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Scrubadoo’s News: Save money on your nursing scrubs


You need scrubs, but you don’t need to spend a ton of money on them.  You also don’t need to run off to Walmart and purchase an extremely low quality uniform.  There are ways to buy high quality scrubs that you can feel and look good in and still not spend a ton of money.  Here are a few tips:

1. Buy in bulk. 

If you work in an office try and purtravel nurse holding a piggy bankchase at the same time as the rest of the staff.  Many times websites, like ours, offer bulk discounts that you would not be eligible for if you were just purchasing on your own. 

2. Watch shipping costs. 

When you are looking online to buy nursing scrubs it isn’t enough to just look at the product cost.  Make sure you check how much the shipping is going to cost you.  If you are just buying 1 or 2 items a lot of times shipping can cost almost as much as the scrubs.  Look for a site that has a flat rate shipping option to be sure you know what you are paying.   You can also find places that offer free shipping as long as spend enough.  When it comes to total price don’t forget to include shipping, otherwise you won’t be comparing apples to apples and it will cost you money!

[pullquote]When it comes to total price don’t forget to include shipping, otherwise you won’t be comparing apples to apples and it will cost you money![/pullquote]

3. Look for customer loyalty programs. 

A lot of websites now offer customer loyalty programs. If you join you can receive discounts, specials, and even free scrubs sometimes.  Don’t worry about spam, you can always opt out of any list.

4. Check out coupon sites. 

There are a ton of coupon sites out there where users will post coupons they have found for various sites that may still work.  Take a second and do a quick search.  If you find a coupon to your favorite site you can sometimes receive a quick 5-10% discount without much work. 

There really are a lot of ways you can save on your uniform needs.  Just like anything else all it takes is a little time and effort!

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Brett Brohl is currently the CEO of both and Scrubraisers brands which are headquartered in Minneapolis MN. makes the online purchase of anything a nurse needs to wear to work as easy as can be. offers a unique fundraising solution for any group or organization. He has an MBA from The Darden School of Business and attended Wake Forest University for his undergrad degree. Brett is originally from South Florida, enjoys entrepreneurship, anything having to do with the ocean, and hates the cold.

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