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Tag: Humor

Funny Nursing Videos

Funny Nursing Videos

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, Travel Nursing Blogs wanted to say a big THANKS to all of the hard-working, amazing Travelers and Nurses out there! As a token of our thanks, here are three funny nursing videos we hope will entertain you. Happy Holidays! Ice Ice Baby Parody (Nurse, Nurse, Help Me) This parody of […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Sonogram Prank

Jimmy Kimmel Sonogram Prank

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel scrubbed in last week to play a little prank on his famously curmudgeonly Aunt Chippy. L&D nurses especially may get a kick out of this — considering the super-odd fetal behavior, I doubt this is a baby any of you’d like to see delivered in your unit! Aunt Chippy has occasion […]

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Nurse Pranked By Ellen  and  Bruno Mars

Nurse Pranked By Ellen and Bruno Mars

As a nurse, you see plenty of strange things and people along the way. To put it diplomatically, a great variety of people can walk into your unit on any given day! Among the even weirder is the hidden camera prank patient scenario recently put on by Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars. An unsuspecting nurse […]

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