceling contract because I failed to turn in documents "FAST ENOUGH"!!! I have this to say about this RIDICULOUS company...If you value your sanity...AVOID THIS COMPANY. They are NOT on the side of the RN...they will leave you in the lurch and just tell you "OH WELL". I have nothing good to say here. As I stated, 20 year nurse, worked for several good travel companies and I'm telling you, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!! I'll be watching for this joke of a travel company to GO OUT OF BUSINESS! It shouldn't take too long based on my own experiences with them. Sign their contract at your own risk!

by Karen on Advantage RN
My Recruiter is the BEST!!!!

ARN is the best! No question.

My Recruiter is Justin Hess, very strong work ethic! Love him!
I have been travel nursing for 10 years, the last 8yrs has been with ARN and Justin.
No worries when traveling with ARN

by Erinn on Advantage RN
Love my recruiter!

My recruiter Nicole is the best! She is always there for me, super fast to get back to me and will literally do anything she can to help me! The pay is decent as well. The only gripes I really have are that it seemed they have a lot of third-party contracts so it was more difficult than normal to get an assignment. Also, their documents analyst is very passive aggressive and not the easiest person to deal with. Otherwise I found them to be very honest, upfront, and prompt with every interaction I've had with them. Also, they never ever messed up on my paycheck and my recruiter made sure that we got all bonuses coming to us.

by traveler on Advantage RN
first assignment

worst experience EVER!! was hired in small,rural hospital--was called off of work every other week with no options of getting the "promised" 36 hours a week--"you will never be called off"---not true. when i asked recruiter what to do and how to pay my bills, i was recommended to get an additional job
do not like being told incorrect info on an assignment

by Brenda Foust on Advantage RN

I found myself unemployed after 10years in the same facility. Did not know what to do! So I talked with several travel nursing companies: Went with another company (that was a really bad mistake). Advantagern was the other service I was talking to; I have the most awesome, caring, recruiter they have Roshanna Adams has been able to restore my confidence, and match me with a great Facility. I know everyone at Advantagern care about their clients. They Make me feel like family. I hope everyone that is a client , can get a recruiter as great as mine. Roshanna Adams knows her stuff and takes the extra time to know her nurses. I thank God for steering me her way.

by Herbie Hernandez on Advantage RN
lLeft unemployed

This company not once but twice got me an assignment I went through hell getting their compliance prerequisites done. And then at the very last mom in the hospital had canceled my contract. The company states it was because of my suspension of a Virginia license. But in the 14 years of being a traveling nurse this is never happened to me before. Only with advantage RN have my contracts been canceled before I even started. This happened on my first two and only I had to buy strongly before signing with this company. Because they do leave you high and dry.

by Erin on Advantage RN
4 years in

I've been with advantage rn as a traveler for 4 years, and I'm still really happy with them! Donna has been my recruiter from the beginning and she's looked out for me and gotten me just about everywhere I've wanted to go! (And some I loved that I didn't know I wanted to try!) They listen to feedback on hospitals from the nurses who've worked there. Payroll department is quick to let you know if there's a timesheet problem and the pays always been accurate and on time. Benefits are decent, and that department is so helpful, like when it comes to emailing you the insurance card that you know is packed somewhere but can't think where and searching all your stuff when sick is not what you want to do... they've got you covered. They're a great company to work for if you're a nurse who wants to travel for a chance to see the country, make good money,but want to feel like you're not totally on your own out there. Its not the company to go with if you just want all the highest pay and plan to pit companies against each other for biggest payout, fair warning they aren't big enough for that, but you'll get the best pay they can, and it'll be more than a lot of other travelers you'll meet at the same place. Hope this helps.

by Altoise Smith on Advantage RN
Travel RN

Great experience. I have the best recruiter in the business

by Shane on Advantage RN
They Got the Information I needed

They got me the information I needed about travel nursing and sound like they really know their stuff. I look forward to them h and ling my travel assignments!

by Sonya on Advantage RN
RN Review

Great Company! Always Professional.

by Nichile on Advantage RN
Nicest People

They are very helpful, nice & efficient

by Jeremy on Advantage RN
Advantage RN

They've had great explanations to my questions and what I need to get done.

by Mary on Advantage RN
Perfect Recruiter for Me

My recruiter is very personable, She is always cheerful and ready to assist with any need. She really takes into consideration one's wishes and desires when obtaining a contract location. She never tries to force an assignment on the contractor. I feel I could call her at anytime and she would try her best to help. She was a perfect fit for me.

by Tuthie on Advantage RN
Overall Good Job

Advantage RN has done a great job overall with underst and ing, listening and considering what I want in a travel nursing job.

by Kimberly on Advantage RN

So far advantage rn had been honest, positive, helpful, and willing help me get back into travel nursing again.

by yours truly on Advantage RN
yours truly

Very bad company, its in the Better Business Bureau they will leave you str and ed on assignment just the way they did me.

by yours truly on Advantage RN
yours truly

Horrible company ripped me off on every check and did not pay my overtime. Many concealed disguised errors on the checks, no returned calls,
angry rude people with a tight budget that have
ripped off many nurses. They never paid me what they owed me. Nurses are talking about them and it is all negative. Rating zero

by Brent on Advantage RN
Advantage Rn

They've done an awesome job listening to all my needs. They've facilitated a wonderful work environment no matter how difficult of an assignment

by Pat on Advantage RN

Advantage RN worked to find an assignment for me. I definitely did not want to go anywhere hot, and prefer smaller towns. I do Home Health and the dem and is not as great as other specialties. They presented all the opportunities and if I wasn't thrilled about any of them, they said "don't worry, we'll find something." They've been friendly, fun and light hearted, never pushy, trying to talk me into job I really didn't want. They check in weekly and respond immediately if I have a need. I've been traveleing for 21/2 years with several agencies. As long as my recruiter stays with Advantage RN, I will stay.

by Tracy on Advantage RN
Good Job

Love this company and love my recruiter

by Daniel on Advantage RN
new travel nurse

I am new to travel nursing, but my recruiter from advantage rn is ALWAYS available per phone or email. Of all the agencies I have contacted, she has been the best.

by Kay on Advantage RN
Looking forward to my assignment with them

Advantage RN has given me a very nice and special welcome. I am looking forward to my new assignment with them.

by Carrie on Advantage RN
Personalized Service

They worked so hard to get me in a hospital close to home and took all of my needs into consideration when searching for positions for me.

by Janice on Advantage RN
I'm Happy with Them

They were extremely friendly, and informative. They were genuine and calmed "my nerves" a bit.
Thank you.

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