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By September 10, 2013 1 Comments

Summertime Blues: Cute Blue Scrubs for Travel Nurses


Blue ScrubsWell, summertime is almost over, but it doesn’t mean you have to start wearing black! One of the most popular scrubs colors is blue — ciel blue, navy blue, royal blue, galaxy blue …  You name the blue and you can probably find some scrubs to match. In fact, there are some great off-the-beaten-path blues that are not as recognized as the staples I just mentioned that let you wear the stylish color without blending in to those around you.



Cherokee offers scrubs in a sunny and cheery blue, called Mali-Blu that is sure to brighten any scrub wardrobe. Many of their classic styles of tops and pants come in the color it often coordinates with their prints as well. Lighter than Royal blue and brighter than ciel, Mali- Blu is a great any-day option!

If you’re into something a little toned-down and a little mellower, Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs offers this awesome Teal option. With all the grace and professionalism that Grey’s is known for, this color adds sophistication to your scrub wardrobe without falling back on the old classics.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

Peaches takes blue to a new level by adding cute, contrasting, accent colors. OK, so this one might be the classic Royal Blue, but the funky pink accents give it just a little extra flare and a unique look. Plus you can wear contrasting t’s underneath — like the one shown here! The blue options Peaches offers come with a variety of contrasting colors including purple and orange.



The end of the summer does not have to be an end of the “Summertime Blues”! Keep them going all year long and don’t feel afraid to branch off from the timeless ciel blue.

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Eva Dixon is currently the VP of Communications at, a customer-friendly, online store for medical scrubs and nursing nursing uniforms. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts with a degree in Global Studies and French. She enjoys traveling, free-lance photography and drinking coffee (especially in the morning!).

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  1. Jennifer Roush


    Today in medical industry there is a fashion sense related to the scrubs. They have been permitted to wear different styles of medical scrub uniforms and that too in different prints like . During traveling the basic importance is carrying the scrub which will be at ease and comfortable for you. This cool blue nursing scrub is worth and also gives a calm and composed look.

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